Extracting Codine out of Asprin and Codine Tablets

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    *Hypothetically speaking* A Simple rule - No more than 50ml of water for every 20 tablets used Adding ice cubes can help speed up the process but not too many or it will increase the volume of water way too much. Cold water extractions work best if no hot water is used only cold water, just crush the tablets into fine powder, a big plastic bowl and a smaller glass bowl will work best "although it takes some doing" before you put the tablets into into ice cold water. Tried many times before *Hypothetically speaking* with a better result all round. Put the solution into a container "A glass Jug works best" then place the jug in a big bowl full of cold water and ice "if you have any ice too hand". Let the solution cool in the fridge for as long as you can wait ideally 8hours. You will know it is ready when you can almost see through the liquid and all the asprin has settled to the bottom of the jug. Filter out solution using what ever you have too hand, a dish cloth works well. Store in the fridge if possible. Drink and enjoy:)
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    In your hypothetical statement, you may want to tell us the ratio of the 'tablets'. 20 tablets in Swim's case would hypothetically yield 600mg of codeine, I wouldn't want to drink all of that at once, it'd be dangerous :O. Is Swim right to assume that amount of water stays the same, but the final product is split up into individual doses? Or would it be a better idea for me to increase the amount of water proportionally to the ratio of codeine as it increases in the tablet?

    Edit: Disregard this, I've found the answer.
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