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Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by Qish, Feb 7, 2005.

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    okay, this is what iv done, maybe someone might have some insight.

    first i took half a stick of butter and put it on a pan and melted it
    down with as little flame as possible on the stove. then i added a
    couple squirts of honey, because thc can do its thing there too i
    think. then i added about half an ounce of ground-by-hand weed. so then
    i simmer that for about 5 minutes with a little big heat at the end.
    then i poured it through a filter into a glass cup.

    now iv got this cup in the fridge, with 3 very distinct layers of substance in it.

    a large thin black/green portion on top.

    a thin creamy green portion in the middle

    a larger slightly thinner creamy green on the bottom

    Im keeping this in the fridge until something softens, or hardens into a substance that looks edible.

    any advice would be aprecieated

    and or better way to do this with what iv got...would be neato.
  2. bman1

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    Feb 3, 2005
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    should simmer for 30-60 minutes at least, slower and longer better. No need for the honey. As for the layers I would just think bottom layer is a little more potent with some material left in it. The other two layers probally just a butter/butter honey layers. It shouyld still work a little, but much much better if slowly simmered