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Experiences - Ethcathinone Experience Reports

Discussion in 'Beta-Ketones' started by Terrapinzflyer, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Terrapinzflyer

    Terrapinzflyer MDMA, RC & News Forums Platinum Member & Advisor

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    May 10, 2009
    from U.S.A.
    Ethcathinone, also known as ethylpropion trip reports

    Please add your experiences with Ethcathinone here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    Info about this drug (other than experiences) should be discussed here: Ethcathinone Drug info

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  2. snapper

    snapper Gold Member

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    Sep 30, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Dose of ethcathinone 50 mg, 100mg, 200mg
    Administration oral / insufflation
    male 80 kg

    50mg oral : Some clean peripheral stimulation that reminds SWIM a bit of geranamine without the peripheral bodyload. Onset relatively rapid, with peak effects at 1 hr and duration of about 3-4 hours. No rush or euphoria associated with this dose though I am productive on this versus MDPV or beta-ketones, both of which leave SWIM lazy and unmotivated in spite of the stimulation.
    100mg oral - More peripheral stimulation, slight hand tremor, dry mouth, jumpy. I find this dose not much better than the 50 mg dose in terms of favorable effects, but more has more bodyload. Slight euphoric effect is mild and of short (30min) duration. Effect lasted about 4 hrs.
    50mg insufflated - Onset about 15 minutes, mild rush effect though euphoria minimal, same peripheral effects as 50 mg oral and duration about the same - 3 hrs.
    100mg insufflated - Similar to oral but onset more rapid. Drip not too unpleasant (has a citrus taste) and minimal burning of the nasal passages.
    approximately 200 mg oral - WAAY TOO MUCH. I felt peripherally very overstimulated with a rapid heartbeat, numbness of fingertips, lips and face, loss of sense of taste, tremors, sweating, feeling ice coldand moderate nausea. The ceiling dose for pleasurable effects is probably in the 100 mg range for SWIM, and this is clearly not a substance to binge on.
    Comedown minimal even with 200mg OD. Has a long afterglow for such a short acting substance, with a feeling of well-being spreading into the next day.
    Overall better as an adjunct to a more dopamine-oriented stimulant than on its own. Alone good for stimulation used to motivate for cleaning, work or other tedious tasks.
    I plan on some combinations in the future and will add more reports later.
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  3. Snouter Fancier

    Snouter Fancier Gold Member

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    Jan 14, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    Snapper, you's experience sounds a good bit like SWIM's experience with methcathinone: not much euphoria, increased ability to focus, several hours duration, prolonged mild positive effects, and no crash to speak of. Has You tried methcathinone? Can You compare the experiences?
  4. snapper

    snapper Gold Member

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    Sep 30, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Never tried methcathinone but I have heard that ethcathinone is methcathinone light.
    I have since experimented with lower dosage trials ranging from 30-100 mg. Ethcathinone is a really useful stimulant in that it does not suppress appetite very much, is motivating for SWIM, does not cause any loss of mental clarity, does not lead to compulsive use, and has few peripheral side effects. The down side is a long duration of wakefulness, absolutely no euphoric rush and elevation of blood pressure more than the dopamine-oriented stimulants (note these are all second hand subjective observations). SWIM actually likes this stuff very much as a utilitarian substance for getting things done, staying awake or motivation and is probably one of the best things to come out of research chemistry in a long time. SWIM of course is coming from a very non-hedonistic place when SWIM states this.
    I am surprised there are not more reports on this substance so far. Guess most people take the lack of a significant high as a bid downside. I feel that there are already plenty of betaketones and amphetamines.
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  5. Drats

    Drats Gold Member

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    May 12, 2009
    from afghanistan
    SWIM now also recieved 2 grams of Ethcathinone, it was a pure white, extremly fine grained substance. I tested it with 2 friends and decided to insufflate the substance.

    Gender: Male
    Weight: 90 KG
    Age: 26

    T 0:00 SWIM insufflating a line of 100 mg ethcathinone, burns a bit in the nose, but not as bad as amphetamine or methamphetamine.
    T 0:05 Is there already an effect? I don´t know, maybe it´s placebo, but he feels a bit uplifted.
    T 0.15 The drug clearly hit his head now, he feels stimulated, but in a very unnatural way. The "energy" in the body don´t feels like after a long and good sleep period. No it´s strange and hard to explain, but it feels good. I feel euphoric and music sounds more intense, especially techno music with long phases of repeating beats.
    T 0:30 I am still in that feeling, it´s good, but somehow disappointing, cause the effects didn´t seem to get stronger anymore. I takes another 100 mg through insufflation.
    T 0:45 Wow now I have a waving body feeling, good euphoria, he feels "chemical" stimulated, blurred vision and blue shades at all objects in sight. Weird thing is, he is stimulated, but through the kind of stimulation he wouldn´t be able to do anything intelligent. Nor he has the real need to move.
    T 1:00 Feels like the first line also still grows some effects, but very pleasent, SWIM increases with another 100 mg.
    T 1:30 I am now walking outside with his friends, all three extremly high. The stuff feels trippy, also visual changes start to appear stronger, extremly blurred vision with blue shades on everything. Moving people and cars seem to leave neon blue traces behind them, those visuals also appeared on several other amphetamines and ß-phenethylamines.
    T 2:00 Still walking, but no idea where they are walking to, somehow the body is stimulated but the mind is busy. They laughed a lot, always wathing the other 2 when their mind slipped away, sometimes I thought it looked like a dried up earthworm. If the mind slipped away the person was just sitting there, staring holes into the air, with a strange body posture.
    T 2:30 back home from outside, still with the same friends, one of them started to talk like a waterfall, impessive how annoying that is.
    T 3:00 The one still talking, the other one seemed also annoyed and made some more lines, everyone sniffed another 100 mg.
    T 4:00 The effects now reached another level, everyone is busy with himself, lost in thoughts. No need to move, just sitting there with a nice euphoria, listening to trance music.
    T 7:00 What did happened? Thy where just sitting there and the times passes, where are those 3 hours? The body and head feeling is still the same, but SWIM can now return back to reality with his mind, so at least he is able again to focus on the world around him. Overall I would rate this as a mixture from amphetamine and methamphetamine, but somehow more confusing to the head.
    T 8:00 OMFG the one guy is talking again, SWIM sniffes another 100 mg and decides to leave the place. It was now dark outside and a bit cooler, it felt fantastic. SWIM walked around, the fresh air felt very pleasent on the skin, the blurred vision and the blue shades are getting more pronounced. I feel like in a lucid wake dream. SWIM decides to keep moving for a while, he realizes that he walks very fast, but thinks he is slow.
    T 12:00 After 4 hours walking around, he finally went home. He got the feeling the effects slowly start to loose in strength. It is still nearly impossible to watch TV or something like that, the mind is always slipping away.
    T 14:00 The effects wear off, but extremly slow, SWIM decides to take 40 mg Dikaliumclorazepat (tranxilium). Somehow he had the feeling to walk again, so he went out for a walk...again. But this time he just wants to walk before the tranxilium hits in, cause with only the ethcathinone in the head, he doesn´t know what to do at home.
    T 15:00 Home again, the stuff is working. But the stimulation is still very massive and sleep would be impossible. The tranxilium took the body stimulation, also the mind remains in place. I feel uplifted in a positive way now, but he also realizes he was heavy sweating the whole time... oh my god he is even stinking! Very strange and chemical.
    T 15:10 Under the shower SWIM always has the feeling that he could collapse every second, warm water doesn´t seem to be a good idea.
    T 16:00 SWIM finally made it out the bathroom, he still often slipped away mentally, so he stood around in the bath without moving for a few minutes before doing something again. Slowly the effects start to get a bit stressy, SWIM smokes a bowl of cannabinoids (CP 47,497 20 mg).
    T 16:05 Wow that was a wonder, feels like the touch of an angel, combined with the tranxilium it finally seems like to defeat the effects from ethcathinone. I feel tired now, his body feels out of energy, but in a good way like after a long sports day. He went to bed and instantly slipped into his dreams.
    T 20:00 BANG! He just woke up, after 3-4 hours of sleep, he is not even a little bit tired anymore. He is incredible awake, but the other visual and body effects are gone. He tried to sleep again, but that was impossible. SWIM also realized he has no appetite and had nothing eaten for 2 days now.
    T 22:00 He is working, feels normal, not tired, not unpleasent after effects... of course I know those are just the rests of the effect, the crushing will come.
    T 24:00 SWIM finished a part of his work and getting a bit tired again, seems like the rest of the effects start to fade away. He still feels normal, able to do anything he wants. After finishing his work he decides to play some video games.
    T 28:00 Ok there was much more left of the effect than he thought. He drifted very deep into the game during play, not even realizing the surrounding anymore. He was extremly focused and forgot about time, drinking water, going to the toilet or else. He felt extremly dried out. But now he also felt mentally very weak, that "intense gaming" sucked up all resources which had been left. He smokes another bowl cannabinoids and finally gets hungry. He just ate a few bits of bread and was instantly full. After that he went to bed again and slept for 10 hours.

    The next morning wasn´t very good for SWIM he felt weak the whole day. But through eating, relaxing and drinking a lot of water, everything was ok again a day later.

    All in all I would say that ethcathinone can be a very powerful stimulant, also through increasing the dosage, the duration increases as well. After effects can be long, he also tried the stuff in single dosages a few times, there he just insufflated 80-120 mg, there the main effects lasted for 4-5 hours, but after effects can be felt for additional 6-7 hours. Another important thing is to keep in mind how slow and creepy the effects hit in, regular insufflated substances start to work very quickly, but for ethcathinone someone should wait 1-1,5 hours before insufflating more. I would never use the substance if he wouldn´t have any benzodiazepines or alikes around. If the effects are too long they can get a bit stressy and such substances help on that issue.
    The effects had been very psychoactive, so it is advised to drink a lot of water, even if someone doesn´t feel thursty.

    The overall effects could be rated somewhere between amphetamine and methamphetamine, but compared to them it doesn´t seem to accelerate the heart rate that much. On amphetamines SWIM always felt a limit, when his heart started to beat fast. He knew than he had enough, but on ethcathinone he wasn´t able to feel this kind of heartrate acceleration.

    In small dosages it is perfect to finish things, no matter if mentally or physically. But it is easy to miss the point and get too much, which will diminish the ability for creative work. If someone wants to work with his mind, he should start with 10-20 mg insufflated, he will realize it is enough to keep him focused for another 3-5 hours, without having long after effects.
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  6. Snouter Fancier

    Snouter Fancier Gold Member

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    Jan 14, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    This experience was a few months ago. I'm clearing out my rhinograde's experience reports.

    Subject was a 75 kg male rhinograde, age 58.
    Height: when standing on its nose (see user pic), the rhinograde is 178 cm, or 5' 10".
    Drug used at home, alone.
    Rhinograde's prior drug experiences: tobacco, caffeine, alcohol; a surprisingly wide array of psychoactive drugs over a lifetime, some prescribed, some obtained, some synthesized, some grown. None taken for more than a few doses, except for caffeine (daily), alcohol (rarely), tobacco and marijuana (neither since the 1970s). In the past few months the rhinograde has sampled mephedrone, methylone, dimethocaine, MDPV, ethcathinone, 3-FMC, 4-FMC, naphyrone, NOS, jwh-018, jwh-073, dmaa, kratom, phenazepam, phenprobamate. The rhinograde's daily medications at the time of this experience were a multivitamin/mineral tab and 2 g Omega-3 fish oil.

    One caveat: The blood pressure cuff readings given are probably wrong, on the high side. I'm unable to guess how much. Cuff values are reported as they were taken, but later values from this same cuff seemed to be a much as 20-30 mmHg too high in the systolic value, when compared to values taken on the rhinograde with a professional-grade automated BP cuff at a local veterinary hospital. 'Irregularity detected' is a reading from the BP cuff. I regularly check the rhinograde's pulse manually, but rarely catch any 'irregularities'. I think the cuff overcalls this a good bit.

    This was the middle day of a 3 day binge, during which the rhinograde smoked about a gram of ethcathinone. The previous day the rhinograde used the drug for 24 hours straight. He had never done that before, and probably won't do it again.

    Drug is fine white powder with slight tendency to clump. When smoked off foil, it initially melts into a transparent puddle of liquid, gradually becoming amber as it it consumed, and ultimately volatilizing almost completely, leaving only a transparent gray stain on the foil.

    t=0.00 Beginning tonight's ethcathinone experience with a sense of dreariness. The rhinograde wonders, "Why am I doing this? Because everything else is too difficult, I am afraid of failure, and tired of unhappiness." 1st dose, 20 mg, smoked off foil. Watching anime. In addition to his usual fish oil, he took Ca/Mg supplement.

    t+0:24 1st dose finished. Shulgin +.

    t+0:30 Starting 2nd dose, 20 mg. Also making a cup of coffee.

    t+0:51 Finished 2nd dose. The rhinograde feels okay, but isn't not enjoying this very much. But what else do he do? He can't think of anything else that would make him happy. And that's the problem, isn't it?

    t+0:55 BP 148/91, HR 98, regular. Modestly elevated. Not much drug or metabolite in system yet.

    t+0:59 Starting 3rd dose, 20 mg. Watching anime.

    t+1:13 Shulgin ++. Rhinograde has the sensation of being 'high', a little off, but no euphoria or dysphoria. Perhaps emotionally blunted.

    t+1:16 Finished 3rd dose.

    t+1:21 The world seems so full of things we are obliged to do, and so impoverished of things we like to do.

    t+1:30 BP 145/88, HR 101, irregularity detected.

    t+1:34 Starting 4th dose, 20 mg.

    t+1:46 Finished 4th dose. The rhinograde smoked this one a little more quickly. He had some lightheadedness and perhaps a bit of euphoria near the end, but no anxiety.

    t+1:53 BP 155/91, HR 106, regular. Lightheadedness and mild euphoria lasted less than a minute, and have resolved. Dry mouth. Taking fluids.

    t+2:01 BP 154/86, HR 98, regular.

    t+2:04 Starting 5th dose, 20 mg.

    t+2:12 A little anxiety and dysphoria creeping in from the edges. No more smoking for a bit.

    t+2:24 BP 153/86, HR 96, regular. The rhinograde stops watching anime for a while, and switching to studying [job-related materials].

    t+2:39 Coming back to baseline, no anxiety/dysphoria. Starting on 5th dose again.

    t+2:51 Finished 5th dose.

    t+3:09 Studying. Ethcathinone does NOT seem to improve the rhinograde's ability to focus. He is able to study, but distractions creep in: the need to pick up a piece of fluff on the floor; noting his fraying shorts, he feels the need to find and check his L.L. Bean order list to make new shorts are on it. Did he scoop the cat box today? Oh, let's check.

    t+3:51 Starting 6th dose, 20 mg.

    t+4:15 Finished 6th dose. Still studying. Making fair progress. Studying seems to work better after initial rush of drug, such as it is, has abated.

    t+5:02 Finished studying for now. Went fairly well, better than expected. The rhinograde expected to be all fussy and resist doing it, but found that despite distractions noted above, he was able to stick to what he wanted to do. [On reviewing the following day what the rhinograde studied (while doing the post-test), the rhinograde realized that although he did a good job of understanding the details of the material, he missed the big picture of how it was organized, which might have made it easier for him to understand it. Is this a drug effect? Does ethcathinone focus the user on details, at the cost of missing a broader view?] Now, back to anime. 7th dose of ethcathinone, 20 mg, started.

    t+5:13 7th dose finished. Went pretty quickly.

    t+5:19 The rhinograde doesn't feel he had much effect from 7th dose. Starting 8th dose, 20 mg.

    t+5:38 BP 138/88, HR 89, regular.

    t+5:44 Finished 8th dose.

    t+5:57 Starting 9th dose, 20 mg.

    t+6:17 BP 156/94, HR 91, regular. Still watching anime, Ghost Hound. Good show in many respects, but flawed.

    t+6:20 Finished 9th dose. Preparing light meal of spaghetti. Making coffee. Shulgin +. Slightly high, mood comfortable, no euphoria/dysphoria/anxiety.

    t+6:32 Starting 10th dose, 20 mg.

    t+6:54 9th dose finished. Spaghetti consumed. At this point the rhinograde has decided that although this hasn't been a negative experience, it hasn't been a positive one either. He doesn't think he can push the dosage up, looking for greater euphoria without getting into trouble with anxiety/panic and sympathomimetic overload. [Note that despite saying this, he still did exactly that, later. *facepalm*]He thinks that ethcathinone isn't a very good recreational drug, at least not alone. He's thinking about a non-drug-related project he's had on the backburner for a while, and how to get on with it.

    t+7:06 BP 149/88, HR 103, regular. Slightly higher heart rate may be due to coffee the rhinograde just finished lapping up. And, again, the rhinograde is feeling rather chipper, making plans for the near future. He's on the downslope of the last dose.

    t+7:12 Starting 11th dose, 20 mg.

    t+7:34 A little lightheaded and dysphoric. Stopping smoking the dose for now.

    t+7:43 BP 153/94, HR 98, regular. Feeling better. Resuming dose 11. Rhinograde sighs deeply. Smoking just a little faster than usual puts him at the edge of danger. Not as bad as MDPV, but that experience left him gun-shy.

    t+7:46 Finished dose 11. Incidentally, the rhinograde tells me he has started a journal. Filename: selfhelp.txt. He is determined to fix what is wrong with him, and to write down his thoughts and plans and outcomes. He feels there's a lot wrong with him. He thinks it may be fixable. I am neutral on this, but I will still encourage him, and drop him what hints I can about his fixable flaws, if he will accept them.

    t+7:54 BP 155/98, HR 87, regular. Still slightly anxious and dysphoric. Will wait a bit before starting next dose.

    t+8:05 BP 150/92, HR 87, regular.

    t+8:12 Starting 12th dose, 20 mg. This is intended to be the last dose of the session, if the rhinograde expects to get to sleep at his usual bedtime.

    t+10:16 Aaaand, having said, that, the rhinograde added additional doses amounting to 15 mg.

    t+10:20 BP 153/94, HR 93, regular.

    t+10:47 Crap. Now the stupid rhinograde is having increasing anxiety, diastolic pressures in 130 range, abdominal cramps. Fearful memories of the rhinograde's last disastrous MDPV experience. The rhinograde believes this is most likely another anxiety attack related to sympathetic overload, and will try to stay calm and wait it out.

    t+10:59 BP 166/100, HR 93 and regular. Feeling less anxious. Maybe part of the problem was that the rhinograde smoked the last bit of ethcathinone pretty quickly. He didn't think he was having problems during the event, but maybe it was enough, with ethcathinone metabolites already on board, to tip him over into panic.

    t+11:11 Rhinograde is feeling better.

    t+11:15 BP 148/87, HR 93, regular. So, it's resolving.

    t+11:54 BP 142/86, HR 87, regular.

    t+15:19 Rhinograde feels pretty much back to normal. To bed.

    t+22:03 BP 138/85, HR 73, regular. Got to sleep easily, slept somewhat restlessly. Feel back to normal. Experience concludes.

    Total dose over session: 255 mg.

    General thoughts about ethcathinone:

    On initial dose, a lessening of anxiety, a very mild feeling of 'everything's all right', without marked euphoria. No entactogenesis. No aphrodisiacal effects, although sexual is normal. Minimal tremor, much less than MDPV. Annoying tendency to tooth-grinding. No difficulty with urination. No psychedelic effects. No general sense of physical/somatic comfort, which the rhinograde gets from many CNS stimulants. Higher doses cause anxiety, but less than MDPV. Fewer sympathomimetic effects than MDPV, but more than 3-FMC. No obvious peripheral vasoconstriction. Sympathomimetic effects occur immediately, not delayed. At higher doses, the cognition feels a little fuzzy, although less so than with 3-FMC or flephadrone. The rhinograde has chronic mild to moderate tinnitus (ringing in the ears). CNS stimulants usually improve this. Ethcathinone had no effect on it. Potential for addiction and abuse: moderate.

    The rhinograde's mood varied considerably and unpredictably. Nothing extreme, but he had moments of happiness and optimism, moods of self-loathing and despair, and a lot in between. He's not sure what triggers this. He's not normally a rhinograde of rapid or extreme mood swings. Perhaps random normal mood variations are amplified by the drug? The rhinograde has noticed that periods of cheerfulness and optimism seem to come on the downslope of a dose, after the initial sensations have resolved. Another case of 'less is more'? But smaller doses of the drug don't produce the same effect. It's not clear to the rhinograde what's going on.

    The rhinograde writes less while using ethcathinone, than when using MDPV. MDPV make him ramble on at length. As you can tell from the report above, ethcathinone results in brief notes, with an almost OCD or stereotypy quality to to them.

    Ethcathinone reduces hunger, but food need not be skipped. If the drug is taken for a number of hours, it's probably wise to eat light meals during that time. Food does not become distasteful or nauseating, as it does with some amphetamine-like stimulants.

    The rhinograde enjoys anime, but there is much more bad anime than good (as with everything, I suppose: see Sturgeon's Law). He hopes each new drug he tries will make mediocre anime seem better than it is. So far, he has had zero success with this plan.

    During subsequent ethcathinone use, the rhinograde tried adding NOS. His previous minimal experience with NOS was bleh: he found NOS intense but neither pleasurable nor dysphoric. The first time he combined NOS with ethcathinone he found it frightening. But he survived the experience, and the the next time he found the combination mildly to moderately euphoric. For about sixty seconds. That's the problem with NOS, isn't it? The rhinograde will continue to research NOS + [RandomRC], but when his supply of Whip-its, runs out he'll probably not buy more.

    When smoked off foil, the rhinograde estimates that ethcathinone's potency per milligram, both in psychological and cardiovascular effects, is roughly twice that of 3-FMC, and one-tenth that of MDPV.

    The rhinograde finds that smoked ethcathinone is a sort of blunted version of MDPV: even less euphoria, less anxiety, less sympathetic drive (e.g., less hypertension, tachycardia, sweating, tremor, anxiety/panic, gastrointestinal symptoms).

    Comedown was mild and tolerable.

    The rhinograde is not sure this is a useful recreational drug at all, because of the minimal euphoria. It has a calming and focusing effect if not pushed too hard. Distractions and trivial anxieties recede. But if this effect is wanted, oral dosing might be better, and is certainly more convenient. It might be an interesting social drug, and group smoking might be an interesting experience, with potential for group bonding, in the manner of marijuana smoking. However, the rhinograde is rather a solitary beast, and must defer to others to continue research in this area.

    This is really a 'less is more' drug. The rhinograde was least happy when he was trying to use it for euphoria, but when he let the effects subside, as when he was studying, he felt, if not euphoric, at least content and optimistic.

    Both during the experience described here, and the following day's experience with the same drug, the rhinograde decided he wanted to revamp his life, fix the broken parts, and get on with stalled projects. Ethcathinone is also helpful for this sort of thing because it provides energy, wakefulness, and focus. After the 3-day ethcathinone smoking binge described here, he decided to re-start a project that he hadn't worked on for six months. Rather to my surprise, his resolve didn't flag, and he has been working steadily, and with increasing efficiency(!), on that project since. Some other minor life dysfunctions have improved. This feels something like what Benga has described as an effect of methylone. Ethcathinone is a rather different drug than methylone, with minimal euphoria, and no entactogenesis. Still, it's an interesting anecdote. Also interesting, the effect of increased energy, focus and optimism seems to last into the next day, after the more obvious effects of the drug are gone.

    [Final note: A month after the above experience, after having continued to use several stimulant drugs on an occasional basis, the rhinograde found he was unable to use any amphetamine-like/catecholamine-type stimulant, even in very small doses, without precipitating an anxiety/sympathomimetic crisis. This disturbing and unnerving experience will be described in a later post. He doesn't know what role, if any, ethcathinone may have had in causing this condition. However, he has ceased his use of all catacholamine-like stimulants, including ethcathinone, probably for the next several months.]

    Executive summary: I believe this drug is more useful than recreational. It enhances focus and concentration, and has had some surprisingly favorable long-term effects on the rhinograde's behavior. However, it must not be pushed too hard, in search of a euphoria which it cannot provide.

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  7. darkbreed

    darkbreed Newbie

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    May 4, 2008
    37 y/o
    SWIM just received a very nice large sample pack from his trusted and regular vendor whom always supplies the best quality and have a large amount of products. In addition the vendor throws in something extra every time, such as when ordering 10g of a product its often up to 15 when received - NEVER below the ordered amount.

    So I got the sample pack some weeks ago and have been experimenting and "quality checked" most of the different samples. In total it was 8 bags of different products, each containing 6gr sample - very good if you ask SWIM. Close to 50gr in total, few can beat such a good free sample.

    The substances included, in 6gr ziploc bags each, the following:


    So last few weeks SWIM have been experimenting with most of these and found several of them very good some on their own and some in combination with other substances (SWIM also got some Methylone (bk-MDMA), 3,4-DMMC, 5-MEO-DMT, 2c-c, jwh-122, Flephedrone and MDPV from an order just before the new sample pack arrived)

    So since this one is about ethcathinone I will share his experiences with this one:

    He finds it to be quite a good and clean stimulant, mostly clear minded, feeling good and social, inspired to do things and be active, increased creativity and good stimulating energy keeping him awake and fresh.

    For SWIM Ethcathinone is fairly similar to MPA in effects , another one he really likes, and he doses nasally about 100mg.

    No comedown or crash or negative side effects such as common with other popular stimulants.
  8. Marcoflower

    Marcoflower Newbie

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    Nov 8, 2011
    33 y/o from hungary
    does it really feel like methcathinone but much more light?
  9. Cherie

    Cherie Newbie

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    Jun 6, 2011
    from norway
    My cat is gonna try this out today, 130 mg orally. Did 100 yesterday, but then she also did ethylone, methylone and a tiny bit am2201 so she didn't know which gave the rare real feeling of mdma. Maybe they all had an effect. All taken orally.
  10. syntheticdave

    syntheticdave Palladium Member

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    Jan 8, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    Ethcathinone Trip Report

    Drug- Ethcathinone
    Dose- 50mg
    ROA- Insufflation

    About Myself:
    Gender- Male
    Weight- 140lbs
    Height- 5ft 11in

    I received 250mgs of this compound(Ethcathinone) as a sample from a reliable vendor.
    Initial examination of this substance is slightly off white(pretty much white) crystals.
    Crystals were sticky and tended to clump together. 2mgs placed on tongue and swished around
    for allergy test,slight tongue numbness.

    0:00- 50mgs insufflated burn was very minimal compared to other substances.

    0:03- Nose is becoming numb along with throat and mouth.

    0:05- Slight brightening of vision, computer monitor seems much brighter.

    0:10- Great Energy, Music sounds very nice (want to get up and dance) cant stop grooving to the beat.

    0:18- Still great amounts of energy, body feels comfortably warm, very slight elevation in heart rate.

    0:21- Throat numbness has pretty much faded,nose feels cold but no longer numb lots of stimulation
    writing this is a breeze.

    0:25- Very gentle waves of warmth keep creeping over my skin, very pleasurable.

    0:33- Neck,Head,Ears feeling very warm and tingly different effects compared to Methylphenidate or
    amphetamines but still with a general stimulant feeling.

    0:37- Plenty of euphoria, Trying to focus on objects and vision begins to blur.

    0:48- Warmness has faded away, still very focused on whatever post i am reading on DF.

    0:56- Peaking is very hard to distinguish, feels pretty much as it did earlier

    1:12- Everything's starting to ease up all of the euphoria is gone but i am sweaty and still pretty

    1:30 Beginning to come down,turned the fan on and starting to cool down a bit.

    2:15 Back to baseline,considering smoking some AM-2201 to see if any additional effects will be felt.

    Ethcathinone feels like the average Research Chemical stimulant with an enjoyable body warmth. While i noted a tightening feeling within my chest it was nothing to uncomfortable and pretty typical (for me at least).

    I give this compound a 3 out of 5 stars where i wouldn't buy it, I wouldn't mind getting
    it as a free sample again.

  11. justjp

    justjp Newbie

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    Sep 16, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    I have found out something about ethcathinone that may be of interest to some. I accidently "added" some to some a-pvp while it was being vaporized, and not wanting to waste either of them continued on with the ROA mentioned. A different taste and smell in the air was to be expected but I really didn't know what to expect with the experience. what resulted was a much mellower and pleasant "up"high" that wasn't jittery and geeked out feeling. I did not feel a need or a want to redose for quite some time, at least 30 min to an hour, compared to the 15 min at the most with just a-pvp. It almost felt a little like smoking some good sativa, slightly trippy and energetic. My friend tried and she experienced very similar responses. Because it felt very good with the body high and stimulating properties I tried, and tried, to convince her we needed to find out if sex was better on it. She said yes she wanted to too, and quickly put on her jacket and left...
  12. Boltzmann

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    Dec 30, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    This is likely explained by the fact that ethcathinone is essentially an NE releasing agent as itself, while it is a more balanced compound when metabolized into cathinone. In other words, in terms of effects, it could be described thus: equivalent to atomoxetine as administered and was primarily a prodrug for d,l-amphetamine, providing sustained-release stimulation, while remaining oriented towards NE/DA balance and focus.This second kinetic step would also likely manifest as a more pleasant afterglow.

    Very useful report - thank you. I look forward to knowing more.
  13. JTC3889

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    Sep 7, 2007
    from U.S.A.
    Boltzmann, are you saying that atomoxetine is a prodrug to d,l-amphetamine as ethcathinone is a prodrug to cathinone? I'm so confused.
  14. Boltzmann

    Boltzmann Titanium Member

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    Dec 30, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    Ethcathinone. Atomoxetine is a plain NRI, so that ethcathinone, unmetabolized, behaves like atomoxetine does, only being significant as an NRI.The analogy changes, in vivo and in my story, when it is dealkylated on the nitrogen into cathinone. Thanks for asking - I wasn't perfectly precise in my first post.
  15. JTC3889

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    Sep 7, 2007
    from U.S.A.
    There's only one problem with your analogy, and that is that ethcathinone releases norepinephrine and atomoxetine does not.