FDA approved Stimulant rundown

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    Jun 9, 2005
    I just wanted to say that this short review I am writing is ment as a
    suppliment to some of the other information others have provided and
    I'm not openly condoning the use of any perscription medication without
    your overpaid perscription scribe's half witted advice. ( Yes i know
    some doctors really do care, believe me it touches my heart.)

    I've been prescribed amphetamines for the past 6 years. First
    Methylphenidate then Adderall segmented by a short trial of Adderall XR
    then back on Adderall then Dexedrine. Now the run down on
    Methylphenidate, short acting decent euphoria but much more mental ( I
    don't want to move, I rather just draw a picture of Beethoven on this
    napkin for 4 hours.) Adderall (dl-amphetamine close to " Benzedrine "
    just with difrent isomer polarity) was wonderful when I first began to
    take it, the euphoria was wonderful. I felt just this feeling of joy
    each and every time I would get a writing or math assignment for
    classes ( the thought of transfering any writing medium onto paper put
    me in a state of complete well being). I could do anything from playing
    video game to drawing yet most physical activity never seemed to be
    rewarding. Small mundane repetitive things all ways brought me great
    joy while spun. Some how the Adderall stopped working as well and just
    taking a 30 mg tablet would weild all of the negative side effects with
    virtualy none of the positive require me to take at least 4 mg of xanax
    to sleep. Thats obviously something with my personal neuro chemistry.
    There was nothing I hated more then waking up with my teeth killing and
    huge bites in the sides of my cheek. So taking advice from many great
    men such as Jack Kerouac and folk rock group dexies midnight runners, I
    queried my doctor about Dexedrine. I was previously prescribed 60 mg of
    Adderall and now I'm prescribed 2x15mg Dexedrine spancules. I can't
    help but rave about the smoothness. Sure maybe the duration isn't very
    long and it doesn't give much euphoria but virtually no comedown and
    still very pleasurable while on them. Also it is probibly the most
    effective for doing a combination of physical and mental labor.My only
    problem is my dose doesnt seem to be high enough for my daily
    activities.( Most likely related to my long haul with adderall.)


    ranking based on Euphoria(recreational value), Side Effects(muscle
    tension, headaches), longevity, Comedown (also including after effects)

    methylphenidate - 7, 8, 4hr, 9

    dl-amphetamine - 9, 9, 5hr*, 10

    d-amphetamine - 8**, 4, 4hr, 3

    * The longevity of dl-amphetamine is completely inconstant, I often
    feel wonderful for the first two hours then lethargic yet mentally
    tweaked for the remaining three hours till the most terrible comedown
    next to ecstasy or a meth-lsd combo sets in that often lasts well into
    the following afternoon.

    ** The euphoria with d-amphetamine isn't as acute as the dl-amphetamine
    salt mixture but personally I think its more enjoyable because of its
    relative smoothness.

    In closing, d-amphetamine is my preferred FDA approved
    psycho-stimulant. Watch out on all of these, you can really burn your
    receptors out. Tollerence isn't even that big of a problem for me its
    more of depleation.

    I left out Desoxyn considering I haven't had the chance to run a trial
    on that prescription. I know I left some other explanations out due to
    time restrictions. I apollogize if you think some of what I said is

    If you have any contradictions to my experences or other information, I think it would be helpfull to post them in this thread.

    None of this information reguards illegal use or abuse of controlled substances, any similarity is purely fictional.
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    Nov 4, 2003
    Thanks for the info! It is nice to hear about the long term effectiveness of some of these stimulents. I would never want to be perscribed one of these though.
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    Feb 8, 2005
    The thought that the main use fo these drugs isnt really to make your
    enjoy what your doing, its mainly to help control irratic behaviour and
    to keep people concentrating. No doubt some docotrs see the initial
    euphoria as a short term 'side-effect' that goes along with the
    medication until your tolerance builds up.

    Did you notice that your ability to concentrate also decreased with time or just the euphoria?
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    Jun 9, 2005
    It was never so much the euphoria I missed. I just addressed that
    because many people take them for that reason. Sure someone may have
    obviously taken more then prescribed numerious times but they never
    really enjoyed having to do it. Wheighing 120 pounds and being nearly a
    full grown man, eating nothing but dry toast and coffee. Its not as
    glamorous as it sounds. ( sarcasm ) As soon as the euphoria dropped out
    I drasticly noted a change in my thresh hold of consintration. I'm also
    not a case subject consitering I have far more problems mental and
    phsyical with many symptoms that can make my ADD far worse.

    The other thing is I also have a major problem in fatigue and no
    stimulant really can medicate that so far. Personaly I've seen so many
    doctors in my region I could make a tapestry out of business cards. I
    mildly frown apon the profession and claims such as " tollerence to the
    euphoria from opiates do not effect there pain killing proporties. " Maybe
    Its just another one of those things that just doesnt apply to me,
    but once again im getting off subject!

    Thanks alot for the replys, anyone else with experences / side effects from perscribed psycho-stimulant medications?

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    Feb 8, 2005
    have you or your doctor ever considered modafinil? that is meant to be
    a stimulant that can keep you awake but still let you sleep when you
    need to. Im not sure on its ability to help with ADD though.

    Bupropion is another drug that is meant to help with ADD but it is also
    used for depression. Again im not sure if it will be perfect in your