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Discussion in 'Adderall' started by xMeTaL HeAdx, Dec 14, 2006.

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    What are extended release tablets, I have heard some adderall pills are "Extended release", what does this mean?
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    Nov 25, 2006
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    The extended release formulation of Adderall allows a single dose to last twice as long as a regular immediate release pill. So, for example, if a pill was 20mg Adderall XR that would mean 10mg of Adderall would be immediately released into your system and the other 10mg would be released 4 hours later.

    From Adderall XR's perscribing information;

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    Sep 16, 2006
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    For some reason the XR now makes me anxious, agitated, and irritable. it's also kinda pointless if you think about it, because the IR (instant release)should already have a long-lasting smooth effect because it's ingested - they make it sound like IR gives that rush feeling as if you snorted or smoked it, but there's no rush from ingesting it. All the XR does is leave you feeling under-medicated waiting for the second half of the dose to kick in, but just as the second half kicks in, the first half wears off......it's very uncomfortable.
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    Oct 12, 2006
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    I agree with izzy....

    xr was nice at first, but after a while it just made swim uncomfortable...

    I do not know what to say to the doc to get ir
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    Jan 17, 2007
    One might tell their doctor that the Adderall XR isn't really helping them. That one has to take 2 at a time for it to be effective and then is having trouble getting to sleep. One also runs their prescription out before the refill period.
    One might say that they've explored these concerns online via the multitude of ADD forums and has discovered that:
    Adderall XR only delivers half the indicated dosage at a time. So one isn't getting their work done in a timely fashion causing one to have employment/school issues.
    Normal Adderall was always a time-released formulation since the salts are absorbed at different rates.
    Adderall XR appears to be mostly a marketing ploy to forstall knockoff generics and to charge a lot more money than for the standard formula.
    One also needs to keep in mind that they don't work for their doctor, their doctor works for THEM. If one would prefer standard Adderall, the doctor shouldn't have a problem with it. They don't make any more money adding the letters XR to prescriptions. However, they do lose money standing around arguing with a patient that has their mind made up. One should be firm.
    While it would be hard to imagine a doctor refusing to make the change, in that case one would have to express appreciation for the doctor's help to that point and express regret having to seek help elsewhere over a pointless issue.
    Good luck.