Opinions - Dried Maeng Da Kratom leaf. Stronger tea?

Discussion in 'Kratom' started by Mush, May 1, 2011.

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    Hello all! I'm new to the forums here and am very glad to be a new member!

    Now one day I was reading about many different ethnobotanicals online, as he loves to do. Swim recently came across a plant called Kratom and found it can be used in many different ways. Swim made the choice to buy an ounce of dried Maeng Da Kratom leaf to experiment with. Maeng Da was swims choice because it is said to be the best strain to buy, and lower amounts are needed for much stronger effects. The effects of Kratom are said to be similar to opiates, which I has used a lot of in the past and was very curious on how effective Kratom really was. I found it can be used to get off of an opiate addiction which swim found to be a good sign. Mainly because if Kratom was ineffective it wouldn't be used for such purposes. Anyways... Swim received his oz and did more studying online on how to use his Kratom in the most effective way. Smoking was said to be next to useless, chewing was said to be mildly effective, though tea is said to be most effective. (With further studying swim found Kratom resin can also be bought which would make creating tea and other uses much easier, swim learned his lesson.) Swim searched the web and found a tea recipe just for Maeng Da that called for 2 - 4 grams per 2 1/2 cups of water. This surprised swim because other recipes that were not Maeng Da needed a quarter to half ounce in order to make the same strength. This got swim very excited because he figured he we add more than what the recipe calls for and get the strong effects he was looking for. Swim filled a pot with 2 1/2 cups of tap water and put it at high till it began to boil. Then swim switched the stove to medium and let the water simmer (no bubbles, the water seemed to just move around rapidly) swim then weighed out 7 grams of Maeng Da ground up dried leaf and put it into the water, stirred it up and let it lightly boil for 20mins. The recipe I was following went as told:

    1.) Take 2-4 grams of crushed maeng da leaf (powder can also be used) and put into a pan. To this add around 2.5 cups of water.
    2.) Boil very gently until over half the water has evaporated (usually around 10-15 minutes).
    3.) Strain the remaining liquid into a cup and let cool for a few minutes.
    4.) Add sugar or honey to sweeten and drink.
    5.) The remaining material in the pan can still be consumed.

    As you can see I went 3 grams over the called for amount, I did this because he was looking for very strong effect. When swim checked on the tea after 20mins, no where close to "over half the water" was evaporated. So I was confused and let boil even longer. Swim let it boil for nearly 45 - 50mins before it boiled down to 3/4th of a cup. Swim said it was a brownish color, and I did not burn any of the leafs, though I was afraid that kratom can be over boiled and possible weaken the tea. Swim strained the liquid into a cup and did a quick taste test. The taste was very very bitter, just as said online. Swim dumped sugar and agave syrup into the tea, stirred, and let sit while I was putting everything away. Swim recalled how the recipe said "material in pan can still be consumed" so swim tried a spoon food of the plant material (figuring it will increase the effects). I found it extremely hard to get down, and just lingered in his mouth. So swim dumped the left over plant material into his cats food dish and decided to see if they could enjoy it. Swim than drank the tea and found it to be not to bad after adding enough sugar to give a man diabetes...

    15 - 30mins in I am feeling the effects of his tea and finds the coming up to be a lot like Vicodin with kind of a heady cannabis high.

    1 hour in I am finding very mild effects on his body. He can feel a lot of similarity's to the opiates he has experimented with in the past, though swim figures this is the peak. Swim wished for a much stronger effect and was disappointed because he added more than the recipe called for. Swim then smoked a gram of cannabis and relaxed to the effects for another half hour before he took a nap.

    I want to know if anyone can see where he messed up, or if he did at all. He wishes for help on how to get the most from his 21 grams of Maeng Da for his next batch of tea. Swim read online that if one were to let his kratom sit in some lime juice for a bit and then boil it, the effects will be greater. Is this true? Also I had the idea, what if one were to boil say 10grams of Maeng Da in a pot with 3 cups of water. Allow it to boil down to about a cup, or half cup. Then pour another 2 cups of water, and continue to let it boil and evaporate down to a half cup or full, then do the same for a 3rd time. Strain the tea, and let cool. I had the idea that this will extract everything from the plant possible, all that is needed is patience. Would this work? Or is it possible to over boil kratom?:s

    Thank you everyone.:thumbsup:
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    I have been using Kratom for about 8-9 months now,,I am very happy to have discovered it,, I have a herniated disk which causes pain 24/7 and I have occasional moments where its very severe and I have been given opiates for it,, but just like everyone who starts going down the pain killer path, addiction set in.. So I began a search online to see if there was an alternative and I found Kratom and gave it a try and I was really suprised how similar in effect 6-7 grams of kratom is to taking a couple vicodin,, I take naproxin with kratom and it is very effective,, and the best part is that when I run out of kratom,, the worst thing I suffer is maybe a couple days of a really weird scratchy throat,, a little runny nose and a little bit of sweating,, but then I just take Loperamide you can get over the counter,,and take that for a day or 2 and thats it,,on a scale of 1 to 10 for discomfort,, id say its a 3 for 2 or 3 days,, and thats it,, unlike Vicodin,, where its weeks of misery,,and now if i do get vicodin,, I always have kratom too,, and instead of taking my 20-30 vicodin prescription and taking all of it in 2 days it can last weeks, or I can even leave it in the med cabinet for months till i need them again,, Kratom is the best thing for anyone that genuinely needs opiate pain meds from time to time,,but has found themselves addicted to it... this is the answer to that problem,, and I pray that stupid politicians that think they know better,, just leave this stuff alone, and lets us have this wonderful herb... I never get the angry outburst or the problems sleeping or getting erections or constipation,,,, I have zero negative side effects while using this even for months in a row,,

    I have tried every strain,, I like Maeng Da the best,, Green Malay is very similar in effect and is cheaper,, I tried the capsuls,, I tried making tea, even made extracts,,, but I found this to work the best,,, i buy a bottle of juice,, preferable grapefruit, because I believe the grapefruit potentiates it just like grapefruit does every other drug,, and it makes it taste ok,, apple juice also completely wipes out the nasty taste,, I just take a heaping table spoon,,dump it in the juice and shake it up,,let it sit for a while,, then drink fast,,, and 3 minutes later the effects kick in and its absolutely fantastic
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    So do you all think that crushed leaves are better than the powder? I do. I think it gets you MUCH higher than the powders do. I have this bag of bali crushed leaves and I put it in my mortar and pestle to grind it up. With just 2 grams I feel a greater effect than if I took the 4-5 of the other stuff. Plus its much easier to get this stuff down for some reason, the powder can be straight nastifying.

    So I'm going to order some Maeng Da red vein crushed leaf cause I came to this conclusion that leaf is better than powder. I have a collection of powders that don't seem to do quite as much as the leaf does. I think its probably because the powder is shipped over here already powdered and it loses its potency, whereas the leaf is just shipped in leaf form and does not have that problem. Cause I don't actually think the vendors do the powdering themselves. Trust me though, the crushed leaf if you powder it yourself and eat it, you get pretty messed up.

    That tea recipe is also good. I made/make tea with the leaves sometimes. Its just you might mess up the potency by heating it up, why I think eating is is better.
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    The reason why you feel better effects after using mortar and pestle is that crushing it expands the surface area so more alkaloids are extracted. Perhaps it is better to buy crushed leaf bit using coffee grinder will get it to the consistency needed for maximum potenentcy, along with method of preparation.

    No, you do not " mess it up" by making tea. The theory around here is that you are extracting the chemicals into the tea, making it more bioavailable to hit faster than "eating it". So when you reduce the tea down to a concentrate, you do not lose any alkaloids because kratom is water soluble. You can boil it down to a tablespoon and its the same effect as a cup, which will both be faster absorbed into the body because of the method of preparation.

    Toss and wash and suspension methods metabolise the kratom in the body, taking longer to set in but lasting longer than the tea.

    So you didn't do anything wrong and I feel you're over thinking this. Just put water in pot ( I don't measure it anymore), throw in your kratom, cook over medium heat until reduced down but at least 20 minutes. That's all I do and its working for me just fine. You can add lemon to increase the acidity to leach out more alkaloids too but its not vital.

    Also, you should look into potentiators for kratom. Grapefruit juice an hour before kratom helps a lot. There are many others though.