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Overdose - Datura Poisoning (Article)

Discussion in 'Nightshades' started by msimm, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. msimm

    msimm Titanium Member

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    Dec 5, 2004
    46 y/o from U.S.A.
    Since I come across a surprising number of stories (or inquiries) regarding Datura (aka Jimson Weed, Angel's Trumpet, Devil's Apple, Thorn Apple, Stinkweed, Mad Apple, Devil's Weed, Malpitte, Moonflower, Witch's Thimble) and its typically strong and often unexpected results (its a deliriant, that pretty much means its not a "fun" drug) I thought I'd share a really excellent article I came across about the treatment of Datura poisoning.

    Its written by a well known herbalist, not a raving "Just Say No" nut so consider it simply good advice (especially if you or someone you know think you might end up eating this plant or its seeds, which I plainly think is a bad idea).

    For the most important quote for those of you too lazy to read the whole article (which really is interesting!), here you go:

    "The antidote of choice is physostigmine salicylate, trade name Antilrium. It works fast. Onset of action, when given parenternally is 3-8 minutes. It needs to be used carefully, and given slowly, and should be used cautiously with those with asthma. Physostigmine quickly lessens the mental confusion, hallucinations, and physical effects of datura poisoning. Physostigmine has fewer side effects and complications than either benzodiazepines or phenothiazines. Victims of datura poisoning treated with physostigmine have shorter hospital stays than those treated with benzodiazepines or phenothiazines. Request physostigmine. If the doctors refuse to give physostigmine in a bad poisoning case, ask them to explain why they will not give it. Have them put their response in writing."

    Right there, "If the doctors refuse to give physostigmine in a bad poisoning case, ask them to explain why they will not give it. Have them put their response in writing" is beautiful advice. There are some good doctors, but like everything else there are plenty of uppity and generally clueless ones, give them hell.

    This might be a good one to pin, as every new generation of kids seems to like to discover Datura themselves (at least some of them) and honestly, even a few more advanced cosmonaughts will continue to do it. Education is power.

    Link: http://www.pshm.org/datura_poisoning.shtml

    Hope this helps someone.
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  2. tweakerfrommars

    tweakerfrommars Newbie

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    Jan 30, 2005
    Quite an opinionated fellow isn't he...regardless of my personal views on the subject, good info, good post.