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Experiences - Ethylphenidate Experiences

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by Synaps, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Baba Blacksheep

    Baba Blacksheep Titanium Member

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    May 29, 2011
    George's ferret found a couple of g's in a rabbit whole and having not found a rabbit decided to chop a few out.
    The ferret decided to sniff just a small amount circa 10mg for allergy check.
    30 mins later ferret became a little more adventurous and racked about 30 mg. The effects were gentle and noticed around 10 mins or so, fairly up and a wee bit of the horn to be honest. Ferret listened to a bit of music and enjoyed the mild lift for 40 mins or so before racking up another line 40 mgs.
    This has certainly done the trick with the effects fairly evident and the horn increasing some so as to do something about it!
    A little cold in the hands as the effects settle in which would indicate some vaso-constriction.
    The ferret said that it wasn't a mind-blower and is a little uninteresting on the whole.

    O.K the ferret has popped over the following day to tell George that this stuff really is a nose blocker with similarities to shitty coke in that sense. The ferret feels that she has a hangover although she doesn't drink alcohol. A relatively small amount of this substance was tested and the rest is going down the drain. waste of time and money.
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  2. Hydroman


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    Jul 4, 2010
    ok......... since Monday (SUN NOW)

    I have done about 3.5g!!!!!!!!!!!!! of this fucking stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20mg lines were good!!!!!!!! to start but binged till WED - 2g

    then woke without a comedown oddly. THUR 5am, popped Pregabalin diaz - felt nice.......... did his 54mg concerta(ritalin xr) later he gave in and did more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Took him to SAT NIGHT 9pm he starts again and it's 12/noon SUN now. IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    probably best force feeding myself and sleep EARLY tonight

    Had Diaz first time around trying Etiz which IMO is weaker.



    Hydroman added 21 Minutes and 28 Seconds later...

    Being more sensible. When I wake from both exp I still felt gurny (12hr sleep). It's a nice chemical.

    I mmust state I think MPH is better umm, would have to retry it.

    Hydroman added 0 Minutes and 53 Seconds later...

    Oh and the guy with purple knees and coldness?

    I got that too, benzos and time then back there again. Ooooo boy.
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  3. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Hydroman ... tony? !

    This drug is notoriously good for the horn. It takes a while for enough dopamine to build up, but after a few hours of redosing it will turn you into a perverted sex mad mad-man.
  4. misskatie

    misskatie Titanium Member

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    Sep 3, 2011
    Ok AFOAF has been using this substance today, her experience is similar to those described already but without any paranoia or discomfort.. well apart from the absolutely blinding burn when snorted lol, that really is something else lol. :p

    She has found the dopamine increase is great with this stuff, and the high seems to have two distinct 'phases' for AFOAF: first the nice smooth dopamine boost, lasting a good hour to 90 minutes. Then that subsides to reveal a very amphetamine like 'speedy' kind of stimulation which lasts maybe another hour. Lots of motivation, and confidence. some gurning if not consciously controlled. Heart rate definately increased considerably for a breif period and sweating, mainly in the hands, was quite noticeable. AFOAF felt very sociable during the dopamine phase and moderately aroused during the speedy phase. AFOAF has enjoyed this substance very much, although she does wish there was less stimulation, she is only interested in a nice boost in dopamine.

    Redosing produced the same dopamine rush and boost for AFOAF with slightly less intensity each time. The urge to redose was strong for AFOAF and so she timed her doses at 3 hours apart to be safe. She can see how this substance could become a problem if compulsive redosing took over as the cardiovascular strain was aparant even from lowish (50mg) doses spaced reasonably apart.

    Anyhow in conclusion, AFOAF likes this substance. Not quite what she is looking for but fun and helpful if used with caution.
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  5. misskatie

    misskatie Titanium Member

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    Sep 3, 2011
    Ok, habitual stimulant use is definately not for AFOAF. It's her own fault really that things got so crazy because she has been up for 3 days straight on ethylphenidate. And yes, the paranoia level last night got unbelievable. Although in hindsight its actually pretty hilarious its not something AFOAF will be doing again lol

    Ok here's the scene last night. AFOAF had been experiencing growing paranoia throught the day but it wasn't until the night it really got bizarre. She was to be home alone as her girlfriend had a work party to go to. By the time AFOAFs girlfriend had left for the party AFOAF began to feel like all the shouting at the pub next door was aimed directly at her. That all the laughing and jokes were at her expense. And suddenly it dawned on her that the entire town must hate her! She was deeply concerned that someone might try to break into her house to harm her and so she opened the window overlooking the pub and listened in.

    She thought she made out two guys saying something like 'that's the house' and with that she was absolutely certain that the rest of the town had unanimously decided to have her killed. It sounds dumb as fuck but really at the time it seemed so real..

    but wait, it gets worse lol..

    She decided that she needed to barricade the house as best she could and realising she light end up having to defend herself she fashioned a makeshift flamethrower from an aerosol can and a lighter, she grabbed a bottle of nail polish remover to use with it: the idea being to throw the flammable nail polish remover over the assailant and then ignite him with the flamethrower, which in itself is horrific but at the time seemed perfectly reasonable after all her life was in danger!

    She created another barricade at the top of the stairs, carefully placing the pieces in such a way that if someone tried to disassemble it from the below it would collapse on them. She turned on all the upstairs lights and opened a few Windows to give herself a good chance of hearing where they were getting into the house. She huddled down behind her barricade at the top of the stairs and waited. The tension was agonizing, every creak she thought was an assasin sneaking in. Every drunken pub patron that walked past outside a conspiritor. She prayed that her girlfriend would get back before the showdown with these stealthy intruders..

    Suddenly there was a lot of noise coming from her back garden. She couldn't see much as it was very dark but again she had convinced herself that there were two of these foes trying to get into a window. She did what any reasonable person would do and began hurling her flammible liquid down the side of the house.. the assailants had vanished before she got a chance to light it though..

    After an eternity of waiting to be attacked AFOAFs girlfriend arrived home from her party to find AFOAF peering down at her from a makeshift, but rather substantial barrier at the top of the stairs shouting frantically about stealthy killers trying to get into the house. What's worse AFOAFs girlfriend had brought one of her friends back! Suffice to say AFOAF had caused a bit of a scene. :p

    AFOAFs girlfriend tried to convince AFOAF that there was noone trying to kill her and everything was safe. Infact, the party she had attended was in the beer garden of the pub next door and all that shouting and laughing AFOAF had heard was infact her girlfriend and workmates. AFOAF was outraged that her girlfriend didnt believe her! S she argued with steadfast self belief that she knew the difference between seeing something real and a hallucination! She was so sure that she was in mortal danger! It just felt so real. And being a transexual, AFOAF is infact hated by most of her conservative little village. So the pieces all fit..

    AFOAFs girlfriend went to bed figuring it best to leave AFOAF to her own devices lol. What followed was an intricate and terrifying game of cat and mouse with the sneaky attackers. She went downstairs to the living room and turned off all the lights. There she sat in silence waiting, and listening.. she kept hearing their voices just outside, abd then she would get a rattle on the back door or a tap on the window. it was unnerving to say the least. AFOAF looked out of the window when she found the courage finally to pull back the curtain. She couldn't see the attackers clearly, they were like shadows that appeared all over thr place very briefly. Mostly in the corner of the eye so she never really got a good look at them, they were simply black blurs against a dark background. Perhaps this is what Meth addicts refer to as 'shadow people'?

    AFOAF fired a few bursts of the flamethrower toward them just to show she was armed and would out up a fight (in full view of her neighbours too, who by now she had cooncluded were all in on it) but they had vanished just like before. Every time AFOAF investigated a strange noise in one part of the house the attackers would move to another point of entry. It felt like they were toying with her.. she kept thinking shd had heard a window smashed or a door forced open.. but found no evidence of anything broken when going to look..

    She decided to try and lure them into a trap. She pretended she was going to bed. to make them think she had lost patience with this game. She turned everything off and got into her bed clothes ect. But as she moved through rooms closing doors behind her she was leaning things up against the door such as a guitar or a plank of wood so if the door were to be stealthily opened she would still hear the object fall. She was desperately trying to outsmart them, to get the upper hand. She found herself back at the top of the stairs waiting for something she had set up to tell her where they were. Again, every tiny noise was confirmation to AFOAF that her fears had been justified. Sh the stairs seemed like the vest position from which to defend the whole house. There eernt many accessable Windows upstairs and it gave her the height advantage over an attack from the ground floor. Shee could now tell that there was at least two coming in downstairs. and one coming in through the room directly infront of her upstairs. She kept hearing a creaking from that door like the door handle being opened very slowly but it was very dark on the landing, a strategic descision she made to keep the light off just incase the attackers had guns, but it meant she couldnt see if the handle was moving or not. She rested another object against that door too to alert her if the door began to open..

    She was now incredibly tense and afraid. She was sandwiched between the two attacks and the waiting seemed to last an eternity.. eventually she decided to take a risk and fight off the attacker that was upstairs with her. She was terrified of the idea that the attackers downstairs would take this oppertunity to capture the stairs though, which was after all the strategic key to defending the whole house.

    At this point she again did sonething that was totally crazy given the actual reality but in AFOAFs paranoid delusion it seemed like a good idea: shouted into the bedroom to wake her girlfriend up (this is about 3AM by now lol and AFOAFs GF has work in the morning!) and asked her to call the police!!!

    Now... as you can imagine, this didnt go down well. And her girlfriend was right to be upset and annoyed! I mean, the police would have loved to try and get the story clear for someone who's been on a 3 day (legal) drug binge, is both delusional and dangerous! armed with a home made flamethrower! And trying to defend her house from invisible assailants! lol..

    So it was left to AFOAF to raid the room by herself. She was so scared of opening that door she even went as far as doing that police/army thing of standing beside the door rather than infront of it and letting it swing open. She had to move quickly as that room was very small. She was plagued by thoughts like what if the attacker overpowered her before she had got the flamethrower working? The lighter didnt always light up first time and sometimes the aerosol would blow out the flame. Also she realised that the stairs were now totally undefended and were also to her rear. She searched the room very quickly, having to endure another terrifying door based suspense due to a large cuboard being in the room. She found no assailant there so very quickly she checked that the windows were secure.. she was filled with dread when she noticed one of the window latches was open! So the attacker in this room must have realised AFOAF was about to come charging in spitting fire in every direction and decided to exit through the window and rejoin the attack downstairs..

    AFOAF returned to guarding the stairs, and now began a long battle of patience with the breaching attackers downstairs. She could again hear a door handle like sound at spaced intervals, as if someone were trying to open it without making too much noise. AFOAF knew that any moment now she would hear the well planned plank of wood slide down the door and she would finally have the proof that this was actually happening (too clear her of the OUTRAGE of being called delusional by her girlfriend lol :p)... she waited and waited as those door handle like creaks continued but she heard no sudden thud or slippage. Had her attackers maybe realised her tactic and devised a way to catch the board? She could only wonder.

    She tried to break the stalemate by throwing heavy objects down the stairs. Hoping that sudden loud noises in the midst of all this silence would make them panic and make a mistake. This again, did not go down well with AFOAFs girlfriend who was not getting a great nights sleep anyway with AFOAF behaving the way she was. The plan failed though. The attackers remained cool under pressure and didn't give away their position. In retrospection I imagine the neighbours may have been annoyed at that too, but wjo cares about them? They were in on it remember! :p The pressure and stress level AFOAF was under here was akin to submarine commanders anxiously waiting for the sonar ping of their rival, AFOAF really did believe her life was in danger..

    She decided finally to descend the stairs and face off with these intruders.. the sun was beginning to come up and AFOAFs ethylphenedate paranoia was fading.. when she opened the door in question (actually allowing the piece of wood to open the door with its fall just incase a hail of bullets followed lol) she moved from room to room searching for them.. she found noone, and she looked EVERYWHERE lol, every kitchen cuboard, the fridge, even the washing machine and tumble dryer. she was not going to take the chance and have one of these evil bastards jump out at her later on! Again her girlfriend was displeased when AFOAF decided to noisily do another sweep of upstairs just to be safe..

    But when AFOAF looked into the entry points and still found no broken windows or forced doors the penny began to drop. Because she *did* hear glass smashing she was sure of it. But if none of the Windows were broken then how could *any* of it be true? It couldnt... Lol AFOAF had to go and apologise to her long suffering girlfriend and admitted finally that she had gone more than a little bit nuts that night lol..

    As I said in retrospect its actually pretty funny to think about. But at the time it most definatrly was not. The danger felt so real and final and the fear and weight of the situation was beyond any drug delusion AFOAF has ever experienced before. She actually remebers at one point thinking to herself that this was like living through a horror film and that she coildnt believe this was happening to her. The stress was very real and as you've already probably noticed made AFOAF do totally unreasonale things, when looked at from the context of reality and totally out of character for AFOAF too..

    Anyhow i just wanted this to serve as an example, or rather, reminder,I'm sure we already have loads of these kind of stories lol, of exactly how bad stimulant paranoia can get and how crazy that false belief can make you behave. But I also wanted to share it anyway as this was a unique (if terrifying and stressfull) experience forAFOAF and though she hopes to never repeat it (it was her own stupidity to blame here) she is kind of glad it happened because when she realised it was a freak out or stimulant psychosis, she frlt suddenly incredibly relieved to have back the life that she usually is sick of.. so affirming in a way :p

    Rest assured though that AFOAFs remaining ethylphenidate will be consumed in short, well spaced sessions rather than a crazy 3 day binge :p
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  6. nox13666

    nox13666 Silver Member

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Skip the experience bit if you dont want to read a ramble as it's quite long.

    Compound label information and supposed chemical is: "R22; S2, S3, S7, S8" Also states "1g Ethylphenidate" and of course the "Warning: Research Use only, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" which is ok as I'm researched this chem on my one only Rat, I do need more to get a better Idea of effect it has on different ones!
    Source: From fairly reputable and known distributer as far as I know (please see note at the end about this)
    Route: Nasal (poor rat, cuz this stuff is painful to insufflate,), Oral and Smoking (small amount ~1mg as this should not be possible)
    Subject: Male about 70kg 21years of age (tall but probably underweight so Research Chemicals affect me very quickly)
    Substance: ethylphenidate. The powder is pure white and looks like large salt grains.
    Setting: At home, on the xbox with two friends and doing some lab work =]
    -Dose: 4 doses around 50mg each (Total 200mg at most as this is an estimate due to lack of good quality or accurate scales)
    Set: In a very good mood after a good day at work on a Monday (I know good day on monday, tell me about it)
    Other drugs tested during research of using EPH: A very small amount of Cannabis after a few hours of initial dose (more details in my long research essay below)
    Experience(warning this is long and may be skipped): Cannabis, NRG-3 (whatever it was), Cocaine (~60%pure, only researched this chem once or twice), Something called Euphoria (expected to be 4-mmc as it was legal RC at the time), Salvia, Mephedrone (fav RC, such a shame) a brand of "poppers" (terrible chem, dont look into this one), Something marketed as "Lotus" (not the relatively know Blue Lotus plant) which I'm not sure what the exact chemical contains (again during the time 4-MMC was legal so most likely a blend of that with something else (any info on this RC please sent me a pm), Alcohol, Ritalin, Diazepam, Temazepam, and of course Tobacco but that should be the end of line.

    1stly I would like to announce that this is my 1st review and 1st post for that matter so let's make it a good one. As I haven't done one of these reviews before and I am fairly new to the Research Chemicals I didn't note the times so I'm going to have to estimate (will be of by a max of one hour, shouldn't be at the start of the Research as I was very sober at this point). I also measured the amount by estimation from a 1g packet which I actually had for quite a while and forgot about (Have ordered my now not realising I still had some in stock). I was careful with this substance after reading other researchers' posts and very helpful information.

    Here goes the effects that this RC had on my labrats in my semi converted flat-lab.

    T-15min Substance was administered around 5:30 - 6:00 pm small dose. As expected the RC was clearly painful to the subject for momentary period of around 1min, seems to be a similar effect as 4-MMC but a little more of a burning sensation according to my results, only tested one rat) Eyes were watering and would recommend using smaller doses more frequently to reduce harshness of this white salt like powder

    T- 20min effects are very noticeable to the subject and seems that subject may have had the effect earlier than within the 20min however seemed unaware, this may be just this pertical rat, not others were available at the time of research. My best explanation for the results of the initial effect are as follows

    -Very comparable to 4-MMC which you would find out after making your own research (BIG NOTICE, UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS NOT A SUBTITUTE FOR THE LEGENDARE MEPHEDRONE, god I do hate caps lock but it was needed in this case)

    -Similar to 4-MMC but clearly different, it seems like a less potent but slightly more (and I mean only slightly, 1st batch most painful to administer, eases after 1st dose, would hightly recommand cleaning the nose few minutes after every dose to increase and speed up the effect and of course for the sake of the rat's nasal health) painful Chemical to administer when using the Nasal route (Oral works slower but is easier to cope with after a short test was experimented with during current research).

    -Increased heart rate
    -Increased blood pressure (measured by hand due to unavailble equipment at the time)
    -Random urges to urine (may just be this rat, 1st experience with this chem)
    -Small dose of Cannabis seemed to have slowed this the Increased hart rate however is still very present
    -Overall good experience and happy with these result my rat is experiencing

    [Important note]
    Subject is currently still affected to the RC but cannot help himself but keeping busy hence why I decided to write this review while subject is busy with his current experience

    -T - 1 hour. effect still strong however subject seems to experience a very more-ish feeling for the Chemical, same dose of around 50mg was administered in this case which seemed to have increased the effect more, Below are the seeming effects presented in bullet points to avoid writing too much detail;
    -Small form of Hyperactivity present
    -Time seems to have slowed down and on random event seems to have flown by (this could just be an affect to this perticular rat, remember that each rat could be affected in a different way).

    This is where I have lost track of time so in the space of around 7:30/8:00pm subject has been re-dosed another 100mg due to very affecting more-ish type of result.

    This rat seems to have a very high and known addictive side to this RC, this rat does have a very addictive nature but never seemed to experience this with Cannabis

    On the wiki page it states trouble to focus one task however subject has not experienced this yet, this may be more present in the awaiting comedown.

    Rat is also very awake and cannot stop doing things so I will update this page once subject has the effect worn of, may re-dose subject with another 50mg due to fairly obvious shaking in limbs, this seemed to calmed when re-dosing before.

    Was also thinking it may have interesting results to my research if I administered a small amount (~10mg) of 6-APB to see how the RC would react with each other however I'm afraid I'm running out of time with this project as I have work at 8am and currently my time is 00:18am but I'm very awake due to extensive lab work :p Any recommandation or experience mixing these RC's would be welcomed, subject has not really mixed multiple RC's before)

    End of part one1

    So there was my little..well rather too detailed review, I hope you guys have had a good read and let me know what you think of my 1st review constructive criticism is welcomed. I know I wrote a hell of allot pointless additives and other sorta pointless information however this cannot be helped, please try not to complain about this as it will not be considered as constructive criticise when I already realise this, hopefully it's understandable as I'm not normally that good in writing something longer than a text message or instant message during research of course. Thanks for reading this and my sincere apologies for the "tmi" (for those who dont know it stands for Too Much Information, which is kinda being executed at this stage...damnit...I swear it's impossible for me)

    Very stimulating RC which my rat seems to enjoy the effects of and would be purchasing more for further re-search.

    Summery of my conclusion;
    -Mild Euphoria quite similar to 4-MMC but a very mild version of it (Mainly the 1st initial and almost instant result)
    -Seems like a clean RC, which has been mentioned before in other reviews, my result seems to suggest the same so I do agree in this case. For best explanation I would suggest trying this RC yourself for a more detailed explanation as this is very hard to explain in a way.
    -Results suggest that this is a Very Talkative type of effect if it were to used in human testing
    -Alert feeling is also suggested by my current results
    -Comparable to a weak strength of 4-MMC and cocaine
    -Doesn't seem to impair any physical movements excluding the shaking which once noticed the subject can often stop as subject seems very in control of its actions
    -Result would suggest Speech isn't impaired either if used in human testing (not recommending this at all, this is just what my research suggests)
    -Its kinda hard to explain the positive effect at this moment in time however will update this when come down has been completed

    Downsides (subject still has to experience full comedown, this will be updated once effect are worn off)
    -Dry mouth
    -Jaw tightening, not gurning but just actual mouth seems to be closed firmly causing slight strain on cheek and jaw muscles
    -Slight shaking of limbs randomly without realisation
    -Results suggest loss of appetite but still shows plenty signs of hunger
    -Painful to use nasal administration (I am looking for simular results to 4-MMC, although this is a negative point it does seem to psychophysically affect the subject this is the closest RC i have found thus far, keep in mind if you have read my experience i'm afread I haven't done much research on RC's so I may have better results as I study different compounds)

    Rat/the subject was mentioned allot of times instead referring a name (rat does have a name as it's has some rather large area of experience unfortunately missing any MDMA research due to legal status and availability) or anything similar as I would like to be clear as possible this wasn't tested on a human subject if there would be any suspicion. This information may only be used for educational or further research purposes and as I did state I highly recommend this RC I clearly stated it was recommend for Research on rats only, and I would never recommend anyone to condone in human testing. This is long and annoyingly red but I don't see many researchers doing this when it's clearly a known issue for others to assume you have tested on yourself or any other human begin.

    Quick note the distributer I have used which I have used in the past and seems to be the only online shop I could find that sells legit 6-APB powder for a reasonable price (would say the company name but I understand that this is against the forums rules as I have actually read them for a change) Anyone actually knows a fair amount about distributed please contact me via PM as would like to discuss its legitimacy aslong as this isn't against the rules, I couldn't really find much info on this in the forums rules. Apologies if any rules were please remove this note in quick succession with my sincere apologies as a new member to the forum.

    nox13666 added 10 Minutes and 25 Seconds later...

    I have just noticed I missed some bold titles and a few other structure based errors but I cannot seem to edit my post, if this is normal just ignore or mod please delete this post. I don't really want to add anything to my post as it is long enough just wanted to clean it up a little and maybe remove some un-needed information.

    Thanks and hopefully someone actually read it :p The word count is nearly 2000 words lol and takes up 3 pages, just shows you how interesting this chem actually is ;)

    Sorry for double post..Jesus I just really cant help myself with this tonight. Its 1am so I will try and put my rat to sleep as research has gone long enough I think. Id also like to add one little line to my review just to empathise how more-ish (I would say very similar to results received from 4-MMC but not quite as bad due to downsides putting of my subject of re-dosing) this is to my rat which is a massive downside in my opinion.

    See this is my problem, I was hoping for a quick little response around 5 lines of text and look what happened. Im staying away from the keyboard now. Apologies for any inconvenience I may have caused to the moderators of this forum, I would accept a temp ban or something like that as I don't want to loose the valuable and sometimes crucial information from this site, I would hope to keep access to the forums but blocking my posting abilities for 24hours would be a good idea if this is causing issues or disturbance the forum flow.

    nox13666 added 41 Minutes and 15 Seconds later...

    Quick update, subject tried very small dose of 6-APB powder form, to check the taste. Slightly off topic however still related to EPH as subject has mixed RC's to report results.

    Don't know if it because the drymouth but subject took around a maximum of 1mg through nasal passage and was very difficult to administer, result show effect of a mild head ache appearing and drymouth seems to worsen down to the throat making swallowing anything more difficult. subject momentarly after the nasal dose took another maximum of 1mg orally and result also show that the taste was very bearable but not exactly enjoyable, similar result to consuming dry sand, and again, this could be due to down effects of EPH.

    Mainly experiencing same effects however not as intense and slight head ache with some moderate dizziness is also appearing to take affect. Will update aslong as subject is still able stay awake as I may have to force it to sleep with plenty of water to hopefully sooth the come down which I will explain in more detail once research is completed later today.

    Once more, I will try and stay away from my laptop so I don't reach some kind of limit :p but if a moderator is on-line and reading this please at my request for a 12/24hour ban if possible as I don't think I can stop posting about this interesting research I've come to experience for the moment. I have also noticed that subject seems to be repeating things more frequently as the effect wear off, this is really a full blown detailed information which I hope does get useful to some researchers out there.

    A quick start on part 2

    The effect have now mostly worn off and subject is getting tired, experiencing a new negative effect too seems my result show a massive back ache for the unfortunate test subject. Will go into detail on the come down once subject has woken and rested for at least 12hours, detox will start immanently.

    Tried around ~1mg smoked with mixed tobacco, result show as expected no effect and horrid taste even though it was only around 6 crushed up grains making around ~1mg of white fluffy but still grainy powder again reminds me of 4-MMC when its crushed up properly, depending of course on the quality of 4-MMC you were used to and researched (always use the back of a spoon as I read on this topic). I would highly dis recommend even trying to smoke this stuff as the result also indicate a very bad and long lasting after taste.

    Consume it if result are to painful using the nasal route, effects seem more intense however when using the nasal route and my rat prefers insulation for no real reason, wouldn't be able to explain that one other that it may remind my subject/rat of previous substances used which the rat may have enjoyed..according to my current research..Hope this makes sense :p

    ===Part 2 still in progress and being researched atm======= Updating regularly..

    Peace out guys, I will clean this post up after some good sleep. I had a quick browse through it now and not feeling fully awake enough to clean it up lol but I did do a few minor changes. Thanks for who-ever fixed my "edit" problem I had with my account :) And good night to everyone its now 2:19 am here and do have to work tomorrow anyway, ive bored you guys enough. Enjoy the rest of your early hours of Tuesday morning if you're reading this now...And you deserve a cookie if you have managed to read this far it is appreciated and gives you an idea of my intensive research..Performed on my lab rat ;) YES, I will Shut it now. I think Im going to lock my pc somehow I think I'm not awake enough to unlock it..need to leave this now..bye

    Update; Sleep motivation seems impossible (so my rat isn't even attempting sleep atm) regardless to the fact that my rat has been awake for around 20hours now (current time is 03:11am 17-04-2012 and my rat woke up yesterday at around 7am 16-04-2012.)

    Will update this and let you guys know if my rat gets some sleep in the end. Thanks for reading (im sure someone will be or is, it might as well be damn book, I'm wondering if anyone else experienced something like this with this chem or another chem during research? Any info would be appreciated, also looking for info on some other RC's I have posted separate topics in the appropriate forum section, I would assume unidentified would be best place to put as they are brand names with no further details.
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  7. misskatie

    misskatie Titanium Member

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    Sep 3, 2011
    Ok, AFOAF can't use ethylphenidate anymore it seems. She has only used once since the crazy paranoia nightand that was after a reasonable recovery period but she instantly fell back into a hyper-realistic paranoid delusion that even now, a few days later, she is still suffering from a lingering uncertainty as to whether what she was hearing was real or not..

    In a nutshell it manifested as the sound of people in her attic, footsteps and voices and occasionally the sound of something moving or trying to open the hatch that leads into the house.. it probably wasn't the best idea but AFOAF actually had the police around to check it out. They found nothing and also said the attic was structurally completely secure so what AFOAF was hearing must have been a bird that got in or something.. except that AFOAF heard *voices* up there too. And now she is so paranoid about it that every sound she hears in the house she attributes to the possibility that someone is up there..

    The people who frequent AFOAFs hoyse havnt heard anything and neither has AFOAFs partner so she knows it is just paranoia, but its hard to ignore that survival instinct that kicks in when you sense danger, no matter how unlikely it is to be based on reality.

    It's actually made AFOAF begin proceedings to move house, staying nearby but a much more secure place (AFOAFs house is generally pretty insecure and backs onto a pub too)

    Anyhow AFOAF must urge caution with this stuff as she didn't even use much of it, and very quickly it created paranoia levels unlike anything AFOAF has experienced before..
  8. nox13666

    nox13666 Silver Member

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    Mar 6, 2012
    misskatie I would agree, also seems that re-dosing is very frequent in my studies.
  9. kidlvr

    kidlvr Newbie

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    Apr 27, 2012
    First time poster, long time lurker.

    Been doing a fair amount of this over the past 10 hours. Timings and measurements arent exactly accurate so wont bother to post those.

    Done this before, was much easier and perhaps better without alcohol this time around.

    Some side effects:
    Mild euphoria
    The urge to take more (could just be me)
    Nose bleeds when binged. Quite coarse powder from BRC.
    No real shortness of breath, but urge to cough.

    All in all, meh.

    kidlvr added 1310 Minutes and 55 Seconds later...

    Just like to add, 29 hours after starting on what I believe was approximately 300-400mg of Ethylphenidate in one evening, I'm still awake (35 hours total) and apart from a minor urge to cough when I take deep breaths I don't feel any side effects at all.

    Maybe I should try and pair this up with a project and see if its a good study aid when one needs to pull an all nighter and stay focused.

    I mainly played video games during the course. My ROA was via my jew nose.
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  10. ilaughatgas

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    Apr 30, 2012
    AFOAF took about 300mg of EPD over 3 days combined with MDMA. Told me it may have enhanced the MDMA partially, but nothing really noticable. Another FOAF took just EPD last weekend (about 150mg in 3 hours) and felt almost nothing. The point he did make clear was that the comedown with this shit is not worth the minor buzz you get. He felt week and tired, not so much the evil feeling that amphetemines give but shit all the same, I'd day stick with APB
  11. MrWhiteUK

    MrWhiteUK Silver Member

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    Mar 15, 2008
    Alright chaps. Just wanted to chime in with my mates experiences. It will be brief.

    I noticed that there is little, if any information regarding intramuscular administration of this substance so thought I would add my bit.

    This dude (that I know very well), has a reasonable amount of experience with the intramuscular administration of Ketamine and Methoxetamine. In fact, it's fair to say that he enjoys the ritual. Intravenous isn't something he does. He has experience with numerous stimulants via insufflation and oral methods, to name a few: Methylphenidate, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDPV etc. as well as a shit load of other interesting substances too many to mention here. None of these stims have been administered via IM by him.

    After experimenting with Ethylphenidate via the nose and also the stomach, this substance suggested itself as a candidate for IM admin. Via the nose left damage that remained apparent for bloody ages afterwards, especially after caning off a half gram - and oral always invoked an empty, raw feeling in the belly.

    With new, sterile 29 gauge 1 cc insulin syringes, experimentation followed...

    Deionised water (best that could be sourced at short notice) drawn into syringe to volume of approx. 4/5ths that of the syringe; ejected into sterile shot glass.
    75 mg Ethylphenidate weighed on milligram scale added to this and agitated until totally dissolved.
    Syringe was filled with this solution.
    Area of upper outer leg prepared using disinfecting alcohol swab.
    Needle inserted slowly to savour the moment (as with sex, this chap enjoys observing penetration).
    Injected slowly to assess discomfort.
    Needle withdrawn following injection and area swabbed once again to ensure cleanliness.

    Mild discomfort was noted but nothing major.
    Effects became apparent within merely minutes - perhaps 2 or 3 mins.
    Less side effects than other routes were noticed and efficiency of absorption seemed greater.

    After approximately 8 to 10 shots over the next few days, the only residual physical tell was minor tenderness around the injection sites - something akin to mild bruising but with no visual signs of damage. The upper buttock was also used as an injection site to mix things up a bit for a giggle.

    A week later and I'm told there is nothing negative to report about this method of administration.
    Your mileage may vary, but this chap thinks it's a winner.

    Thoughts? Questions? Speak easy friends and good luck with your chosen methods.


    MrWhiteUK added 15 Minutes and 50 Seconds later...

    Forgot to mention, although it's mostly irrelevant:

    Duration and main effects are pretty much the same as with other ROA's so basically not worth mentioning. Read other people's more detailed reports if you're into the details of substance specific effects. My mate spent a good long while pondering the risks of injecting this stuff into his muscles and eventually decided it was worth a go. It was indeed worth it. My post was to inform regarding viability of Intramuscular injection with this substance.

    Much love-

    MrWhiteUK added 11 Minutes and 23 Seconds later...

    Ha ha! This is embarrassing. I've only had a few beers but I forgot to add the other interesting bit. This is somewhat additional to that which has already been said by others. No one really mentioned the sexual side. Perhaps they haven't been lucky enough to stumble upon it. This may manifest itself for some as marathon porn hunting masturbation journeys - who knows?

    Sexually this substance is pretty cool.

    My mate explained in detail how, after spending a few days binging on Ethylphenidate, many fantasies played on his mind. He spent an entire day lounging in comfort considering his Wife's curvy bits. Then on her return from work, had her gracefully reveal her arse for worship. Much fun was had. Emotions were intensified and a thoroughly enjoyable scenario developed; mostly centred around her behind and its warm embrace.

    He was left repeating in thanks "I'm a lucky man, oh how lucky I am".

    She enjoyed it without the drug and knew nothing of it's involvement.

    The sexual effects were considered as being akin to that of Amphetamine combined with a smidgin of GHB -- although that's a vague approximation. All that can be said for sure is that similar things have happened on that combination.
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  12. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Recently posted this in the ethylphenidate drug info, but since it also has an experience within it, it would probably suit both threads.

  13. sinnerek21

    sinnerek21 Silver Member

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    Feb 14, 2009
    Bio: 22yr, 80kg, 187cm
    Stimulant Experience: Cocaine, amphetamines, mephedrone, methcathinone, MDPV, MPH, buphedrone, ethcathinone, cathinone, ethylphenidate, methylphenidate, 6-apb, 5-apb, 5-IT, unknown amount of MDMA in pills.
    ROA & dose: 120mg, injected

    Preparation: Dissolved 120mg of transparent-white crystal ethylphenidate in 0.5ml of water, which took about 5 minutes of stiring the solution to get it clear.
    Injected the solution as fast as possible.

    3 seconds in, I start to feel the first wave of refreshing euphoria. 6 seconds in, I experience very intense head rush with lots of physical stimulation, chaos in my head and typical amphetamine like euphoria.
    The rush is very intense and lasts about 5 minutes, followed by sudden comedown-like symptoms and mild cravings to get back on "top".
    After about 30 minutes, I injected next 100mg, but with little recreational effect. Redosing doesn't work.
    The fun was followed by one of the worst comedowns I've experienced, even though only 500mg was used withing 6 hours.

    Conclusion: There's a recreational potential, but redosing not working spoils all the fun. The substance puts a strain on physical health. I've noticed it by experiencing sweatiness, fast heart rate and tremors, which are very rare with other uppers.
  14. kumar420

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    Mar 2, 2012
    AFOAF has tried this particular chem, albeit in much smaller doses and formed in vivo from combining concerta and alcohol
    he scraped off the 8mg on the outside and swallowed it with a beer, came up at around ~1 hour after dosing
    smoked cannabis throughout and drank about a sixpack, had trouble sleeping and an elevated heartrate even with such a small dose (AFOAF is a lightweight when it comes to stims)
    sleep was achieved after copious amounts of cigarettes and bongs at around 4am (~5-6 hours after dosing)
    would be good in a pub setting or at a party, not so much for sitting home alone (unless you need to get shit done)
    euphoria was okay, music sounded better, watched from dusk till dawn and enjoyed it immensely, loved clooney playing the badass and the countless amusing one liners
    would do again, but would dose earlier on in the day to prevent sleep issues and in a different setting to ensure enjoyment
  15. Mindlusion


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    May 4, 2011
    Bio: 20yr, 62kg, 170cm

    Drug preference: Tryptamines, Dissociatives, and stimulants.
    Stimulant Experience + ROA (chronological): Caffeine* oral, Amphetamine(mixed salts) IN, ephedrine, d-Methamphetamine smoked+IV, cocaine IN, dl-methylphenidate IN, dl-ethylphenidate IV.
    Stimulant preference(besides caffeine): I love a clearheaded, full focus, stimulation, something that ramps my brain activity up 300%, thoughts flow faster then words, allows me to perform complex mathematical equations faster then a quantum calculator. Focus on a single task for hours without distraction. Doesn't even have to be euphoric. (Meth)amphetamine was #1, ephedrine, (methylphenidate was OK) Stuff like coke is obviously no good as a clearheaded study aid, EPH had its moments, but was largely inferior.
    These stimulants had downsides though, CNS effects were much to long for me at times. EPH was nice and short.

    *(I Freaking love coffee so damn much, aint nothin better stimulant then bean-tweaking, xanthines are the #1 stim forever, and the only ones I ever hope to use from now on. to hell with DRI/NDRIs and DRAs)

    Obtained 1.5g racemic ethylphenidate from a respectable supplier, touted to be 99.82%, though now I have my doubts about this, this ethylphenidate has local anaesthetic properties, (numbs when a tiny amount is missed, also numbed my mouth) So either ethylphendiate REALLY DOES have these properties, (or maybe it has 0.18% lidocaine ;) )

    Usage: Roughly 1g IV over the course of 1 week. Doses were scaled (most of the time) were between 50-100mg, I once dosed too high, I assume something like 150mg.
    I Had etizolam on hand at all times. used for anxiety and crash side effects.

    Experience summary: Oral and sublingual tried first with a low dose of this substance, Did not bother with the nasal route (I like my sinuses thanks). Effects came on quick, minor stimulation, jitters, anxiety, did not feel very similar to methylphenidate, at all. It was much more like longer lasting, weaker, cocaine. I got a bit of nausea too (never got this with a stimulant)

    Tried the IV route with 50mg, I used sterile saline, this stuff has high solubility, and of course new works every time. Cleaned skin. Kept the shots dilute (0.7-0.8mls)
    This was MUCH better, rush was nothing like d-methamp, I liked the taste of it in my mouth after injecting more then any rush, Effects come on instantly, with no jitters or anxiety, fairly clear headed, with a strong euphoria lasting about an hour. Crash came hard though.

    I spent the first 5 days using one IV in the morning, sometimes another a few hours later, I never even exceeded 2 doses a day, It wasn't that moreish really.

    I increased my dosage to around 100mg, i didn't get it everytime, but some of these shots had an incredible rush.

    First 5 days had absolutely no IV complications, no pain, no lumps, almost like IVing saline..
    One morning I decided to abstain, Was no real issue, I did have some strong cravings.

    Later that night I went to a party, (it was great combined with alcohol) but was in a rush to get the dose done, and I missed some, (0.1ml) about, This swelled up fast and numbed my arm, remained a hard lump for 36hr. I was worried about an abscess due to its vasoconstricting properties, but it seems ok.

    Since this I started to really feel my veins getting damaged, sore arms, some discolouration, tracks. And i was getting strong cravings. The next day IVed a very large dose concentrated, roughly 150mg in only 0,5mls, this felt way different, and was NOT pleasant in any way, zero euphoria, only scattered thoughts and paranoia, heart arrhythmia, and bpm of 150, and although the shot went fine, no pain on admin, it was too concentrated, must have been some leakage, because this one swelled and turned into a hard bump as well. Today both lumps are looking better, had planned to give my veins a rest. though i made it to 2pm til cravings got the best of me, 50mg dilute shot, went perfect, was very careful to register twice, in a vein high up on my upper arm, seems fine... then my forearm goes numb! injection site was not numb at all.. I suspect I was too close to a nerve. So this freaks me out, my veins are getting horrible, and i still have cravings.
    A few hours later I decided to load one last shot (only about 50mg), and flush the rest. So I did, and this one was the most euphoric, because I was ecstatic for being out of its grips.

    I don't think its worth it, honestly.
  16. infinityofdespair!!

    infinityofdespair!! Silver Member

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    Mar 13, 2012
    has any1 tried oral administration? my poltergeist has summoned 1gram of this to manifest in the morning.
  17. porte

    porte Newbie

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    Jun 11, 2012
    Hi to you all.
    OK this is what I heard from a very close friend of my cousin.
    He ordered 2g's of this crystal chem from a very reliable online source.
    He is a 40+ year old male, around 14 stone in weight thats about 89 kg for all you eastern european's
    anyway, and is fairly fit.
    Oh and is no stranger to chemicals, natural or manmade.
    So he decides the best way to administer this chem is cooked up and injected, there was no tester just straight in there.
    Now he is also no fool in doing it in this fashion and only gives a very small amount, im talking mybe this much
    """""""""" if you can imagine that in crystals and on a tea spoon.
    So he then adds no more than 0.7ml of injection liquid, that sterile stuff, and cooks up, the crystals dissolve very quick and thus dosnt evaporate much fluid.
    After he gives himself this dose he sits back and waits, he dosnt wait long maybe 1-2 minutes before he feels the full force of the Ethylphenidate.
    He said his heart felt a small bit quicker, his face was very warm and he felt euphoria, and stimulation.
    The effects lasted about 15 mins and wanted to redose as his first experience with this chem was very pleasant and value for money.
  18. MrWhiteUK

    MrWhiteUK Silver Member

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    Mar 15, 2008

    Did your friend of the family shoot into a vein or into a muscle?

    In addition, I just want to point out that not weighing the Ethylphenidate with a reasonably accurate milligram scale or doing a small tester can be really bloody dangerous. It's up to your friend of course and Ethylphenidate is moderately forgiving but it's risky especially considering this chap hadn't tried the substance before.

    I'm interested in more detail relating to the route of administration however...
  19. porte

    porte Newbie

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    Jun 11, 2012
    Forgot to mention that when he did redose he put double the amount as the first hit, he also felt a bit sick both times.
    from what he has told me he recommends doing another hit maybe a good 12 hours after the first one as even though double was taken all he felt was a bit sick with very little effect.
    One more thing before i get some sleep is he dosnt feel the need to urinate like with most R/C.
    Sorry, he shot with very good accuracy into his vein in his mid arm and again into the vein in his foot making sure he pulled the plunger to check he was still in the vein.

    porte added 137 Minutes and 54 Seconds later...

    OK just to update you with the effects of the second hit my friend of the family had given himself.
    The time was around 10.pm and he was wide awake to gone 5.am.
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  20. enquirewithin


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    Dec 11, 2004
    This one is a chemical I would approach with caution but it does play well with other substances but NOT alchohol and is certainly pleasant without being mind blowing in any way.

    It is rather like ritalin of course, smooth and helps concentration, but doses should be left low. It lacks the harsh jitteryness of amphetamines, luckily. With larger doses one would want benzos at hand.

    A high dose (not really recommended) would be 100 mg, but more sensible would be 10-20 mg. The most sensible ROA would be oral but IM has been done. Expect the usual stimulant symptoms from prolonged abuse.