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EZ THC Butter. Need ONLY Leaf, stem or bud, water, butter, kitchen & ability to read.

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Richard_smoker, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Richard_smoker

    Richard_smoker Gold Member

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    Sep 19, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Simple way to make delicious, edible THC Butter, aka Hash Butter from buds, leaves, stems, and/or whole plants.

    This is a very simple concept. only materials needed are butter, water, plant materials and a kitchen. Please do NOT actually DO THIS ANYWHERE MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL! It's all theoretical.

    Best situation for this technique would be in the event that someone had tons of leaves, stems, or whole plants that they were actually contemplating whether to throw them away.

    If possible, do NOT use seeds (a few won't hurt anything)... they have their own oils that are useless, and seeds contribute no active constituents to THC butter except nasty flavor and decreased potency.

    • A large soup pot is used.
    • OPTIONAL STEP: Plant material is broken or chopped up into manageable pieces (NO SMALLER than corn flakes or other large breakfast cereal flakes). This will increase surface area for releasing THC, and should reduce total boiling time to about 1 hour, but you MIGHT need a cloth to filter out tiny pieces of plant. CAUTION: you will be filtering the soup while it is STILL HOT!! MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMPLETELY SOBER FOR THIS STEP, and BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!
    • Throw the chopped plants into the pot with a large quantity of water. 2 gallons is good.
      • HOW MUCH WATER EXACTLY? There's no specific amount. If THC content is guesstimated to be ~2 ounces worth of bud, then 1 or 2 gallons (~4-8 Liters) of water & 4 sticks of butter should be fine. (i think that 4 sticks = a pound of butter. right?)
    • Add butter to the pot.
    • Boil the pot (no pun intended! lol) for 2 hours if using large pieces of bud or stems and leaves.
    • Aggressive boiling is NOT needed.
      • IDEAL: slow to medium-slow boiling...
      • if boiling water is splattering out of the top, turn DOWN the stove!
      • 1 hour of light boiling is ok if
        • high quality plant used, i.e. buds
        • ESPECIALLY if you took time to chop them first.
    • Use a lid on the pot to keep water from evaporating like crazy.
    • Check pot frequently to STIR and Check water level to replace evaporated water!
    • ***If your water evaporates, butter remains and marijuana and THC will BURN. in other words, it will BE DESTROYED! (and maybe start a fire)
      • only do this if the fan over your oven is a deity that you worship and you're offering It a gigantic bowl to smoke. otherwise don't do it. especially if you don't want your house to burn down.
    • Carefully add warm water when the water/butter level starts to go down. BE CAREFUL not to splash boiling water onto yourself!
    This is super simple kitchen-chemistry:
    • As water boils, temperature is auto-regulated by water itself.
    • As long as there's plenty of water in your mix, temp will stay at the boiling point of water (100 degrees Celcius).
    • The butter will melt into water. Boiling releases THC from plants along with a small amount of other waxy/oily plant materials (chlorophyll).
    • During boiling, the THC will migrate INTO THE BUTTER!
    • After boiling, plant matter is filtered out, and water/butter is COOLED, separating out solid butter from liquid water.

    FINAL STEPS. aka "What to Do After Boiling Water, Weed, & Butter."

    • Remove pot/water/weed/butter mix from stove.
    • Allow contents to cool for a few minutes. just long enough to avoid scalding yourself in the next step...but it should still be very warm so everything will stay dissolved in the water/butter.
    • CAREFULLY pour everything through a large metal screen colander into 2nd large pot.
    • Discard plant material from colander.
    • Re-strain your soup-mix if plant materials came over.
      • For an ultra-pure butter, then you can try the following:
        • Re-filter with fine mesh, t-shirt or cloth to catch remaining plant particles.
        • Also, you can simply use larger pieces of plant prior to boiling.
        • The boiling seems to release all THC anyways, so it doesn't make THAT much difference if plants are not chopped up like advised...just boil for 2 hours if using large pieces.
    • Place your pot full of strained butter & water in the freezer for a while to cool down. Don't leave it in long enough to freeze the water...that would be a pain in the ass.
      • HINT: throw in a few handfuls of ice to the butter/water/thc to speed up cooling.
      • No room in freezer?
        • use refrigerator or
        • place pot into an ice-bath in your sink.
    • When cold, butter separates from water, returning to its 'usual' semi-solid state. plus, it floats!
    • Remove THC butter from the water below in any way you choose. I recommend using any method that makes you feel like a big hero or a gigantic newborn...either one works well.
    • Save THC butter, and toss the water!
      • Enjoy old bong water? Then feel free to drink the water instead.
    • Butter up some bread, make toast, use the butter in a recipe, or just grab a spoonful and CHOW DOWN!

    PLEASE Do not burn yourself with boiling water-butter. After a theoretical person eats this butter, they should then WAIT an hour or so for the effects to kick in...as it is *definitely* possible to accidentally ingest so much THC that you will trip your balls off and even start having audible hallucinations that people are talking to you when they're actually just talking to each other... ...um, not that i'd know or anything... but i can tell you it's pretty weird when you start responding to other people as though they're asking you weird questions and in reality they didn't even notice you were sitting there until you began piping in with your own delusional comments.

    - DICK

    sorry for double-post. editing out of original thread. pig thought, 'hmm.. this deserves its own thread...'
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  2. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise Silver Member

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    Oct 13, 2008
    from U.S.A.
    Re: EZ THC Butter. Need ONLY Leaf, stem or bud, water, butter, kitchen & ability to r

    haha, I had actually done this before
    he just felt crazy ;)
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