Effects - Different Types of Trips on Mushrooms

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    swim's dog has only tried 2 different batches of shrooms, and the trips were completely different. In the first batch, swim's dog told swim that he was seeing tons of hallucinations and colors. swim's dog felt waves of good energy, and happyness. when swim's dog tried the second batch, swim's dog told swim that he didnt see as many hallucinations, he just thought very deep. it was more of a darker energy, and a darker experience. he felt more depressed, and swim's dog just kept thinking about his life. swim's dog wants to know if that is an effect of the shrooms, or does this have to do more with swim's dog's mood at that time(I think his dog was upset because his dogbowl was empty.)

    swim's not saying swim's dog's trip was bad, hes just saying it was more of a darker trip. it wasnt very positive.
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    Re: different types of trips on shrooms

    With psychedelic drugs, it's always random what will happen. One could experience complete ego-death and the feeling of spirituality in one trip, and the next one, with the same batch of mushrooms, be having weird thoughts of killing ones mother.

    So to answer your dogs question; it depends on his mindset (happy, confused, tired, euphoric etc.), settings (nature, basement, club etc.) and ofcourse the random factor the mushrooms have.