Ecstacy (mental addiction)

Discussion in 'General Addiction discussion' started by Wittin, Dec 20, 2004.

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    Dec 19, 2004
    At the moment I have been doing Ecstacy for 3 weeks, in total i have already done 12.5 pills over a total of 5 nights

    1st - 2.5pills (1, then 1.5 three hours later)

    2nd - 2pills (1, then 1 one hour later)

    3rd - 3pills (2, then 1 tree hours later)

    4th - 4pills (1, then 1 one hour later, then 2 one hour later)

    5th - 1pill (last night)

    After doing research i have discovered that MDMA is not physically
    addicted, although I think about it ALOT! Originally I planned to try a
    single pill once and try them again new years eve, this has quickly
    changed to multiple pills every weekend... I am currently planning to
    do 6-8 pills on new years eve. I am conciously realising the errors in
    my ways, but they are far too tempting!

    How long do you think I can carry this on for untill I begin to build
    up a strong immunity, and begin to notice the long term effects?

    If you are wondering how or why I am doing so many, it is simply
    because of the availability of ecstacy in my area. I am
    yet to have had a strong come-down yet, why is this? is it just simply
    too early?

    Finally, has anyone experience real difficulty in kicking the habbit, I
    don't want to find myself in a trapped situation where I cannot
    stop-even is it is vital i do!
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    Jan 14, 2003
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    XTC can be very tempting. It was when the prices where much higher. Although the strength of the temptation seems to vary per person. When you are used to popping pills every week, it can be hard to quit. I choose to quit for a long time, after which I kept my use of E incidental. I find this much more enjoyable. Yes, it was hard to quit.It was getting to regular and to massive for me after a couple of years of heavy partying. I consumed over 100 tabs in3 months. Massive use, ment massive comedown.If you feel you are getting out of control, quit for a while. Do not consider your craving a reason for doing anything.
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    Feb 12, 2005
    you've only been doing it for 3 it seems like you kind of are looking for this to become a problem for one reason or another. Just make plans to do it, and make a big deal out of it like, like a party or rave. That way you can look forward to it in a good way instead of just looking forward to the roll. And remember, the less you do it, the better your roll will be and the more money will be in your pocket.
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    Feb 13, 2005
    Don't bother taking lots of pills over one night. I used to munch ten asession, but by the time you've peaked off the first two or three the rest don't contribute to the experience. As soon as you feel yourself slipping off the peak the natural response is to eat another two to put you back up, but it doesnt work. You'll just end up slumping into this dazed, groggy statetelling yourself you feel great but in reality you don't.

    You havn't really eaten that many pills in one go yet, which is why you've probably avoided a bad comedown. I think if you eat five or more in one go you're probably in for 'the grog'. During the grog, although you may not nescessarily feel ill, you'll operate much more slowly. One day after about 8 playstations, me and a friend sat in the same seats, in the same room for about ten hours smoking pot hardly speaking, moving only to go to the loo, which is a challenge I can tell you after too many little fellers.

    If you do feel ill,the best thing to do is eat something, although this will be the last thing on your mind.Things you need to chew are out; milkshakes and soup are good.

    After only three weeks, it's not surprising that you thinkecstasyis the best thing since sliced bread. Sooner or later your honeymoon will be over, and you'll get bored of taking pills, so just enjoy yourself with pills while you still can.