DXM and Psychic Powers

Discussion in 'DXM' started by ziphren, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Sep 15, 2005
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    Has anyone else noticed DXM's effect on psychic abilities?

    Some examples:

    When a group of people are together robotripping, strange things always seem to happen. Lights turning on & off, strange people showing up, weird phone calls, stuff falling off of shelves, etc etc.

    I do tarot readings, and they are frighteningly accurate when he is robotrippin. People get amazed and scared at the accuracy o_O

    One time I was robotripping with a girl over the internet, she was in Florida and he was in Oregon. At one point in the trip-chat, he tried to reach out and touch her face, and she started typing "omg! did you just touch my face? I just felt someone touch my face." It was craziness.
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    Sep 4, 2006
    I don't believe DXM to possess any psychic abilities, but you know, man, everything is weird on dxm, that's why people use it recreationally. I have been perplexed by a poster he's had since 98, swearing he'd never seen it before, although he was hitting a high 3p dose. Peoples' faces seem to swirl/melt when I am using dxm. Reguarding the tarot, you perceive things MUCH differently(better?) on dex, and tarot readings are all about the reader's perception of his subject.

    THe face touching, I find that to be a strange coincidence, such things have happened to me, while completely sober. over the phone as well as on the computer.
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    Aug 30, 2006
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    Hm. Well...

    Bear in mind that the subject in question remains agnostic about such things. Chemicals do strange things to the brain.

    Having said that, however...the subject has had two experiences that bordered on paranormal - one on a combination of 2C-E and Cannabis and the other on DXM. Both involved dissociated memories - not repressed memories or false memories, but memories that never properly formed in the first place due to the release of cortisol during traumatic events in his childhood. During said experiences, it was as if he could look back in time and see the events as they were happening.

    The reason it seemed paranormal was that the "memories" were not from the child's perspective, but from his mother's.

    The subject majored in physics and prides himself on his logical/rational mind...but there are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio.

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    Jan 29, 2006
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    Years ago, SWIM and SWIM's friend had read through the DXM FAQ and a bunch of other stuff on the net, and heard mention of telepathy. On a good 3rd plat dose, they sat at opposite ends of a very, very long room. With pretty intense concentration, one thought up a random saying in his head, something to the effect of "the purple duck flies at midnight." Not saying a word, just thinking it. The guy at the other end of the room, when asked what was being thought of, came up with a response similar to "ducks only swim at night." Not the exact phrase, but close enough out of any possible randon thought the guy could have been thinking.

    Tripping balls as they were, they thought it was pretty amazing, and freaky. A sober sitter witnessed and heard from both parties, in a separate room on a different floor in the house, what each were thinking before they exchanged it between themselves. So maybe DXM amplied the hearing of the "receiver" by a factor of a 1000, but still it was pretty cool.
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    May 28, 2006
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    swim and his friend were tripping in a car. (roughly 7 to 900 mg) he and his friend were at the peak of their trips when swim turned off the cd player in his car and his friend says he wants to hear these 2 songs "staind. so far away", "eagle eye cherry-save tonight", the next 2 songs are those in that order on the radio. (note: the cd player was on up until then) I has seen some messed up shit but that was crazy/scary. His friend also told me of things like stairs and his child that was yet unborn. even knew it was girl. swim never became deon warwick himself but his friend on the other hand scared the shit out of swim with his predictions.........
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    Aug 22, 2006
    Why, it's the magic goddess of cough syrup of course. When you swallow those shiney red pills or cherry menthol liquids, you're tapping in to a network of other temporarily telepathic messiahs and you're working together to solve the mysteries of the universe.
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    Feb 1, 2005
    These things happen. Called synchronicity in psychology - first documented by Carl G. Jung. It gets really fun when you tune into this channel, which I view as being like an atrophied muscle, and you can direct the occurances. Example:

    Two young ladies arrived at Bongo's bunker one late night. They were tripping on LSD and wanted a safe-harbour to be in. Bongo, who had taken nothing, allowed these giggling messes into his domain.

    As they kept giggling and being dumb, brainless little creatures, Bongo stumbled around the room and sang a stanza of "If I Only Had a Brain" at them from the Wizard Of Oz. Then Bongo turned on his radio to WZBC in Boston. He snapped his fingers and pointed at the radio. You guessed it: "If I Only Had a Brain" started playing right on cue.

    The giggling stopped. Bongo has a hard time suffering giggling young girls. He went back to what he had been doing before the intrusion. The young ladies spoke in hushed tones about Bongo for some time to come.
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    Feb 26, 2006
    Check out Jung's definition of synchronicity if you can. In fact, I was just reading a book by the same title, opened up this thread, and there it is, Nagognog starting his post by talking about it. Thats synchronicity right there.

    Maybe its just selective attention on the tripper's part, but synchronicity does seem to happen with many lab rats while using DXM. Some report streetlights abruptly shutting on or off when they approach them. Others will notice mechanical failures (often with computers) while under the influence.

    There is also a feeling of interconnectedness experienced by some lab rats on DXM with their fellow rat-kind. A sort of heightened empathy, especially for rats that they are tripping with or talking to during the experience. Perhaps the lack of ego defense mechanisms during a trip can facilitate seemingly paranormal nonverbal communication between two rats this way. It'd be interesting to design an experiment to look at this phenomenon. If any you's do so, please post it. I would love to read it.
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    Oct 4, 2005
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    I agree weird stuff happens here too but it sometimes cannot be regarded to just be the drug. With closed circuit thinking it allows all people on closed circuit thinking to understand each other relating things that a sober or sane person cannot. At one point in my life I could see some resemblance of paranormal activity in my life during chronic dex use such as knowing things out of nowhere, timing of events perfect, and dejevu but I could tell what was going to happen in "reality" due to the dejevu visions I would just go with what i had seen in the visions and the results were the same almost like reading the future. In my reality the psychic powers are a set of mysterious and shamed secret abilities these arts are part of our culture as human beings just as spiritual and recreational drug use is too.
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