eating unripe seeds efective?

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    *Is consuming unripe seeds (ie. still green and in an undeveloped pod) still going to work as a source of LSA. are they less potent, more potent, the same as fully grown seeds? or not potent at all. are they safe to eat?

    I have been waiting a very long time for pods to form on his exesively(sp) large MG plant. they did finaly start to grow, but in a month and a half since they first apeared they have only grown to about the size of a small marble and are still white (look like small onions). I got tiered of waiting and decided to try some unripe seeds. he broke a couple of the small pods open and found they contained around 4 white little seeds each(one or two are begining to become browner in colour already though). swim gathered around 50 seeds or so. he is wanting to know 2 things.

    1> *the above question and,
    2> how long will those other damn pods take to grow to full size!

    thanks, any help will be apriciated.
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    this would be some very useful information if somebody could answer to how recreationally effective underdeveloped seeds would be
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    The story goes like this...
    One day walking through the neighborhood I found some big MG plants and he noticed it had some pods... after opening a pod he noticed that the seeds weren't fully developed (white with some small hairs on them), he looked at them and said what the hell... I'll try it... and here goes his trip report.

    About swim : 24 year old male, weighting around 73 kg

    About his trip(s) : 2 days of tripping consuming around 1000 seeds

    Trip 1 (200 seeds, chewed, duration ~5hours, with no side-effects except some cottonmouth):

    SWIM decides to take around 200 seeds to see if this works... he takes the seeds from a pod in his mouth and starts chewing them (he noticed that they taste quite nice, they have a "nutty" yet "green" flavor)... for about 20-30 mins he opens pods and adds more seeds until he gets around 200 in his mouth... chews them for another 10 mins and spits them... in his mind I am like bleah.. this ish doesn't work, he gets up on his feet and suddenly he's like "heeyy... I never noticed how beautiful this place is" (he's been around there 1000 times and there's nothing special about that place lol)... also the light seemed brighter and he saw some lines in his peripherial view... all of a sudden SWIM realizes he's trippin', he panics and he's like "Damn... I gotta run home" and starts walking fast (as there is a 10 min walk til' home), ~200 meters SWIM looks around and he's like "What the hell? I was walking fast, why am I barely walking ?" (SWIM slowed down to the "hippie walk" lol) and then he was like "Heyyy.... this is nice... walking is beautiful ... maybe I should just go for a walk..." (SWIM also noticed that walking is more enjoying and trippy than sitting) so he starts walking... about 30 mins later I started noticing the pavement shake and all kinds of shadows/shades forming on asphalt, the clouds on the sky seemed to move out of context and I started noticing all the beautiful details like sparkles on the water and the "reflection's reflection" lol.. also I was kind of "mind effed" as his mind kept going back and forth about "being high or not" lol... he got home after 3 hours of walking still feeling euphoric but his brother kept buzzing him and he wasn't that comfortable as he was trying to relax to music... he fell asleep...

    Trip 2 (300 seeds + 1 joint (of a "smoking blend") + 150 ml of absinthe + some beer, chewed, duration unknown as SWIM also drank massive quantities of alcohol) :

    About 5 hours later a couple of SWIM's friends called him and asked him if he wanned to join them for a joint and some playstation, when I was going to his friends he saw the plants again and thought he should give them another go lol, meanwhile another friend came with a bottle of Absinthe, they drank it and I took the 300 seeds, chewed them and 30-40 mins later he lit a joint got to it's half and BAM!.. he was like "damn... the walls are moving" next thing he knows I was "in the carousel" lol... he felt accelerating and when he closed his eyes he realized he was accelerating through triangles and kept accelerating until SWIM decided that this is too much and he can't play PS in this state of mind so he went in the other room... I remember that the shapes on the carpet started rising and floating next to the bed and next thing he knows he was knocked out...

    Trip 3 (500 seeds chewed, duration ~5 hours not certain tho as SWIM's watch was messed with the night before) :

    The second day... SWIM wakes up happier than ever and goes for the seeds as he heard that it's best on an empty stomach... he took 500 seeds and chewed them well and went for a walk... again 30-40 mins later I was trippin, but this time he was trippin balls as the usual euphoria turned into mild to moderate anxiety (it was manageable tho, swim's been through the "JWH-018" hell quite a few times and he learned to manage anxiety quite well), this trip proved to be a "proper" one lol... SWIM remebers that he was like "Damn... if this is a mild trip then I don't wanna try LSD" lol... anyways... he remembers seeing all kinds of patterns on walls (he now realizes that he sat in front of a blue tile wall for 10 minutes, in the middle of the street lol), on the pavement, clouds seemed shaky, the plants in the wind seemed to move jerky and water seemed to move "in real time" (somewhat like the effect you get from watching a 60fps movie), his thought pattern seemed to go from bad to good constantly... also there was visual enhancement and auditory enhancement ...

    - I didn't feel no nausea whatsoever (his theory is, because the seeds haven't formed the outter layer yet... there's no "bad chemicals" in it)
    - SWIM's trips came on faster because inside the seeds there's a lot of liquid (SWIM actually found them refreshing when high, from weed lol) and it absorbs faster (even tho I ate) than trying to chew old seeds...

    PS : one day later SWIM still feels "trippy" at times...