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    Until about a week ago i thought that embalming fluid was just a street name for liquid PCP (not the actual stuff they embalm people with) but i saw a show where a guy was working at a mortuary and got fired for dipping his cigs into the fluid, is it the same stuff or did hollywood fuck up?
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    May 3, 2005
    A guest asks: "i thought that embalming fluid was just a street name for liquid PCP (not the actual stuff they embalm people with) ... is it the same stuff?"

    Pot is what you plant a seed in. Crank is what you do to start an old car. ...

    There are many "Street names" for Drugs. In this case, both definitions are for Drugs.

    I have heard (more than once) of people "embalming" cigarettes, for the Kick it gives. All things are relative. I was told that it mellows out the Nicotine.

    I, personally, don't care HOW High a person can get on Emblaming Fluid. I got sick on it in Biology class, and ever since, I am happy for every minute I do not have to breathe any in.
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    Jan 6, 2005
    Hollywood fucked up, but there are probably some idiots out there who have smoked formaldehyde (embalming fluid). It is really just a nick name for PCP but some have confused it with the real stuf and smoked [email protected] I think that is a horrible idea and it can supposedly cause brain cancer! No thanks. Get some real pcp not some bunk ass embalming fluid! SWIM honestly thinks dipping a cigarette in embalming fluid is moronic.

    There must have just been some sort of mixup along the ways. It would be like taking some sulfiric ACID thinking it was acid. SWIM actually heard some kid say something like that. He had a messed up tooth and said it was because he took some "acid" from the chem lab. What an idiot!
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    Jan 5, 2012
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    Ahhh, the lenyo. Makes you walk like Sherman Helmsley and feel like a Sherman Tank, so my grandma says. Nah but seriously.. I just looked it up and came accross this site. For years I thought a "Sherm" was a cigarette dipped in embalming fluid because well, that's what someone told me. And I'm sure that's what someone told him. Its easy to see how the nickname "embalming fluid could fuck people up like that. Its believable. More believable than when I heard about Jenkem >.< I'm just glad I never tried dipping any of my smokes in formaldehyde. If I ever came accross any before yesterday, I'm sure I woulda tried it.