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Combinations - Diphenhydramine + Promethazine = ?

Discussion in 'Downers and sleeping pills' started by therogermatic, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. therogermatic

    therogermatic Newbie

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    Jun 9, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    Hey everybody,

    So my cat oreo is bored because of this storm hitting the east coast. Oreo enjoys doing diphenahydramine, even tho he knows most people dont, he enjoys the high it gives but is looking for something a little different. Oreo did a good bit of research today and couldn't find anything exact on mixing diphenahydramine with promethazine (that is without codeine). he knows they are both antihistamines and oreo doesnt do anything without researching it and making sure its safe. he found out it is safe to mix but before doing it he was wondering if anyone has tried this before? and if so what was the experience like? was it just a stronger diphenahydramine trip or something different? Oreo has used codeine with promethazine before and knows what to do and how to be safe but he was interested in knowing what others would think a good dosage would be?

    Thank you for your responses and Oreo would just like to say he isnt looking for a, "its not fun, its pointless, it has no recreational value" type answers because it all varies from person to person and we all have our own opinions. He is just interested in knowing what the experience would be like and what you guys think a good dosage would be.

    Again thank you for your responses. If not much information is answered ill have oreo post a synopsis of what it was like tomorrow.
  2. Hellonasty

    Hellonasty Silver Member

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    Mar 3, 2012
    from Australia
    Can't say I have mixed the two before but have had each separately on numerous occasions. For me personally It would knock me out cold for a good 12-16 hours!! Both are old school very sedating H1 antihistamines and for me are extremely sedating, now that being said a mate of mine can have 50mg of Promethazine and hardly feel affected while the same does for me would have me out for 8+ hours, no possible chance of staying awake. Just of your info we are the same age, height and weight.

    The only thing that sedates me more than the two above is Doxylamine, which does feel cleaner than the other two with less of a body load. Promethazine which I have taken at does up to 100mg was extremely uncomfortable, until I fell asleep, inducing muscle pain similar to opiate withdrawal. Oh BTW these were taken due to a medical condition (bad allergic reaction) not recreationally.

    I don't like your chances of a positive experience with this combo, But as I said in the beginning I have not done it myself.
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