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    Apr 8, 2007
    SWIM began doing codeine a month ago. I started with 300mg (each box of a-ferin contained 300mg codein) . He did 3 times in the first week. Next week he raised the dosage to 600mg foolishly because I was unaware that he did't have to increase the doseage so much to get high again. Anyway the last two weeks he did codeine 10-11 times. For the last 8 days he did codeine everyday with 750mg.
    Where I live codeine is found in a cough medicine called a-ferin. 30 tablets each contain 10mg codeine. most pharmacies give it to you although some ask for doctor prescription (which actually all should do :p). Paracetamol of course is filtered with coffee filters.

    The thing is; from what SWIM learns from this site, he's actually doing too much codein. I would like to know if he's being a fool by doing this. Could SWIM have the same high even if he didn't raise the tolerance so high?
    can SWIM stop doing codeine altogether until his tolerance drops way down so SWIM can get high with like 100-150mg?

    PS: I know ex-junkies who do 12 boxes of a-ferin( meaning 3600mg codeine) as an example to where tolerance can build up to. how do they survive swım doesn'T know :p !

    thanks for your opinions
    best regards frOm SWIM!
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    Oct 7, 2006
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    If I am non opiate tollerent then doing such big doses is foolish and could lead to severe respiratory problems, for a newbie 100 - 150 mg should be sufficient to cause a euphoria. If you are hearing of junkies doing 3600 mg of codeine then I would take this with a pintch of salt as that is a crazy amount to do and could lead to a newbie ending up dead. Swim says just be carefull if you intend to keep taking this drug and try to limit swiy's self to maybe once a week as taking this drug every day will lead to addiction and the need to take increased doses just to get the same effect.
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    Jan 19, 2007
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    Good God. 300mg is alot for a 1st-timer... You must have a pretty high natural tolerance to codeine.

    3600mg is frickin' nuts if you ask Swim! That's asking for death. I thought that there was an upper-limit for the amount of codeine that the liver could convert to morphine at any one time anyway...

    You probably could get a buzz from a lower amount, however it wouldn't be an in-your-face kinda buzz. I find that in general with codeine (but especially with lower doses) he almost has to "look for" the high. It's subtle, so you need to be relaxed and be distraction-free. Start running around and the feeling will elude you. For this reason, Swim prefers to use it on Sunday mornings when he sleeps in. Being in sleep-in mode tends to induce nodding for him.

    Codeine is the light-weight of opiates (That's not to say that it isn't dangerous though! Apparently, relative to it's strength, it causes the most repiratory depression of all narcotics). It's subtle and should be appreciated for what it is. If You wants a very intense experience, then Swim thinks he may need to get his hands on some oxycodone or something. Taking enough codeine to get You THAT high may actually kill him!
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    Mar 20, 2007
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    ><I am going to get 2600 - 3000mg of codeine this week. its been more than 5 days since last dose maybe more... I have taken 280mg before and its ok, there is a glass wall that stops the higher opiod receptor responces with codeine.. so swim sometimes keeps it at a low. 150mg will be the same rush of 250mg sometimes.. any suggestions HAppY 420 2007....>< looking for a nice OPIATE BOMB>>>>EUPHORiA...
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