DMT and 2C-D Combo

Discussion in 'DMT and Ayahuasca' started by sterling77, Jun 25, 2005.

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    Apr 21, 2005
    from denmark
    I was reading some DMT trip tips from "DMT - How and Why to Get Off" on Erowid and they suggest to try not to impose your own personal trip on DMT or direct your observations, just "take it all in".

    I was thinking, maybe a nootropic dose of 2C-D, around 5-10 mg, would help put you in the right mindset for this. In "Smart Pills" (also on erowid) the author comments that nootropic doses of 2C-D seem to "reduce internal dialogue" and help the brain file information more easily.

    It seems like these two might be a decent combo to try out, I can't think of any contradictions or anything obvious that could go wrong. Any comments?
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    Jan 21, 2005
    If there are no reports from which to reference, then no comparison can
    really be drawn. I do understand along what lines you're
    thinking, and think that this would indeed be an interesting hypothetical
    experiment. I would suggest reading up on the DMT combinations on
    Erowid, as well as Gracie & Zarkov's comments on combining various
    entheogens with DMT and the "pre-dosing" with DMT that they
    researched. Especially interesting is their "visible
    language" experience that combined MDA with DMT.

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  3. Lysergic-Sponge

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    Jul 16, 2007
    from turkey
    I tried this combo last night, and it was absoloutly amazing. Breakthrough to the deepest reaches of hyperspace. The intensity and duration was doubled with no extra character from the 2-D. It was mindboggling insane bliss, beyond anything cohenetly comprehensible! swim wont go into the details and intracisies of the DMT trlp right now.

    I had found no online combination with these two chemicals to swim manted to share.

    10mg of 2C-D, 1.5 hours later 35mg vaporised DMT. I have never broken through so deep in his life, especially from 35mg! The beauty of it it was all DMT, the 2c-d did not alter the experience's character like MAOI's.

    A must for all DMT connoisseur's.