Opinions - Does swiy stand by their cocaine rants?

Discussion in 'Cocaine & Crack' started by pankreeas, Dec 24, 2006.

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    You know's the ole firmiliar story, after he/she has a nice coke rush going on, they get talkative and/or "typeative" (yes it's been coined already..it's even in the urban dictionary.. I couldn't believe it either). Now in this state swim always has soooo much pertinant information / wisdom to offer to everyone, .....right....? He sometimes even starts to validate himself to use more by thinking he's "got the answer to it all" and that the world would sorely miss if it he was not there. Inflated ego? Coke'll do that to ya...

    So after conversing / going on tangents all night, and getting all these great ideas.. swim ultimately never pursues so many things he talks / writes about. And sometimes even thinks "how could I have said that to so and so" and "what was I thinking when hit sumbit"?

    Swim can't see many if any users not experiencing this at some point or another? if not on the cola, maybe alcohol..So from this outcome/reflection on nearly every cola experience he has come to the realization that coke for him is the ultimate daydreaming drug..

    does You agree? particularily about the inflated ego part...
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