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Comedown - Everyday smoker trying to pass an upcoming drug test, Help!!

Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by pinkie8922, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. pinkie8922

    pinkie8922 Newbie

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    Sep 7, 2012
    Hi everyone! This is my first post and it would be most helpful if I could get some advice. I am what I would consider a stoner, I smoke several times a day and am high at least 4 hours a day; I have been doing so steadily for at least a year now. I smoked more casually before as well. I am a 5'5 female weighing 135 lbs. I have a drug test coming up in the near future (anywhere btwn the next 1-3 months, unfortunatley I don't know the exact date, wish I did! would make this so much easier) that I MUST pass! I stopped smoking about a week ago, but have ingested a pot brownie and smoked one bowl since (I know, dumb, but I wasn't aware the brownie had anything in it at the time). I know that I need to drink lots of water and work out a lot to sweat, as well as take some Niacin. I also purchased a 7 day body cleansing kit to help. I am curious, is there any other methods that will help? What time frame will it most likely take for my system to be clear of THC? Also, With my anxiety, not being high is difficult sometimes, so I recently bought some synthetic weed to smoke in the meantime. Is this a bad idea? Should I discontinue smoking that as well, or will it not affect anything? I plan on taking an in home drug test soon before my actual one when I know when it will be, but can those things really be trusted? Thanks for any help! I could really use it!
  2. Bipolar Beast

    Bipolar Beast Newbie

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    Aug 30, 2012
    35 y/o
    You need to quit at least 30-45 days prior.. I use to use the detox pills that you take 2 hours before your test.. I wish I could remember the name of them.. I got the at a local Health Store.. As far as the synthetic weed you dont have to worry about that showing up.. But trust me the synthetic weed is very addictive and you'll start to crave it the minute you wake up.. Its a roller coaster ride with that.. But yea keep drinking plenty of water and you should be good to go for your test.. Hope this helps.. Good Luck
  3. AmbitiousStoner

    AmbitiousStoner Newbie

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    Jul 31, 2011
    From the Simple Remedies website:

    Natural THC Detox Methods

    Following are the THC natural detox methods:
    • Abstinence from marijuana is the first step of natural detox method. Unless you stop smoking THC, it is not going to work.
    • Drink plenty of fluid; water is the best liquid that will clear the toxins of THC from your body.
    • Cranberry juice is efficient in cleansing the toxins through urine. This it does due to the diuretic property present in cranberry. It makes you to urinate often thus passing of toxins.
    • Remember while you are on a diuretic, it is advisable to balance the electrolyte potassium. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in potassium such as banana, melon, citrus fruits, and green leafy vegetables.
    Home Remedies To Get Rid Of THC

    Here are some simple home remedies that can be helpful in getting rid of THC
    • Exercise is the fastest way to detox THC naturally. This happens as a result of burning the fat cells where THC is stored. Exercising regularly will contribute a lot in detoxification of THC. Running, jogging, gym workouts etc are best methods of exercise.
    • One should also consume fiber rich food. Fiber helps to remove the fat through the stool. As the fat melts down over a period of time, THC will also get flushed out. Increase intake of whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables along with legumes and pulses
    • To accomplish THC natural detox, one has to stay away from processed and canned food. He has to avoid fatty food. Avoidance of both enhances natural detoxification naturally.
    • Avoid or at least drink less of coffee and tea as they will make your sleep difficult.
    • To increase your sweating, you can also use sauna steam bath.This can help in natural elimination of toxins from the body.
    The most important withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, depression, dreams and nightmares. It can also cause loss of libido. Gradually with successful detox treatment, the symptoms settle down.
  4. helenanoor

    helenanoor Newbie

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    May 23, 2012
    28 y/o
    Hi :) If you want to pass the test you have to avoid any consumption of cannabis and that includes synthetics and RC's. Many people have reported false positives on tests from synthetic drugs and legal highs. They may not be true, but better safe than sorry.

    The home drug test is a good idea but remember they aren't all that accurate. Far as I know, all drug cleansing kits are total bullshit, I wouldn't bother. Given your size you probably have a reasonably fast metabolism and I'd bet you'll be fine in two weeks, don't stress it too much.

    There's some great info here: http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=506

    As you'll see, it's very long and this is probably of the most interest to you:
    Get lots of exercise, aim for vigorous high-fatburning workouts, not necessarily time. Stay healthy and hydrated and if you can find out the day of the test later on, have a nice lazy week on the couch :) Good luck
  5. Emin

    Emin Silver Member

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    Mar 26, 2011
    24 y/o
    I use Quickfix plus sythetic urine twice a month. If it's not supervised, you're fine with that depending on what part of the country you're in. I've learned from experience to bring a small ice pack to cool it down if need be.

    What is the drug test for? Do you know if it's a 'dipstick' or a GS/MS test?
  6. Exitlude

    Exitlude Titanium Member

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    Dec 7, 2010
    I will allow the other posters with more knowledge than myself to address your questions on the drug testing. I do have some very strong input on this matter though. This is a bad idea and you should discontinue smoking that. First off, it is my opinion that synthetic cannabis sold in 2012 is simply not safe to buy. All of the manufacturers and vendors with an ounce of integrity have left the industry. Don’t let the slick packaging fool you - these products are usually made by individuals mixing up chemicals in their garage with zero safety or quality controls.

    I have, through various professional and personal avenues, had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of users of synthetic cannabis products and hear them speak openly about their experiences. I have read probably hundreds more stories online. I've also used various synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists myself, for several years now.

    Synthetic cannabis use causes significantly more harm than cannabis use for the same population.

    One area where this is particularly pronounced, especially with daily use, is worsening pre-existing anxiety or causing major life changes by introducing daily anxiety or even full blown panic attacks for a person who had not experienced it prior to using synthetic cannabis. In my case I feel that I have lost a significant portion of my past and my personality as a result of my synthetic cannabis (ab)use. Just read through the cannabinoids forum for plenty of horror stories.

    I could ramble on about why this is the case, but the simple fact is that it is very easy to become addicted to synthetic cannabis just by using it recreationally, and there are long-term effects on one’s moods, mental state and intelligence. You’re actually intending to use this unknown cocktail of drugs sprayed onto a packet of herbs as a daily medicine, meaning even if you manage to avoid physiological/physical addiction there is still a very real potential for pronounced, long-term effects on your mental/emotional state.

    The convenience of an easily accessible and ostensibly legal product marketed as “weed” makes this stuff seem like a suitable cannabis substitute. But it is not. Cannabis has thousands of years’ worth of efficacy data. Synthetic cannabis has caused harm to so many individuals in such a short period of time that moves have/are being made by health authorities worldwide to have it regulated. If cannabis works for you, you should take it. If you think the consequences of testing positive for cannabis are too significant, you should investigate alternative measures to reduce your anxiety levels (focus on diet, exercise, social life) or book yourself in for an chat with a medical practitioner.
  7. pinkie8922

    pinkie8922 Newbie

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    Sep 7, 2012
    You're right, I smoked some before reading these earlier and my heart was racing! I almost had a panic attack. Cannabis is my medicine, as I have consulted doctors before and the medicine/s they have given me either do not work or make me a zombie, where Cannabis does the opposite and improves my quality of life. I wish I could continue my smoking but unfortuatley I must pass this drug test. Thanks for the advice!

    pinkie8922 added 6 Minutes and 21 Seconds later...

    I've never heard of syntheitc urine...how would I go about getting this? You said you've used it and been succesful?

    The drug test is for my job, I never had to pass one when I got the job whuch was great, but recently a few of my co workers were fired for drug use at the job and management has announced they will be randomly drug testing all of the staff in the next few months. I am furios that these people did that! They had no right putting us all in this situation and were downright idiotic and disrespectful. I'm pretty sure it will be a standard urine test, though I'm not sure. They assured us it wouldn't be a hair follicle test. I'm sure you understand how important keeping my job is, especially in these times!

    pinkie8922 added 0 Minutes and 50 Seconds later...

    Much more than I ever knew before, thank you so much for your help!

    pinkie8922 added 2 Minutes and 4 Seconds later...

    I am going to discontinue my use of the synthetics, way too dangerous for my taste. Thanks for the help!
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2012
  8. westie420uk

    westie420uk Silver Member

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    Mar 24, 2012
    There is a very popular US based cannabis magazine (not sure if you are aloud to name it on the site) that has many adverts in for drinks you can buy that claim to mask the effects of cannabis in your urine. Some of them are even endorsed by former professional sports stars that said they used them to pass drug tests in the NFL/NBA/NHL etc. I would go to your local head shop & have a look for the magazine or ask in the store if they sell a product that will do the job.
  9. nik12937

    nik12937 Silver Member

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    Sep 7, 2009
    ...has no one ever used dilution? And before you write this off as "you can't just drink lots of water, they can tell", I'm aware, and that is why you must build up your creatine levels beforehand.

    Diluting your urine (as in drinking plenty of water so that the drug metabolites in your urine become impossible to detect) DOES in fact make drugs not come up in tests. But then labs test FOR dilution. How do they do that? In most cases they test both your urine's specific gravity (that is how much it weighs per unit of volume), and your creatinine levels (the metabolite of creatine). You must fail both of these tests in order for your urine to be labeled as a "diluted sample".

    Now the specific gravity, I'm not sure how you could safely alter that without being detected, so I'm not getting into that. Creatinine, however, has no high-cutoff point. That means while having too little in your urine will be detected, you can have more than most people would and it's fine, it won't throw any red flags.

    Creatinine is produced from excess creatine in your bloodstream being metabolized by your liver. Solution? Load with creatine starting 2-3 days before your test (it takes a day or two to be metabolized) until your muscles reach their saturation point (they can only hold so much at a time), and then ALL of the creatine you're taking will be metabolized by your liver and excreted into your urine, giving you levels high enough that even in diluted urine it will not fall below the cutoff.

    I'll paste a chunk of a post here explaining in detail, you can search for the rest on Google if you'd like. It's worked for the past 3 tests I've taken.

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2012
  10. McOwnageDotC

    McOwnageDotC Newbie

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Hmmm, I have no proof of this, but when I needed to take a military piss test I just loaded up on b100 vitamins for 2/3 weeks while not smoking... And I'm a heavy smoker, to the point where if and when my hair gets burnt it doesn't smell like burning hair, but rather like skunky pot (dunno why skunk since I don't smoke that).
  11. soundchaser

    soundchaser Newbie

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    Mar 29, 2013
    Advice from a professional drug tester

    While I do not have a medical background, I consider myself an expert when it comes to passing drug tests...I do it for a living. I do clinical drug testing 4-7 times a year which means you have to be super healthy (in all respects) and above all drug and disease free. I am also a life long pot smoker, who years ago experimented with every drug imaginable, though I no longer do that anymore. For the record I have failed 4 drug tests in the past while I was 'fine tuning' my technique. Over the past 6 years I have taken over 90 drug screenings. (minimum 3 tests per period)

    First of all there are NO magic solutions, dilutions or concoctions that will hide Marijuana in the system. I've tried them all. They don't screen for pot anyway. They look for specific enzyme levels which are in your system naturally--THC just raises them to a level that sets off alarms.
    What it boils down to is knowing your own body. Were all different and it becomes a game of guessing and pushing the envelope of what you can get away with. That said a home testing unit is a good idea. While they are not that accurate, they are a good barometer of your estimated status.

    I know my body very well and the best advice I can give is learn to be healthy. You can still do this and be a pot head. The problem with pot is it kills your discipline and motivation so the exact opposite occurs and you pay for it in your level of health, energy and life force. Once you develop a healthy life style your 'high time' is WAY, WAY better. Remember when you first got high and you've been chasing that experience ever since, never managing to duplicate it. Become a healthy pot head and you will. Think of it as a reward, not a life style. Clean out for several periods throughout the year, as I am forced to do.
    I thought it would be impossible at first. Were all aware that day 2-3 of abstinence is sooooo hard! Well it's not anymore because I have shifted my thinking. Keep in mine I was a heavy smoker for decades-- 7+ joints a day.

    Exercise and get in shape. That's number one. Your BMI, fat levels, metabolism, energy will all improve, make you feel great, improve your high and help cleanse your body.

    Drink lots of water daily, not just when you need to pass a test. Water is just a part of any health regime and it flushes the system.

    Eat lots of fruit and anti oxidants. Cut down on meats and fats which compound the problem along with your general health.

    Run. Not all exercises are equal. Aerobic exercises are better for blood circulation and that's a major part of the cleanse process.

    Sweat-- same thing.

    Sleep well. Not always possible for some people but, nothing promotes good sleep like physical activity. Sleep becomes a habit.

    IN GENERAL: (for me anyway)
    Maximum THC saturation takes at least 60 days to clean out. Out of shape--90 days.
    Light saturation. You are 100% clean and you smoke 2 joints. 4 days to 1 week
    Every other scenario is a balance of the above and will depend on your body type.

    I stumbled into Clinical Drug testing by chance and now that I am older it has been a blessing. While my peers are getting heart attacks in the worst case scenario or become fat slobs in the best case scenario, I have a body 20 years younger. I know off by heart my exact BP, A1C, glucose, lever, cholesterol, sodium levels. In the mean time my middle age friends are laughing at me, saying "Clinical drug testing???" Are you nuts, your going to grow a third eye. My answer? Then how come I look 20 years younger than you. I also have a great "high"
  12. digs

    digs Newbie

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    Apr 23, 2013
    Although this information is from the simple remedies website, one point is incorrect.

    "avoid fatty food" is wrong from a medical and physiological stand point. You liver is a filter comprised of fat which stores toxins for removal. The liver holds on to its fat store when you with hold fat from your diet, causing toxins such as the cannabis metabolites to build up. Also, when the fat in take is not restricted, the liver releases its fat regularly and replaces it with new, clean fat.

    So for the person attempting to detox, reducing fat is a counter productive action.
    Rather, the person should maintain a balanced diet filled with healthy sources of fat, protein and carbohydrates.