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Experiences - " Escaline " 3,5-DIMETHOXY-4-ETHOXYPHENETHYLAMINE Experience Reports

Discussion in 'Phenethylamines' started by Terrapinzflyer, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Terrapinzflyer

    Terrapinzflyer MDMA, RC & News Forums

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    May 10, 2009
    Please add your experiences with 3,5-DIMETHOXY-4-ETHOXYPHENETHYLAMINE ( Escaline ) here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    Originally Posted by EXAMPLE
    Dosage: 15 mg
    Route: Orally
    Duration: 6 hours
    Info about this drug (other than experiences) should be discussed HERE
    When posting a experience, please describe:
    • body weight & gender
    • dose taken
    • route of administration
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken.
    • duration of main effects
    • main effects
    • side effects
    • after effects
    • rating of the experience
    • any other valuable information

    terrapinzflyer added 28 Minutes and 30 Seconds later...

    Turtle recently realized there does not seem to be any experience reports here for Escaline. So here is a poor one...

    this took place in 1992 or 1993, possibly as late as 1994 .

    The setting was a holiday gathering in the fall of 93 at a friends farm. Probably 25-30 people present (all veterans of Grateful Dead tour, and probably a group of 10-12 aardvarks, turtles, and monkeys that partook in these festivities.

    Turtle is male, was 23 +/- 1 yr at the time, and was 6'2 160#.
    Turtle had spent the past 2 or 3 days driving from N CA To WA state, so a little tired from travelling. Turtle had not partaken in anything stronger then weed in several weeks.

    The non-food buffet conssited of Psiloycbe Cyanesens, both as tea and candies, a jar of very high quality raw LSD, 2c-b, dmt, and escaline. The last 3 were straight from the sorcerers apprentice himself, the 2-cb and escaline from his personal stash.
    High quality weed was smoked throughout...

    Turtle partook of only escaline on this first night (new substance to him), though he handled all the substances extensively (and was the one operating the scale)

    It should be mentioned that this was the hydrochloride salt version exactly per shulgins synth.

    Turtle does not remember the precise dosage he took, but is reasonably certain it was 100mg - being told by the sorcerers apprentice that "the theoretical dosage was 50 mg +, so double it. " The sorcerer knew turtle was a labrat to test the extremes of new substances... . It was taken orally- wrapped in a cigarette paper.

    Turtle remembers a beautiful high, that fit well with the insanity around him. He did, during the peak, need to go wander around the cedar trees and talk with the goats for a bit. But this was nothing unusual among this group. Turtle was definitely high enough that those who did not partake new he and the others were in their own world. Dealing with the normal world definitely presented its challenges during the early parts of the trip.

    Turtle does not remember any intense visuals, though there were certainly very enjoyable visuals/ hallucinations.

    A very warm and peaceful trip in many many regards, especially the latter portions. The oneness with both the world and his friends was most enjoyable. The come downs was possibly one of the best ever, great emotion and great communication. Very much a productive thinking drug with visuals that were both subtle and intense, seeing things in a new and deeper way.

    Turtle remembers a present but nut not overpowering body load- mainly some muscle stiffness, especially in the jaw and calfs. He does not remember any nausea.
    Turtle remembers feeling spent the following day, but having been up for over 24 hrs and tripping for 12+ certainly had a role in this. No side effects unexpected from a night of tripping/smoking.

    Turtle had only this one experience with this substance, it was never among the substances labratted when he was around for the tests, and only a few others from the group that he knows of ever got to experience it.

    Turtles feels that this could be a very good drug for self introspection, and for use with couples or groups. It allowed turtle to see dynamics of the group in ways he did not normally, and allowed honest communication without any ..."attitude" for lack of a better word at the moment.

    Sadly turtle has never heard of this substance making it into rc circles- he would certainly try it again.

    As a final note- the other substances/energies swirling around that night may have certainly colored turtles perceptions, though he discussed the trip at the time with a couple others from the extended circle that had experienced it, and things seemed about right.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
  2. Rude Boy

    Rude Boy Newbie

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    Dec 27, 2012
    Bumping to see if anybody else has experiences to report here for this very unheard of compound. I will provide a couple reports of my own shortly.
  3. Rude Boy

    Rude Boy Newbie

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    Dec 27, 2012
    In response to the comment on my post, I suppose I will bump it with a report!

    30mg taken orally. Almost no effects. Color saturation and visual "intensity" was present. Along with a better appreciation for music. Weed intensified all of these, especially the color saturation. Eating was rather weird on escaline. It was like you could feel your teeth separating your food. Weird stuff.

    I would write more but I'm not the best report writer and I didn't find the experience all too interesting to begin with. I will write future reports on higher dosages here and in more detail than this one.

    Rude Boy added 1 Minutes and 25 Seconds later...

    As for the timeline on escaline, I think the less you take the sooner you peak and the less it will last. It seemed to peak around 3 hours and was almost gone by 5 or 6 hours.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  4. Stephenwolf

    Stephenwolf Silver Member

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    Nov 24, 2005
    Dosage: 100mg Cap
    Route: Orally
    Duration: more than 10 hours
    150lb Male
    Taken before going to some hippy drum circle thing with friends of friends.
    About an hour to come up, by the second hour was in full effect. Was still going (though very mild) by the time I went to bed 10 hours later.
    Main Effects: Increased logical thought. Empathy (not as an empathogen tends to be, just cared about how my actions affected others.) Incredibly strong visuals. Patterning that warps and twists, a somehow electric seeming edge on everything. Lights. That kind of thing. Visual effect strong enough to be tiring for the eyes when looking at fine detail up close--Untying a knot would be damn near impossible. Mentally very sober. Towards tail end visuals decrease significantly, though are still there.
    Incredible nausea during the come up. Shakiness. Felt "toxic" until it hit proper.
    Fine the next day.
    Excellent experience, Plan on doing so again.

    Previous experience with both 50 and 75 mg. 50 was almost completely non-visual, fun, lighthearted. Would take that much in public for sure. 75 slightly more visual, but nothing significant. Mental state the same throughout all three. With how mild 50 and 75 were visually, was blown away by how potent 100mg was.
  5. Rude Boy

    Rude Boy Newbie

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    Dec 27, 2012
    Interesting. I took 150mg and found it to have very mild visuals. Things warped and twisted and bled but there was no patterning and what there was, was far from intense. I agree with what you said on the logical thought aspect. It makes you think very logically.