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    my friend has ordered some kratom capsules. It is 1 oz of Bali kratom. She got these bc she regularly takes hydrocodone and ultram by prescription from a pain physician but wants more and doesnt want to ask the doctor bc he might end up cutting her prescription off so she is going to try supplementing with kratom. She wants to know what the regular dose is for a sedating effect. She suffers from horrible insomnia and anxiety and just wants to be able to relax enough to fall asleep. Tonight she took two 5/500 Lortab (only supposed to take one as per prescription so she always runs out early), two 50 mg ultram and two kratom but she doesnt understand what dosage 1 oz of capsules equals up to. She doesnt want to end up taking too much and throw up. Also what other legal things that are easily obtainable would be good to potentiate the sedative effects without going overboard

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    oh and she is a pretty good size girl, being 5' 7" tall and weighing around 200 lbs if that makes any difference
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    Good choice of Kratom, Bali is the way to go for pain relief and sleep. 5 grams without any other substance is a good place to start, You might want to go up to 10 grams since You apparently has a mild opiate tolerance, but don't do it all at once. Word of advice with Kratom, less is more, so find the least dose You needs to be satisfied. Also, if You starts getting dizzy/nauseous just lie down (but with a mild opiate tolerance this probably won't be a problem).

    The way You is mixing opiates is concerning though. SWIM loves mixing opiates with Kratom, but only a few mg of hydrocodone or oxycodone at most in a night... if You is popping entire hydros and tramadols that could end bad. Kratom is powerful by itself so it's wasteful too. Only take a few grams of Kratom or less when mixing as much as You is tonight.

    As for other herbal alternatives, Kratom is probably the best for trying to supplement opiates, but Kava Kava, California Poppy, Blue Lotus, Valerian Root, and Cannabis can also be put to good use for sedative effects and pain relief.
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    As stated above, 5 grams bali is a great place to start. I found that anything more than that is too much, and I've been doing kratom for over 2 years. I never understood how people can do those huge amounts, like 20 plus grams.

    Enjoy the high, kratom is amazing. It's my favorite opiod, and I've done codeine/oxycodone/hydrocodone/morphine. That's how much I enjoy kratom. :)

    As for the other legal herbs, not many produce the awesome effects of kratom.My thoughts on some:

    Kava- Useful, but it's basically booze, just with HORRIBLE taste. I'd just stick with beer or dirty Martinis (yum).
    Blue lotus- Some people seem to enjoy it, I get no effect at all. I do not recommend wasting your money on BL.
    Valerian Root- This herb is actually pretty f***ing effective, just has no recreational value. But it definitely does relax me.
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    First, one might find that taking kratom via a different method other than capsules might produce better effects. Such as mixing the kratom into OJ or toss n' wash. Anecdotal evidence does not indicate that capsules work very well when it comes to kratom. Without really knowing much about the kratom capsules it's impossible to say what dosage an oz of capsules would be. In my opinion, it would be best to grab a scale and some powered kratom and measure out your desired dose that way.

    Now, typical plain leaf kratom such as that called Bali usually has more of a stimulating effect at low doses like 5 grams. 7 grams and up produces more of the sedating effect that you seem to be looking for in most users. However, it can vary so always start off small. Also, always take kratom on an empty stomach. This will greatly increase the effects.

    The absolute best thing I've found that potentiates kratom is cimitidine tablets found in brands of acid reducers like Tagamet. Take 600mg of cimitidine 45 minutes to an hour before taking kratom and in my experience the effects increase a lot. Enough that one might want to reduce their typical dose by 1-2 grams. Also, 30mg of DXM seems to help potentiate kratom as well if taken around the same time as the cimitidine tablets.