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    Dec 16, 2004
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    Does anyone know a simple procedure for converting DPT and other research chem's into freebase? Can you use the same technique as when making cocaine into rocks?
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    I have read procedures involving just the basic baking soda type
    basification. They are supposedly possible but not very efficient. Here
    is the more thorough procedure, from Erowid:

    Conversion of Hcl salt to freebase:

    2g of DPT Hcl was dissolved in 150ml of water. It was difficult to get
    the crystals to go into solution and it required a small amount of
    heat. Be careful not to apply too much heat, as DPT is very heat
    sensitive. Once the DPT was in solution the water mixture was added to
    a separatory funnel and ammonia hydroxide was then added dropwise to
    basify. After each drop I swirled the mixture to distribute the ammonia
    evenly, observing a white cloud of freebase forming out of solution.
    When it reached a ph 8-9, I added 75ml of chloroform. This mixture was
    swirled and thoroughly shaken for about 5-10 minutes with the
    chloroform layer settling on the bottom. The chloroform extraction was
    then poured off and saved in a flask. This process was repeated 3 more
    times, with each extraction requiring additional ammonia hydroxide to
    keep the ph level at 8-9. The last extraction was left to sit for 5
    hours just to make sure that all of the DPT was recovered from the
    water solution. The combined chloroform extractions were then
    evaporated in a baking dish leaving a semi-clear-white DPT freebase oil
    behind. 2g of finely ground dried parsley was added to the baking dish
    and scraped and thoroughly mixed with a razor blade until the parsley
    was completely saturated. The mixture was still somewhat sticky but
    relatively easy to handle. It was then placed in a glass vial for easy
    use and storage.
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