Drug War Casualty? - What Do Drug Tests Test For (UK)?

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    ladies and gentlemen,
    may i introduce myself to you - my name is tawraste. i have read some of the posts on this site and i do believe that here lies the most knowledgable and experienced people to assist me with my friend's problems that i have found so far.

    please do not be afraid - this is not an emotional plea. allow me to explain :

    my friend is a loyal and dedicated follower of the teachings of our great cultural icons, has been for years. on no account would this individual turn down an esoteric adventure.
    but then, distaster struck. big time.
    having aquired a rather well paid job, said friend thought the numbers had come in. in fact, for a while, they literally had. large anonymous plastic bags for everyone ensued. much joy permeated the reality around this person.
    then, the hammer blow - "we shall be introducing random drug and alcohol testing" said the friends' employers. oh dear.
    thing is, the employer is still in the dithering stage, but due to their frankly quite ruthless approach, said friend is already in the bomb shelter.

    this means no illegal substances. at all.

    until the tests involved are determined, consequences cannot be planned for. said friend is currently getting by with vintage alcohol. a worthy past time, but lacking in the qualities of life that sustain us all.

    owing to the slow progress the employer may choose to undertake, investigations have been sanctioned into the discovery of substances that are not on the hitlist.

    so here is the big question :

    what's out there that's not being tested for and is technically legal?

    said friend is quite keen on practical requirements, in fact; he's a bit of a wizard. so please, any and all suggestions may in themselves be lifesavers.

    the issue is not in a drug of choice, the issue is maintaining the perspective that sees hunters' water mark.

    please help my friend, he cannot break the law, but he must, must get high - in fact, as often as possible.

    feel free to post. banana skins need not apply, real results are required please.

    with advances in detection technology and roadside testing imminent, this thread could help us all.

    many thanks, and respect,

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    Re: Drug War Casualty - What Do Drug Tests Test For (UK)?

    So, this is basically asking what drugs are tested for in the U.K. right?

    First of all there are a plethora of illegal drugs that are not tested for. By the same token there are many legal drugs that are. Generally speaking many work based drug-tests are deemed necessary because of the nature of the work being done - they are becoming quite popular in the construction industry for example, & amongst some of the rail companies. Basically nothing to do with the Drugs War, more to do with insurance & the fact that certain jobs whilst potentially mindnumbing could be said to become potentially even more dangerous to both the worker & others if the worker is under the influence of psychoactive substances, or has an addiction problem.

    So, what is generally tested for? SWiY can guarantee the following - cannabis, alcohol/ethanol, cocaine & metabolites thereof, opiates (including heroin, morphine, codeine,Tramodol* ), amfetamines (including methamfetamine, mdma*), pcp & benzodiazepines. Psilocybin & esters thereof may be tested for, but again this is expensive & a relatively new procedure. LSD is virtually undetectable. Then there is the possibility of false positives - substances that trick the test into thinking they are something else - There is a possibility that some of the more esoteric stimulants that lie within grey areas in the Misuse of Drugs Act & even some antidepresants could trigger a positive result for amfetamines or other drugs due to chemical similarities between the parent drug or metabolites.

    (* - denotes a drug that may be detected on an advanced drug screen, but may not show up on a standard one. This will depend on a) how rich the company ordering the test is (drug tests aint cheap!) & b) how suspicious they are of the person being tested.)

    So there are a couple of perfectly legal & even over the counter (notably alcohol & codeine) substances that if detected could lose a person their job unless there is a damn good reason for them being in their system (e.g. a prescription, but even then a company might have cause to question a persons capability to do some jobs if they require regular medication. The person might have a chance to fight this under the Disability Discrimination Act, but if for example that person is a train driver who requires medication with sedating side effects then they may not win. The company may be forced to reemploy them elsewhere though), & highly illegal drugs that are not likely to show up at all.

    So basically legality is not the issue. As has said before the only way to truly guarantee passing a drug test is to stay clean.

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