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    DOSAGE: 2 - 3.5 mg.

    DURATION: 12 - 16 h.

    QUALITATIVE COMMENTS: (with 2.2 mg) Somewhere between the first and second hour, I grew into a world that was slightly unworldly. Why? That is hard to say, as there was no appreciable visual component. I just knew that the place I was in was not completely familiar, and it was not necessarily friendly. But it was fascinating, and the music around me was magical. Time was moving slowly. I had to drive across the bay at about ten hours into this, and I was comfortable. That evening I slept well, but my dreams were pointless.

    (with 3.0 mg) It took almost three hours to full activity. The first signs of effects were felt within a half hour, but from then on the progress was slow and easy, without any discernible jumps. There was absolutely no body discomfort at all. Completely comfortable. There was a general humorousness about my state of mind which is always a good sign. We went to the bedroom at the two and a half hour point, and proceeded to establish that the material is far from anti-erotic. Beautiful response, without a mention of any feeling of risk at orgasm. I myself was not able to reach orgasm until about 5th to 6th hour, and then it was full and exceptionally delicious. So was the second one, a couple of hours later, if I remember correctly. All systems intact, body, mind and emotion. Gentle. Good for writing. No dark corners apparent at all. For me, not highly visual. Would take again, higher.

    (with 3.0 mg) There was no body threat at any time--very comfortable. Good eyes closed, with complex imagery to music, but not too much with eyes-open. My attention span is relatively short, and easily diverted into new directions--all quite reminiscent of DOI both as to dosage and effect. At 13 hours, I am still too alert to sleep, but a couple of hours later, OK. In the morning there is still a trace of something going on. This was a valid +++.