Spiritual - Entity Contact on Magic Mushrooms

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  1. FryDay

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    May 24, 2005
    Has anyone else had entity contact on mushies? If so what were they like?

    For some reason my friend I am highly effected by shroomies and even on small doses (2 grams) contacts entities/goes into different realms/experiences vortexes... and the like. Anyone else this sensitive?
  2. jaguarangel

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    Apr 10, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Yes. At high dose range. Terrance McKenna had some interesting theories
    about the mushroom entites.
  3. Sick Jack

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    Aug 12, 2003
    Last time I toke a high dose of mushrooms, the eventuality of an entities' contact afraided me so much during my trip that the things became really scary.

    How can we prepare us for suche "event" ?
  4. raven3davis

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    Jan 6, 2005

    Where did you find this out. Care to elaborate on his theorie, or could you recommend any of his books. He has so much literature that seems so interseting, I just dont know where to start. I have sorta come into contact with entities on shrooms. I was alone in my room in the dark, I could only see random things. The objects formed into entities and it felt like they were teasing me. They looked kinda scary, and it took a while for me to get used to them, but once I wasn't scared of them, they would vanish, and reappear at their own will. I eventually got scared because I was all alone, and for all I knew, these entities were 100% real, and I didn't like their presence very much. They reminded me of DMT entities, but less defined and less extreme, and also less welcoming. Their eyes were red which also scared me a little bit. I am interested to hear Terrance McKennas theory on these entities. Also if you could recommend some books by him for this subject and also DMT or whatever thanks.
  5. Davidoak

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    Jul 24, 2017
    27 y/o from Leinster, Ireland
    I experience entities at 2grams. Very alien creatures. Some are so big they become reptilian landscapes.

    Has anyone else seen the many eyed being that surrounds all vision?
  6. ladywolf2012

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    Oct 28, 2012
    69 y/o from Foothills of Arizona
    I don't know the names of Terence McKenna's best books,but he is all over Youtube, with some brilliant speeches. That's a good place to start...

    I agree that he is a genius!
  7. detoxin momma

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    Jan 10, 2014
    from Mid-West USA
    first hand exprience is the best teacher in my opinion. you can read all the books available about spirituality, and none of them will prepare you for when, if an encounter actually happens.

    i dont know if i would consider my experiences "entities", but i definitely do get into some very informative, very enlightning conversations, with, someone, my own psyche possibly, when im under the influence of psychedelics.Which have been very few and far between.

    I believe its all about being completely relaxed, completely comfortable with your surroundings, as in, what you may delve into in your mind. no telling where your imagination and ego may take you, so, you just have to keep in mind, its your body, its your mind, its your experience.

    If you do feel like you are expereincing/encountering an entity, stay in control over emotions that may start to arise.
    you can only get as scared and anxious as you let yourself. same for the positive sides, dont be afraid to ask questions.

    maybe try focusing on meditation. perfect your mudra /pose.
    study up a little bit on accessing your crown chakra, located at the top of the head. This is considered to be the highest spiritual center for state of pure consciousness. It is also said that we can access/communicate with Gods threw meditation, especially with practice.

    so, if you are determined, this would be my advice, and would help weed out anything negative that may arise while you are under the influence already, and possibly prevent a bad trip. Take a few days of practice meditation, a week or 2 maybe even, be sure you have made a peaceful path in a way, knocked out some fear, some pains, and anxietys. anything that may interfere with having a good "encounter"...

    rather it is entites encountered on these experiences, or just our own subconscious, carrying around negative emotions within ourselves can do alot of damage even without drugs, this is why i suggest meditation as a precursor. I plan to take some LSD this weekend, its been 17 years for me, so best believe, i will be meditating all week to ensure no negative emotions interfere.

    Good Luck!
  8. jezpee

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    Aug 21, 2017
    28 y/o from Finland
    Ok this story is fucked up and i mean Really facked ap, but i have encountered entities and it was as clear as it could be. So few years ago i was on a binge did alot of alcohol speed extacy and benzos without sleeping i think 3 or 4 days, so i was really facked up to start with. I remember that i had somehow dragged myself home to get some sleep, but too much speed and other shit kept me up and i was in really bad shape. I was literally sitting in middle of living room with puke bucket when i remembered i had mushrooms maybe these can help my pain. so i ate some unknown amount and immediately puked them out. So i tried again and just chewed unknown amount of mushrooms and kept them in my mouth for like 30minutes??? i really have no clue. I remember seeing small visuals eyes open but wasnt really tripping, or i cant remember if i was. Anyways when i closed my eyes i could see my room same way as eyes open but it was full of poeple and when i opened my eyes they were gone but everything else looked same. So when i was leaning in on this bucket and sitting on floor with eyes closed i could see a woman sitting next to me, it felt like she was watching over me that nothing bad happens. She was covered in mold, or i dont think thats the right word, ummm.. she looked like a woman who was growing in tree trunk. Some forest shaman with grey hair and she had cane. And she just sit there silently next to me and everytime i opened my eyes she was gone. I had a deep feeling that everything was gonna be okay and she would protect me. Maybe it was some brain survival mechanism from keeping me from not slipping to psychosis, i dont know. Now that i think of it i could see her just as clearly as i would see any other people sober on the street. So this wasnt some mushy not clear encounter. She was crystal clear. Mushrooms also helped alot on my pain like after they started working i didnt feel like puking but couldnt stand up and felt overall much beter. I fell to sleep at some time no clue when i think i woke up from my bed could have been on the floor too no clue. Man now that im remembering it again it feels so real. There is some greater power, Mother Earth watching over us all. Mushrooms are magical.
  9. Guru Ganjman

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    Apr 26, 2018
    25 y/o from Arizona
    I saw my dog's previous life. She was laying on the floor, I was about an hour and a half into a 5.5g dried. Straight up deathcap looking shroomies (absolutely black with the psilocyn) -- as she was laying there, in my corner vision, I saw a human standing where she was laying. It was a large woman, wearing black and she had tatted sleeves on both arms. She was standing there with her arms crossed, I couldn't see her face all too well, since I wasn't looking directly at her, but I could tell she was smiling.
    That was my experience with Shroom entities.

    Now, as far as it goes, OEV wise; I saw demented visuals morphing from my walls while on a 1000ug crystalline LSD spirit journey... saw a faceless creature morph from my walls in the dark hallways of my house at around 3AM (bout an hour into the trip, was peaking retarded hard; everything became a Norse Tragedy Play, and I was experiencing the birth of the Norse Pantheon) -- That was my only encounter with OEV beings on Acid.

    [This all happened with my eyes closed] I literally saw Odin, my ancestors and we were at a table in a long house; weird geometrical matrix were in the distant view, causing the distance to look distorted; but my immediate close to be like 4K Resolution.
    I was sitting in a longhouse, to which I later learned was my actual Valhalla, my ancestors were all around me; Some looked vastly more familiar than others, and like with the LSD story above, some of their faces were distorted to where I couldn't see clearly.
    The table I was sitting at, literally stretched to infinity..... but I could see the end of it. There was a large old man, wearing ragged travelers clothes, and a brimmed hat (kind of like Gandalf's) -- He raised a REALLY big drinking horn to me, then proceeded to walk to me... when he got to me, I was an old man; withered and frail, awaiting anxiously for him to finally arrive. He bent over to me (He was easily 9 feet tall) and spoke to me in what I imagine to be like Old Norse or whatnot... but here's the kicker. I had a flashback dream 2 weeks later of that exact trip, but this time; he spoke to me in ENGLISH, and I shit you not this is what he told me.

    "Live not to live, but to learn. Learn to evolve. Evolve to Transcend. Transcend to become whole. Become whole to Live." -- Alfadr Odin to me in the Dream.