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Drug info - Dissolving Vyvanse?

Discussion in 'Amphetamine' started by barbaby89, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. barbaby89

    barbaby89 Newbie

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    Oct 11, 2009
    SWIM has read a lot about other SWIMMERS taking multiple vyvanse and not feeling enhanced effects since it's a pro-drug. This question may have already been answered...Could SWIY just dissolve it in water or a carbonated liquid (quicker?) to eliminate the chemical that makes it HAVE to be metabolized by your liver? Any experience with this method?
  2. junkfuck

    junkfuck Silver Member

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    Nov 8, 2009
    Male from U.S.A.
    Swim knows much (more than he should) about vyvanse.

    Vyvanse is metabolized within the GI tract by various protease enzymes, the most notable is trypsin. Vyvanse's 'breakthrough' extended release mechanism is mediated simply by the amount of trypsin the human pancreas can produce at one time. It would be similar to an IV at the hospital, imagine the pancreas being an IV bag and the line goes straight into the stomach, releasing only a certain amount of trypsin at a given moment. The pancreas, however, does not 'get tired' of making trypsin so taking more vyvanse will DEFINITELY get one higher, the problem is the amount of time one would be willing to wait for the peak effect to kick in. Swim finds vyvanse to be a very comfortable buzz, especially compared to adderall. Where adderall, in swims opinion, makes him feel geeeeeeetered like motley crue's kickstart my heart song. Vyvanse, on the other hand feels much like slow ride. Even though one would be high as fuck on speed it doesn't demand the urge to go out and do as much activity as possible, instead vyvanse allows one to focus and concentrate while remaining seated, and quite comfortably so.

    Swim has written a post regarding how to extract vyvanse. The miracle of nature that contributed to this is a nice little over the counter supplement called PANCREATIN. This supplement contains trypsin as well as a few other protease enzymes which cleave the lysine molecule from the dexamphetamine. Dissolving vyvanse will do nothing more than slightly shorten the peak time, and thats about it, however, if one were to say take a pancreatin shortly before dosing on vyvanse theoretically the concentration of enzymes would then greatly outnumber the lisdexamfetamine molecule, breaking off the lys (lysine) from the dexamphetamine almost immediately within the stomach cavity. This is the only true way of taking vyvanse and getting IR results.

    Swim would have once considered an extraction (pancreatin in water with vyvanse, filter, AB extraction, HCl, and then bam you suddenly have amphetamine HCl, which just so happens to be wonderful) however he also has IR, so swim finds this method pointless for his purposes, unless of course he ran out of IR.

    Swim thinks vyvanse is good by itself, however. Definitely euphoric, but not in a total 'get up and GO GO GO' sense. More like one could imagine themselves cruising the speed limit down the highway not giving two shits about their cares, and instead taking in and enjoying the scenery around them and just being happy. Although swim also notes that dissolving the contents of a capsule of vyvanse in water is an approved method of taking this medication as stated in his prescription guide.

    Hope this helps!