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Experiences - Ethylphenidate Experiences

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by Synaps, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Synaps

    Synaps Silver Member

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    Jul 27, 2010
    *SWIM did not know where to put this thread. This is a research chemical (or at least sold as it) but it is also an analogue of methylphenidate. If moderator believes this thread will fit better in another forum, please move it for this SWIMmer.

    Dosage: 20mg + 30mg 10 minutes later
    Onset: Slow, 30-45 minutes
    ROA: Insufflated
    Other drugs ingested: Paroxetine 20mg (daily), piracetam/choline 780mg/208mg (morning) and small amount of JWH-018 the preceding night

    SWIM recently acquired 500mg of L-Threo Ethylphenidate (Nopaine) from a research chemical vendor. It is a new product so there is still very little information about it, but after Googling around SWIM found that people had experienced threshold effects at 20mg and uncomfortable effects at 100mg so he chose to try out 50mg, split in two lines and taken at 10 minute interval. There was no initial rush, and when SWIM was about to snort his second line not much had happened aside from a feeling of being more awake (although that may be attributed to the nasal pain and awful drip). But following the second line he started feeling euphoria.

    The onset was very slow. It took a solid 45 minutes from the first line for the effects to peak. Half an hour in SWIM popped 100mg tramadol, but he had recently eaten so he doubts that had anything to do with it. The euphoria is pleasant, very calm. It is closer to a low dose of amphetamine (oral) than a speedy drug like MDPV. SWIM cannot see himself partying with this. It would be a good study aid, but the euphoria might be a little bit too strong.

    SWIM is currently 1 hour and 20 minutes in. He will now play some TF2 (video game). He will come back and edit this post with more info soon. Writing this has so far been very enjoyable, further supporting the hypothesis that this is a drug best suited for studying.

    Edit: It is VERY hard not to continue writing. It distracts SWIM from playing video games, lol.

    Final edit:

    The high is fading, less than 2 hours after it started. It is definitely short-acting. This stimulant made SWIM very calm and concentrated. At this dosage and with this ROA, this is clearly a study aid. It made SWIM apathetic, and TBH, if SWIM were going to have fun he would rather be sober than this. Contrary to many other reports, SWIM can confirm that this drug is active.

    Edit: When the tramadol set in, the high became very pleasurable (and long-lasting). The combo is beautiful.

    SWIM is very interested in reading other experience reports.

    Edit: SWIM reckons intravenous administration of this substance will be much more euphoric, but SWIM has kept away from the needle and does not intend to start now. He will try combining this with kratom when he gets that some time next week.

    Edit: Just to clarify, SWIM reads everywhere that this drug does not work. For him, it certainly does. It is not very stimulating, but the euphoria is present and his face feels hot. But it is nothing compared to real coke, at least not nasal. As SWIM said earlier in the post, he has good hopes for this intravenous, but he cannot try this because he does not use needles. He might try vaporizing it soon though.

    Anyhow, after his latest experiments SWIM can say that masturbation brought him to a glorious orgasm (very little vasoconstriction) and the euphoria is strong. He recommends sampling it.
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  2. davestate

    davestate Gold Member

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    Mar 2, 2008
  3. Sushi

    Sushi Gold Member

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    Jan 25, 2009

    Subject: Alf, male, about 68kg.
    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Substance: ethylphenidate. The powder is pure white, loose, with some little lumps. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Setting: indoors.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Set: rested, a bit down but expecting a good time.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Pre-load: 1.5mg of alprazolam administered SL (Alf's standard anti-anxiety dose) 2 hours earlier.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Alf starts with approximately 80mg divided in two lines at - [/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:00 The first line was ingested IN, followed a few minutes later by the second line. Burning is very nasty but fortunately short-lasting. There is almost no drip and the taste is only mildly bitter. First effects are felt in about 5 minutes and are accompanied by a sudden bout of uncontrollable sneezing. (Alf had to clamp his nose to avoid sneezing the stuff out).[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:00:10 By now the come up is quite intense and even euphoric. (Can the compound has some serotonin receptor affinity too? Just a loose thought.) The overall feeling is very speedy, surprisingly amphetamine-like. Not at all uncomfortable. No bruxism. No heart-pounding. Increased wakefulness, alertness and ability to focus.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:00:25 First wave of stimulation is slightly subsiding but effects are still powerful. No increased music appreciation, in fact anything he tried to play sounded flat and tedious. However, the euphoric need to connect and talk was overwhelming at first. Later on Alf channelled the stimulation into tidying his notes to one unfinished piece of poetry.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:00:50 Drank 1.5ml GBL in caffeinated cola to soften the experience a bit. (Alf habitually does stimulants with GHB/GBL as they go together very well).[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:01:40 Another gamma-drink (1.5ml of GBL). Effects of ethylphenidate start to slacken slightly by now. They are subsiding much faster than those of amphetamine or MDPV. However, even though noticeably reduced, the stimulation is still strong. No real urge to re-dose at this point. Ethylphenidate doesn't seem to be a particularly moreish compound.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:02:20 Nevertheless Alf decides to bump the experience up with approximately 80mg divided in two uneven lines (see the attached photo). Snorting the smaller one results in very unpleasant but short-lasting burning again. No uncontrollable sneezing this time though.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:02:30 The dose brings virtually all effects back. Alf's increased energy is put into dictating this report.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:03:10 Second line, the slightly bigger one, is administered IN. It made him cough when the powder unexpectedly dashed through his nasal cavity and reached the throat. Alf's nose becomes very runny soon after.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:03:20 Another come up but it doesn't add much to what was there already. Looks like the maximum "altitude" has been reached and there is no way to fly any higher. Probably both doses were too spaced out too. Also the stress put on his heart seems more apparent now.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]T:04:00 The come down is gentle, although saddening and unwelcome. There is no need to sleep and appetite is completely suppressed. Sweaty palms. Dosing more didn't do much, only prolonged the experience with additional stimulation. Do some CNS depressant might come in handy to ease the come down and facilitate falling asleep? Absolutely.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Closing remarks:[/FONT]
    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]
    In general, Alf's impression is that ethylphenidate is one promising compound. With no tolerance to stimulants, the dose (estimated, mind you) of 50-75mg insufflated seems just enough for starters.

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Speaking of stimulants, Alf's previous experiences span hectolitres of coffee and other xanthines in the past, amphetamine (almost forgotten history of abuse and addiction more than half decade ago), two dozens of pressed Ecstasy pills, some MDPV, 4-MMC, M1 and fleeting contacts with cocaine, BZP, 4-FMC, buphedrone and alpha-PPP. (Ecstasy and MDPV being his personal favourites). Now he can freely add ethylphenidate to his favourites, rating it higher than amphetamine and maybe a bit higher than MDPV, though the latter is much more dose-effective and longer lasting. It also has some unique allure for some, many creatures however find it boring and/or unpleasant.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Alf did some more ethylphenidate about 24 hours later. Effects were nice but also noticeably weaker. More rest, sleep, food and spacing the dosing seem like a very wise thing to do. However, as tweakers in general are not particularly wise in this respect, they will re-dose with inevitably disappointing results. Chasing the fleeing high is apparently futile in case of ethylphenidate.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]That's all folks. Sorry for the poor quality of photos. Better poor than none though, right?[/FONT]
    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Yours truly -[/FONT]
    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Sush.[/FONT]

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  4. NeuroChi

    NeuroChi is not his mind Staff Member

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Re: Ethylphenidate (NoPaine)

    Drug(s): Ethylphenidate, Alcohol, 4-AcO-DMT
    Dose(s): various
    Route(s): Oral (gelatin capsule), insufflated


    The NDRI Ethylphenidate (no brand name) was explored in various doses in combination with alcohol and 4-AcO-DMT. Other stimulants explored by this creature in various doses includes but is not limited to cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA, 4-MMC, bk-MDMA, MDPV, 2-DPMP, 5-IAI. A brief summary follows.


    With 5mg

    No noticeable effects.


    With 26mg

    10:40am - 26mg consumed in glass of water on empty stomach (last meal consumed 6 hours ago, small amount of JWH-081 vaporized).

    0:05 - Could it be working already? Mood is lifting, he feels good, more positive. Feels like low dose amphetamine.

    0:29 - The effects leveled out quickly, minor anorexia, or just hunger subsiding. Feels slightly better than he did before, but not too much so that is it overly noticeable.

    2:57 - Some lingering effects, though mostly subsided. He found he was more sociable. The effects are somewhat opiate like, kind of like Tramadol but with no nod. The pleasant feeling is similar though.


    With 60mg + Alcohol

    60mg of Ethylphenidate was consumed and then alcohol beverages began to be consumed. The initial effects took place at about 30 minutes, and peaked in ~90. Heart rate was significantly elevated, much more so than MDMA or amphetamine would cause, similar to that of an average dose of MDPV. The euphoria was obscure, not overwhelming per se but caused him to fumble words, had difficulty thinking. About 2 drinks were consumed during this time.

    The effects leveled out with a couple more drinks and another hour of time passing by, he was alert, awake, somewhat more sociable.

    Lasted ~5 hours.


    With 15mg insufflated + 20mg 4-AcO-DMT oral

    The drugs were taken at the same time. The effects of Ethylphenidate came on first, a rush of pleasant euphoria followed by stimulation. The trip began as usual, at around 25 minutes, but was quickly colorized by anxiety. Negative feeling were attached to all thoughts as they entered the forefront of thought. He felt anxiety, worry, and discomfort for another couple hours. Began to ease off as the trip came to a close.


    A general overview:

    Ethylphenidate is an interesting one for the collection, a euphoric stimulant for sure. Unknown at this point how well it might serve as a study said since it is indeed highly dopaminergic and the dose would have to be calculated very carefully. This was his first experience combining it with a psychedelic and the results were not enjoyable, but interesting, when he realized how big of a role anxiety plays in the psychedelic trip. He has combined cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA, bk-MDMA, 4-MMC, all with alcohol before and surprisingly Ethylphenidate did not fair well. However, it is important to note this was just one assay and the results may very well be skewed by the utilization of a different protocol: the stimulant was taken first and then alcohol was consumed. In past assays the stimulant was taken after a few drinks had been consumed. Nonetheless, it wasn't as enjoyable as expected. As always, more research required.
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  5. Lukeoca

    Lukeoca Silver Member

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    Aug 10, 2008
    Be careful with Ethylphenidate (or MPH & Alcohol) - This is a highly addictive combination, likely due to the synergistic effect.

    SWIM has become very attracted to alcohol since trying this combo. As with any individual drug, this combination wears itself out, and you are left with a slightly-above-baseline high, every night. Just like when you don't treat any substance with respect, those drugs will rule you and it won't be recreation but habit.

    SWIM read on these very forums about Ethylphenidate and testament to his character, he filtered all the good things about the combination and ignored the bad.

    Not a great deal has gone wrong for SWIM, but he warns me that it is very addictive, and it will eventually melt you down. If you take this too often you may experience the following as general symptoms:
    Disorientation and Numbness
    Lethargy and lack of Motivation
    Irritability and Mood swings
    Alcohol cravings
    Regular loss of train-of-thought

    If you take MPH for ADHD and you use this combo, your ADHD will get much much worse, a doctor may suggest you take other drugs to compensate for your apparent 'depression' and bad temperament - this can be nasty, as you may forget that it is the use of Ethylphenidate which is causing the symptoms and end up on a plethora of other drugs to combat those problems.

    I hate posts like this but I gotta warn people about this semi-legal combination. It's very powerful, and can take over your own will.

    Have fun and stay safe everyone
  6. Meow Tse Dung

    Meow Tse Dung Silver Member

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    Dec 5, 2009
    My cat just got his 500mg of Ethylphenidate to-day, and has rushed back home to try some.
    What he has got are rather small but distinct crystals, no more then 2mm big.

    Because my Cat has never got anything from this supplier, he's decided to play safe, and started with a 1mg dose snorted (Don't want to repeat the 2C - Bromodragonfly incident).
    It's been about 10 mins (typing at the same time), and in 10 or so minutes, he'll add about 30-40mg (not sure how much) to get an Idea of the chemical's power (Cross tolerances, purity, etc are all things my Cat is trying to take into account, and safety is my Cat's rule).

    Subject: Male, ±60kg (A bit less then 10 stone), empty stomach.
    Substances: Ethylphenidate (One chem at a time people... play safe when trying new things)
    Dose: ±30mg
    ROA: Insufflation
    Setting: Indoors
    Duration: Short: ±1 hour
    note: This report was written in real time.

    T+00: My Cat has just snorted 30mg, for his powder-warn nose the sensation isn't eventful, very slight discomfort. And you can't complain about the drip ether.

    T+30: The feeling is nice, mild euphoria, but the is no apparent stimulation: Heart rate=70bpm (n=60). Other noticeable effects: heightened body temp + sweating (probably the cause of the little shivering), empathy. No noticable effects on the Pupils.

    T+50: It's not disappointing for 30mg, heart rate is up (120), appetite seems to be disappearing (but eating isn't out of the picture), the euphoria seems to have subsided, leaving the stimulation and talkativeness to take over.

    T+55: It seems it's all coming to a rather sudden end...

    T+60: It feels over, a slight "coming down" feeling is skulking around my Cat's psyche, but nothing really severe. I expect that a bigger dose, and successive re-doseings (Get ready for new years! Haha). My Cat is shivering a bit (hot and sweaty body vs cold house), and I've noticed that he started clenching his jaws towards T+55.

    This was a good enough test for my Cat to-day, 30mg seems to be a nice threshold dose. "Overall the experience was pleasant" says Cat, for him, this drug will be able to fill-in for mephedrone/methylone, Speed, maybe even MDMA and to some extent is better then coke (not as cut / expensive, but then again, not as "Wow"). It's decent for those who like keeping a fair amount of Lucidity during a high, and who don't want an overpowering/mind blowing chem.

    T+90: Effects have nearly totally dissipated (slight bruxism lingers on).
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  7. Beerman

    Beerman Newbie

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    Jun 4, 2010
    My lovely kitty recived 2g of Ethylphenidate of a 100% trusted vendor.

    He has some experience IVing substances, mostly H, bupe, and some RCs as a-PPP and camfetamine.

    This is a trip report about IVing Ethylphenidate for the first time.

    He eyeballed (I know, wrong, but he has not a scale at the moment) 5mg for the first try.

    My kitty info:
    Subject: Male, ~60kg, ~174cm, early-middle 20's.
    Substances: Ethylphenidate (EF), buprenorphine (bupe), and etizolam.
    Dose: ~5mg(t.+0.00), ~20mg(t.+0.05), ~20mg(t+3.00) ~30mg(t+7.00)
    ROA: Intravenous (IVd)
    Setting: My cat was desperate praying to receive the letter as he has been waiting for 2 weeks, when he get it he gets really happy. In his room, alone.
    Duration: the effects of a single dose of ~20mg lasted ~2h, but re-dosed just before writing it.

    There we go:

    t.+0.00: Register and inject successfully ~5mg of EP with the ~0.1mg of his "twice a day" bupe habit, no noticeable rush, colours seems to intensify a bit or some kind of slight visual distortion, reminded he the rush when IVing ambien or some benzos (weird) but different. After one minute start feeling awake, very slight stimulated after one minute. He thinks this stuff is ok and feels safe to IV some more to check for any rushes and more effects.

    t.+0.05: ~20mg EF eyeballed, register, inject -almost- sucessfully, a bit might go out as he could feel a bit of pain in one moment of the injecton so he pulled the plunger again to ensure he was inside, inject the rest without more pain. Very mild INSTANT rush, maybe just when he put the needle out, this INSTANT rush only happened to him when IVing ambien, not even H, the rush for H takes him 4-6 seconds to feel it. Feeling very clear minded, heart starts going faster, feeling a bit warm and sweaty, a bit of anxiety that disappeared quickly. Feeling the drive to do things, to talk, to smoke, so he did the laundry, chat with some friends, and then he got ready to have lunch with one friend of him. Feeling really thirsty. Took 1mg of Etizolam to ease some nervousness because of the other cat he's going to meet doesn't know he's on drugs right now. He wanks, he love to do it when he's on stims (when he can't get laid) is very pleasurable but it takes more than usual to come, but it's worth. Feeling very good.

    t+1.00: Having lunch is not a big problem, eating slowly and puting the food down with a beer. Very talkative and a bit empathetic with all the conversations. Beer synergies perfectly at this point, he can feel the beer because has been 10 days or so without drinking any alcohol and because of the etizolam. He wanted to smoke more than he usually does, and he does, in fact it tastes better.

    t+2.00: Lunch and cigarette finished, goes to read some letters the friend wrote many years ago in a newspaper, he found them interesting, asking a lot of things, talking, talking, talking... Finally he leaves to go to my place to prepare coffee for her and himself, but she had to change clothes, she'd pass by my place later.

    t+3.00: He does another ~20mg IV, same feeling, instant slight rush, awake again, heart beating fast again, cool. That friend of him says he would pass by for dinner instead of coffee, no problem. He browses on the internet TR of EF, he found this thread and thought to write his own later. Chat with some friends, read web comics, listen music, he found it sounds more enjoyable than without EP.

    T+5.00: Start watching a movie but he get bored and tired and decides to go to bed, take another 1mg of etizolam to help with him sleep. After few minutes more when he start feeling the benzo he goes to bed.

    t+7.00: he woke up feeling awake but having had a bad quality sleep. Doubts about if keep sleeping or wake up and do his last day EP shot, together with his 2nd shot of 0.1mg of bupe. He finally decides to do the second thing. Eyeball a bit more than the other times, so he guess ~30mg. Rush is a bit more pronounced, and feeling again fast heart rate, warm, happy etc. In the meantime he's doing the shot the friend arrives to my place. Still talkative, thirsty, slight euphoric, happy, awake. He can feel tinny headache, barely noticeable. More music, sounds awesome, very motivated, writing the report right now.

    The end.

    He is not going to re-dose as he's taking a plane to go home for holidays and he wants some "quality" and long sleep if possible. He will do one shot before taking the plane, might be funny with some beers. Or maybe he will IV it in the plane's toilet. He really wants to do this, one thing that he has on mind for a while, if the flight is smooth and not turbulent of course (and if he pass the airport security with the stuff lol) because he thinks it would be a mess and a huge problem as he knows some people travelling with him in that flight.

    My cat will try to report tomorrows experience in the aircraft if he has time and he remember it. My cat sometimes has bad memory and also has a lot of things to do when he arrives home, for example score some H lol. Also will report when my cat tries higher doses, he wants to.

    Tell your pets to be safe.
  8. 222nietzsche

    222nietzsche Silver Member

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    Nov 15, 2009
    Re: Ethylphenidate Drug Info

    Swim is just overcoming his first, and last, experience with this compound. It ultimately resulted in his second paranoid schizophrenic episode which rated as about the second worst day in his life, although it has, apparantly, picked up a bit now we discover that reality is a lot better than what he thought had happened as he lay in the bath-tub surrounded by so many invisible enemies and sourceless voices.

    Three grams arrived on Thursday morning in well sealed and well labelled plastic bags. Swim had decided to try this compound on the basis of a glowing recommendation from a friend whom he knows to have extensive experience with a wide range of research chemicals. Having nothing better to do and complimenting his persistent negligence as regards the consideration of dosing levels, Swim racked up a clumsy, average line which probably amounted to about 50mg, but don't quote him on that. The substance itself was pure white and originally crystalline, although the travels it had inevitably been through since its created had already crushed some to a fine powder. The rest Swim duly scrunched and racked and snorted and was left with a fair amount of burn in his nostril and a bad smelly, aftertaste that immediately took him back to the time just after Mephedrone had been banned and people were searching for replacements with declining optimism. Not promising in general but the worst thing was a flash-back to MDPV, whose weariless shadow still hung over Swim since it left him stranded amidst his first paranoid schizophrenic episode...

    But it was the speed of the onset that rekindled some optimism. He noted the first inkling of an increase in euphoria and optimism within five minutes, which puts it up there with pure Meph and very good coke. Unfortunately, this didn't progress much and was soon joined by a jittery disposition and a scatty mindset which came to dominate the first half of the whole experience. He was interested in everything but could take no real joy from anything becausehis thoughts kept wobbling and falling around the closest things and ideas.

    He continued with the sloppy measurements and was careless with his re-dosing times. They never came close to Mephedrone-like fiending but generally within an hour and the lines began to grow and become pairs.

    222nietzsche added 51 Minutes and 25 Seconds later...

    As I was saying...

    The urge to redose came from the evident boost in euphoria which followed quite quickly from the administration of the drug. Lagging about half an hour behind this , however, was the body stimulation, the jitters, the scattiness and eventually, after a days worth of aimless bendering, the rising paranoia and the voices, which were scarily identical to those of family and friends and not just in tone, pitch and rhythm, but also in a way which accurately mimicked suggestions of the underlying personality and humour and judgement. It escalated for no obvious reason except for the fact that Swims mind became to frantic and crazed with porn and paranoia that reason could not form.

    And finally, swim got in the bath. Partially because he was cold (with the most horrific cold, numb purple patches on his knees and lower legs. Seriously, ive never seen worse) but mainly because the family was shortly going arrive home and the bathroom was the only room with a lock on it. He lay there, as the water chilled, to the arguments and rants and laments of his parents, his brother and girlfriend, an old friend from down the road and two grandmothers; one wailing , one solemn. All, it seemed , had hurriedly gathered to spring some sort of ab-libb intervention on the behalf of wayward swim. As often comes with very high levels of stimulation, Swim began to think he had supercharged hearing which was unaffected by the inter spacing meters of wood, wall, carpet and floor which separated him from the angry mob. He talk of eviction threats, a broken bond between himself and the family even of a possible, only slightly shocking, suicide. It was a very, very bad spot and not just because of the horrible context and enormous tempers, but also because the general nature of the drug led to indecision, broken thoughts and in-accountability.

    Fortunately, but disturbingly, when swim finally descended the stairs, only his parents were present and were in fairly good spirits. The voices persisted for an hour or so but, after flushing about a gram of the remaining initial three he is bumbling his way back to normal.

    Admittedly, this was a hap-hazard, aimless and increasingly frenzied experience but Swim wont be tryng this stuff ever again. No doubt it could be used methodically and be of appeal to some, but the nature of the effect makes responsible usage very unlikely for people like swim, and the physical side effects were some of the worst he had ever experienced.
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  9. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Re: Ethylphenidate Drug Info

    ^ Quite a story! Glad your ok now.

    Thats vasoconstriction where your veins/arteries start to constrict and blood finds it harder to get to your extremities. Methylphenidate is also notoriously bad for this in overdose. Usually starts with lips, feet, fingers or knees getting cold or changing color. When you get to the point where its effecting lower legs hands and arms its pretty serious and you might end up with runaway vasoconstriction preventing blood supply to essential body parts. You did the right thing by having a warm bath! Thats a handy way to dilate your veins and resore normal blood to extremities.

    Roughly what was the dosage you had taken when you noticed this side effect?
  10. 222nietzsche

    222nietzsche Silver Member

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    Nov 15, 2009
    Re: Ethylphenidate Drug Info

    Honestly couldn't say mate. Swim was acting like a crazed, paranoid maniac. Even more so than normal.
  11. amaz

    amaz Silver Member

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Re: Ethylphenidate Drug Info

    Trip Report:

    Baby Male Elephant 95kgs and Baby Female Elephant 65kgs. Insuflated about 115mg each made easier by pre-insuflating lidocaine / dimethocaine. Intended to take less but the scales turned out to be wonky! (lesson: re-calibrate scales frequently).

    Terrible burning sensation lasted for about 1-minute. Washed out nose comprehensively after 3-hrs or so, but this rubbish made the elephants' noses very sore and they are still complaining about a 'burnt away' feeling 3-days later and blood can be seen when sneezing. Nothing has done the poor elephants noses such damage before and they assured me that they've certainly experimented with a few things! Bless them.

    Rushes and slightly euphoric feelings were reported by the pair for the first hour or so. Heart beats rapidly rose to over 110-120bpm. Euphoria only lasted 1hr or less. Elephants reported that after this felt like rubbish amphetamines. Nausea feeling came from time to time which certainly put the elephants off any drink (alcohol). Lasted 12 hrs until could settle down and sleep. Heart beat stayed abnormally high throughout. Noticed feelings of anxiety and discomfort after 6hrs. Only time felt better when 200mg MDAI swallowed in bomb (lasted for 90 mins) and then top-up of further 75mgs MDAI insuflated.

    In summary euphoric rushes were not even remotely as good as MDMA and lasted for a very short time. The elephants said not worth ever trying this rubbish again and they stamped on the package ruining the contents for ever.

    Rubbish stuff. Don't waste swims money.
  12. Maca1

    Maca1 Newbie

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    Jan 31, 2010
    Generally positively reviews it seems. i think its imnportant though to not involve combining other drugs to the the equation like mosyt here did, if we want a more accurate account on the drug in question.
  13. amaz

    amaz Silver Member

    Reputation Points:
    Dec 22, 2009
    My Elephants pondered this question and looked at me with total disdain in their eyes, making it clear that their poor trunks still bled and pained after 4-days and commented if it hadn't been for the other substances in question that in would have been a VERY tiresome 12-hours.... Nope. The Elephants weren't impressed i'm afraid.
  14. sh0rno

    sh0rno Silver Member

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    Oct 15, 2011
    My halibut has tried this on a number of occasions, 50mg oral (which didn't do a lot), and 50mg insufflated which he said gave a really pleasurable effect (albeit short acting 1-1.5 hours, when the halibut redosed another 75mg).

    An real nice initial rush similar to cocaine with slight euphoria, then residual stimulation lasting a couple of hours. The halibut also found the latter stages not too lethargic or nauseous, even enjoyable with an activity to engage in. He also found it went very nicely with a few beers and some company.

    The burn from insufflation was medium, but not too bad if the lines were done slowly and crushed up real fine. HOWEVER the halibut's nose was in a bit of a state the following 2 days, very blocked and bleeding from one nostril. Not your standard "back of the nostril" nosebleed but more on the sidewall of the septum, which was painfull and scabby.

    Shame that this substance is so irritant nasally, because he enjoyed the effect of it more than some of the other stim RCs available such as MPA/Camfetamine, and more than the shite quality coke that is available to him from his dealing lobster who resides in international waters.

    He will experiment further with oral roa, probably higer dose (100-150mg)dissolved in a drink and on an empty stomach.
  15. Centurane


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    Jan 24, 2012
    Hi guy`s as this is my first post on this site , am also from sweden so
    bear with my if i miss spell to bad.
    My doggy got 5g of Ethylphenidate in the mail today , happy to try out a new
    stimulant , he could not find hes scale , so he had to eye ball it .
    also use Tramadol , Lyricka , Nitrazepam , Propavan, stilnoct (ambiem).
    Get all on from the pharmasy ,
    As i was saying my doggy got his 5g Ethylphenidate from relyable sours ,
    started slowly due , you can never really know how you gonna react
    on chemical.
    15-20 nasaly burned like crasy for min or two , used both holes :snort:
    there was a fast onset , but not very strong so after 30 or so i lined up two
    big lines , bad misstake cuz they where to big , thing you all seen the film scareface am taking about the end scen of the film where he uses his hands to line up coke , it was not that bad for me , but not far away iderr.
    as i did before had to eye ball the lines ,
    Don`t know how much it was 200-300mg i would say easly , i tok half in both nostrils , and this is was wonderful the Euforia wasout of this world
    I fig that it was some high class coke , with a little extra spun to it .
    But the sad part was that it only lasted 45-75 min , so i did the rest 150mg
    This time the euforia was still going strong , but the sad part was that i started felling side effeckt , erlier to day tok tramadol only 100mg you should newer mix mofine with anything , but stupid as i was i did it also 225mg lyrica , both in morning as i woke up .
    as i was saing before started filling side effects from the Ethy... soo open up a few beers drack 4 helpt lille bit .
    Heart started pounding like crasy , got beta-blockers also due to high pressure
    heart beat , ooohhh shit got really scaerd damn worst felling i`ve ever had by miles ... The euforia was long gonne i diden`t even fell semi-good this was about 3-4 hours sens d-day , could not focus , or do anything .
    i started remenising i really though i was gonna die , have blood pressure meter due to high blood pressure , my puls was now 140-150 bs
    and it stayed like that for a 30-1 hour , then the paranoia started got hallusinating bad , started seeing peaple in apartment , heart beat now 150-160+.
    diden`t wanna phone any of my frieds due to the fact i was paranoid.
    But i knew one thing was not gonna call an ambulans or a pharamedic
    I tok all my nitrazepam , stilnoct diden´t have many left anyway
    and about 4-7 beta-blockers hard to say cuz i can´t remeber much , one point i had cramps so i just lied there one floor 1-2 hours .
    when i finaly came to i jumped in to a hot bathtub ..
    started felling better and better ..... I diden´t write this so pop can fell sorry for me , thas not why i did dis report , i wrote it becouse we are deling with a potent chem ..
    and if used don´t be ignorant like with don`t go all in at one`s start of slowly and wait 45 min to an hour , and like mixing tramadol lyrica (neurotin) is just plain stupid , lucky i had stillox and NZ benz and beta-blockers
    Hey am still here , cheers everybody.
  16. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    ^ Dude! Sometimes on rare occasions its ok to mix other drugs with others if you know combination is safe or you really need to take multiple drugs. But from your post I've deduced you also took:

    Ethylphenidate, Tramadol, Lyricka , Nitrazepam , Propavan, Stilnoct, Four cans of beers, 4-7 beta-blockers !

    Ur lucky the combinations didn't end you up in hospital!

    DON'T take a beta-blocker on strong recreational doses of dopamine and norepinephrine releasing drugs as your gona be pumped full of adrenalin and I believe that the unopposed alpha-channel activity would be dangerous (So avoid large doses of stims / NDRIs / Ampehtamines, or others). The Alcohol, Propiomazine and zopilcone you took wasn't the beast idea either, Alcohol also effects dopamine plus a lot of others, Propiomazine effects adrenalin too to a small extent, so you had about five different drugs all targetting the same system, all with toally different messages!

    So yeah be more careful in future. Having a warm bath probs help your circulation a lot though and released some of the uncomfy feeling :)

    If you had to combine anything for a stimulant overdose of this sort the only thing you should consider using is benzos, they are fine to combine safely with stimualntsto help reverse the effects, they tend to be very specific in where they bind to, and what effects they have. They wont help your heart rate go down quicker much, but they will completely stop you worrying about it from an anxiety point, and also help dilate your veins and slightly lower your BP.

    If your dose really was titanic you might have to keep popping one much more frquently than usual, as chances are that noticeable relief will subside quickly (1-2 hours) with that much stimulation in your system. I've taken 5 etizolam today after my 500mg, normally I'd be in a semi coma off that! BPMs still high (110) thats expected if you abuse a drug like this. The main thing u have to worry about in situations like this are your blood pressure, circulation/vasocontriction (will appear as cold points or purple blotches on your body when really bad). High heart rate only starts becoming and issue when its sustained at 130-150 for a good few hours despite rest, water and food; it's blacking out / fainting (and maybe frequent and persistantly rhythmic palpitations) that would probs mean you should call A&E. And before your BP gets serious you'll start to get major visual effects, everything will go very blurry you might even halluinate.

    If you get any major symptoms develop post back, but you should bo ok now as long as you really have stopped using it now! OD's on this sort of drug are rare (well at the moment they are, doubt they will be for much longer with increased availability). Serious hopitalisations either happen within a couple of minutes-hours of the last dose, then generally as long as the person rests and is careful with his body and health its a slow recovery from there.

    EDIT: Wow. Not written a long post like that in years, obviously was good ethyl :D
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  17. Rebe11

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Phillip got a hold of 1g ethylphenidate.

    Since Phillip is rather careful about these things, he started off snorting 3mg through his little hamster nose, then set his beeper on 15 min. He then increased his intake by double the latest dose every 15 minutes.

    By 21 mg, he could feel a slight uncomfortable feeling, but nothing more. He doubled the dosage, expecting something would happen now. The uncomfortable feeling increased, a bit like the bodyload sensation some stimulants can give, with nothing good to show for it. So Phillip decided to stop and cook something instead.

    Suddenly, about an hour later, bodyload jumped. Phillip felt really uncomfortable, cold sweat, paranoia, palpitations, the whole shitstorm. So he got himself some relaxing purple pills, which took unusually long time to work.

    Phillip’s verdict is that ethylphenidate is junk. But it’s hard to know if he got the real RC in the first place, with all the crap that's been around lately.
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  18. Raskolnikov

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    Jan 29, 2012
    This is my friend's experience with ethylphenidate and gbl:

    Bodyweight: 150 lbs.
    Height: 6'0"
    Initial dose was 55 mg ethylphenidate insufflated

    Backkground: My friend has experience with all well known drugs except PCP,Not very familiar with many of the newer RC's, but has used 5-meo-dipt ,2-ct-2, Methylone, MBDB, bk-MBDB, and 5-meo-dmt. He received the ethylphenidate from a reputable supplier who claimed it was the mixed isomer variety-racemic. It came as small white crystals. He has experience with methylphenidate and all prescribed amphetamines.

    T+01: This is by far the most painful substance he has ever insufflated. It is nearly a religious experience it hurts so much, but after 45 seconds or so, the burn begins to dissipate. Effects are felt directly after the burn subsides. Feels very euphoric.

    T+15: He is feeling great; very talkative and even empathetic. The anxiety and paranoia seem to be a bit less than normal. Not as discomforting as the other stimulants.

    T+2: He went to school and met with teacher, being in public was a bit uncomfortable due to the stimulation.

    T+4: Redoses, insufflating 60 mg, burning like hell. Burning goes away and euphoria returns. It is at this point that my friend was doing homework, and somehow trailed off for 4 hours reading random stuff online, that he typically wouldn't take the time to read. Ethylphenidate seems less beneficial for ADHD than methylphenidate. About 2 hours after the redose, he decided he'd take some gbl to ameliorate the inevitable jittery, uncomfortable comedown. Having made this decision, it still took him another 2 hours to take action and prepare the gbl; as he was once again easily distracted by various things and ideas.

    T+8: He measures out 2 mL of gbl and drinks slowly over an hour. The effects are still being felt from the ethylphenidate, though they resemble the unpleasant after effects of all stimulants: emptiness, discomfort, and loss of the the euphoria.

    T+9: The effects of the gbl offered minimal comfort from the comedown, though they were definitely felt.

    T+10: He still feels jittery, so will measure out another 2 mL of gbl and sip.

    In conclusion: my friend enjoyed this compound very much, can't say it had synergy with the gbl, although that's probably because the gbl was taken towards the end of the experience. Ethylphenidate is definitely more recreational than all the other prescribed stimulants, in fact my friend prefers it over cocaine. My friend is not a huge fan of stimulants in the first place due to his pre-existing anxiety issues, and after about the first hour of the experience he didn't want to be bothered with any human interaction. He thinks it would be much more fun on occasion if it didn't sting so much to snort. The pain of insufflation ensured that he wasn't just doing lines of it like one would do with coke.


    Raskolnikov added 79 Minutes and 48 Seconds later...

    Does anyone know of a way to minimize the pain of insufflating drugs like this? Is there something safe that could be added to a substance to combat the stinging?
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  19. Lady Codone

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    Jan 23, 2009
    SWIM really likes ethylphen, in fact it's right up there with 4-FA as one of her fave (currently legal) stims. m1 will always be #1 in her heart, but ya gotta make due...

    SWIM usually takes little doses throughout the day until she reaches her threshold. Effects include energy, focus, euphoria and slightly more paranoia than SWIM's used to w/ stims. She's tried snorting but finds oral to be the best ROA.
  20. Lucan

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    Jul 11, 2010
    My monkey tried this for the first time last week and was very impressed at first. Felt like a lighter cocaine type rush. He found it to be very Moreish though even though redosing failed to produce the same innitial high but increased his level of stimulation (heart racing, sweating.)

    He experimented with smaller doses while at work a few days later and found that it made him feel very alert, confident and talkative. Interesting chem.