TEK - DMT extracted from Evodia rutacarpae

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    Jul 2, 2004
    Evodia is a chinese fruit. In Tikhal, Shulgin extracted DMT from the fruit(below)... A few websites sell evodia. However, I am not a chemist. Websites also sell a 5:1 or 20:1 powdered extract.

    Is this powdered extract worth anything, DMT-wise? How is it taken?

    Any info appreciated...

    - ShamTec Report #1 - Alkaloid Extraction from <B style="COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #a0ffff">Evodia[/B] rutacarpa

    Fat Freddie, Psychedelic Toad & Head of Research Shamanic Technologies

    An acid/base extract from 100 grams of dried <B style="COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #a0ffff">Evodia[/B] fruit (Evodiarutacarpa, Wu Zhu Yu) yielded about 80 mg of freebase wax from the final filtrate fraction (see ShamTec Report #2). 50 mg of this extract was smoked, registering a plus three (+++) on the <B style="COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffff66">Shulgin[/B] scale. Apyrolytic assay of the extract recovered from the filtered precipitates proved to be inactive. The tiny berry like fruits are readily obtainable from Chineseherbalists; they are said to be mildly toxic, this could be due in part to the astringent tannins, but it seems they are removed during the extraction process.

    No signs of any physical discomfort while under its effects were observed. This does not imply it is entirely safe, all the usual disclaimers apply. A Medline search shows <B style="COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #a0ffff">Evodia[/B] is known tocontain alkaloids that are vasodilators which reduce blood pressure.

    A second extract was prepared in order to test the validity of reports that <B style="COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #a0ffff">Evodia[/B] fruits are hallucinogenic if eaten in large quantities. 5-MeO is not known to be orally active on it own. If the 5-MeO is causing psychoactivity then there would also be MAOI's present. 140 mgof the combined filtered fractions was consumed; no psychological or psychological effects were observed from this single trial. The dried fruits of this plant were easy to process. It was concluded that <B style="COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #a0ffff">Evodia[/B] is a convenient an useful natural source of 5-MeO-DMT.Ref.<B style="COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffff66">Shulgin[/B] A., TIHKAL, p. 274.

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