Smoking - DMT & Shisha Tobacco

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    Would it be possible to smoke DMT out of a bowl using shisha tobacco as a bed and top covering for the DMT to rest on?

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    And would there be any possible way of smoking it via chillum?
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    shisha is really wet, probably not.

    Go get a large chamebred crack-pipe. DMT is worth waiting for the right piece of apparatus. Don't mess around with novel ideas.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong( I'm a little naive about types of tobacco even though I smoke), but isn't shisha typically a very moist, flavored type of tobacco? I would think the excess moisture might cause some problems, but I could be wrong. It is possible it could assist in keeping proper vaporization temps. It might be worth a try for the sake of experimentation.

    Most types of dry plant matter would work suitably well for the sandwich method, such as marijuana, raspberry leaf, marshmallow leaf or damiana.

    I actually prefer to use cigarette or joint ash instead, it works just as well if not better at protecting the DMT from heat. Plus, you're not getting all the smoke from the burning plant material in every hit, taking up precious lung space.

    Most types of weed pipes are suitable for this method. If your using a chillum, you would usually point it downward while hitting, so I would maybe recommend melting the DMT a little into your bottom layer of plant matter before putting the top layer on. This will keep it from falling out. I'm not 100% sure it will work very well out of a chillum as I have never tried it, I am just venturing a guess here.

    There are a ton of threads on DF relating to how to properly smoke DMT. Do a little homework you will find all the info you need. It is here, and if it isn't, do a little safe experimenting and report back the results.