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Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by EvanIsAsavage, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Sep 13, 2017
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    so a few days ago a few buddies and I took some fake lsd, realizing it was fake as soon as it tasted bitter I know I should have taken it out, however I made the poor choice of proceeding without person took 1 tab, one person took 1 1/2 and another took 1 1/2 and I took 4. (I know, I know, dumb) anyways it was slightly bitter but not extremely like Nbome, kicked in within about 40 minutes with very strange visuals. Everything was just extremely wavy, it was norhing like real LSD where your visuals depend on what your looking at, on this substance it was like my vision was wavy, so extremely wavy. Things were actually changing colors from green to blue to red and my buddies and I could not hold a conversation for the life of us, we would talk for 3 seconds and completely forget what we were trying to say so it just sounded like rabble. About two hours in things got scary, we all felt like we were going to die, I was fading in and out of consciousness, things were turning black and white, I felt like I was actually going to die. One friend that was on 1 1/2 tabs was seizing, throwing up uncontrollably, and foaming at the mouth. I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or knows what the substance could have been, I don't believe it was Nbome because I'm pretty sure I have had Nbome before and this was something nowhere near real lsd. No patterns at all, barely able to think, and emotionally numb
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    We can't identify a substance (or a mix of some) from what effects it had on you.
    Guessing about it is possible without end, but that won't have any result.

    It's relatively irrelevant what it was you have been taking, relevant is that you didn't have acid and you only know it because it tasted bitter.
    Good science.

    You might wanna have a sit-down with your brain and ask it why it didn't jhave the idea to go test what you were offered before buying or at least before consuming unknown substances.
    Four tabs. Seriously. Dude, you have no business around drugs as long as you keep being so irresponsible. Nor have your friends.

    And you come whine about dangerous substances? Dangerous behaviour.
    Drugs don't kill, people kill themselves misusing drugs.

    Would you drink a pint of diesel if I told you it's turning on fine?

    End of lecture. You knew you got it coming.
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    Nov 17, 2017
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    some people have reported slightly bitter 1P LSD and ALD 52 sourced from vendors. i speculate that the bitterness could be due to synthesis byproducts which were not cleaned out, it could also be preservatives used in incorrect dosage, or simply another chemical being misrepresented. NBOME, Bromo-Dragonfly, and DOx compounds are all so bitter that you would know immediately, so those can be ruled out. potential substances that could fit onto blotter are LSA derivatives , other lysergamides, or possibly 2cb fly. there are likely some other possibilities im missing. for example, another possibility is that ALD 52 and 1P LSD do not share the safety profile of LSD. i dont know if eth lad, al lad, lsz, or any others are bitter, or safe in high dosage, im also not sure if all of them glow in black light. reports seems to be contradictory and largely dependent on the individual and the batch. if anyone else has info please share.

    oh i almost forgot, some lysergamides dissolve better in methanol, which is a toxic alcohol and is usually widely available in impure form. if someone laid their sheet with an unclean solvent it might cause problems due to residue, i have no idea if 1 and a half tabs would be enough to poison someone but its probably enough to cause vomiting and feeling pretty shitty.