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    Re: Blackouts and MDA

    I used to blackout regularly in his time of taking silly numbers of what he thought was x but now in hindsight could have been absolutely anything.
    The setting could be anywhere in a club, at home, walking along the street he always attributed it as his ID (Inner Demon) taking over.

    swims inner demon wasnt evil or anything freinds have reported having conversations with swim. but he never ever remembered any of them and to this day never has.they were never more than about 30 mins except the one he,ll tell now.

    the scariest one made him sort himself right out.this is all he can recall.

    My STORY

    7pm out with the guys from work do a pill stop drinking after 2 pints he doesnt drink heavily on pills

    7:45 this is shit do 2 more
    9pm good now
    10pm 2 more
    about now swim left the club he was at and swim and his mates walked 10 mins to a better more banging venue
    he got to the club and the bouncers greeted them all warmly then looked at swim and said sorry he isnt coming in look at the state
    I said no probs he would go home cos he didnt want to spoil his mates night and he'd see them tomorrow.

    thats the last thing I remember
    next thing he wakes up its morning hes sat in the passenger seat of an unfamiliar car in an unfamiliar area he cant move his left leg or left arm at all
    he goes through his pockets and he still has all his money drugs etc
    Phone a taxi get home cant move arm or leg for about a week though there are no external marks at all.
    week later finds out he has a couple of nasty STDs
    thats swims blackout story anyway. sound familiar anyone?
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    Re: Blackouts and MDA

    I had afrightening blackout last night in fact though no MDMA MDA etc was involved.

    I had afair bit to drink but mostly can handle a good long session, I went to the shop to get a nice bottle of wine and on the way back he got chatting to a nice enough chap and decided to invite him in for a beer. At first SWIM and his grirlfriend really enjoyed his company and he had some herion which he shared, I didnt smoke too much from what I remember.

    Next think I know I woke up on the floor and the house had been robbed of a few things, 3 of my girlfriends hats, my mobile phone and a few other little goods. Thank god my xbox and brand new 32LCD TV was here with my surround shound system.

    I spent most of the day with slight convultions and could not even hold down mineral water for a number of hours, I was pale and sick. I could atttribute this to the gear but I'm sure I was spiked also.

    I should have listedned to my mother, never trust strangers.

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