Injecting - Final thoughts on IV Ketamine

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    SWIM's thoughts on this subject have changed a bit over time, but at this point he feels he's reached some conclusions that are as close to certain as is possible.

    Short answer: It's not worth it. Don't bother.

    Elucidation: IV K hits very, very fast and very, very hard. I have done an IV shot while already high in K (IM,) and literally turned to a sitter less than a minute later to ask (while still actually holding the empty syringe mind you) if he'd done his IV shot already. Now I have a massive tolerance at times like this mid run, but this story is meant to illustrate a point.

    An IM K shot is fun because of the "emergent effect of Ketamine." That's a fancy name for the fun, trippy part of a SUB-anasthetic dose of Ketamine. An IM sized IV shot (say 100ml) is an anasthetic dose; it'll knock a user out.

    Some users will attempt to duplicate the positive effects of a correctly-measured, sub-anasthetic IM dose by using half of the proper IM amount in an IV dose (say 50ml.) This works, kinda/sorta. It's difficult to explain, but from first hand accounts, the body simply seems to use the Ketamine faster. A user will feel the onset almost immediately, go deeper than they would have with the IM dose, (past any place fun and usually past any place they're able to remember) and then find themselves in an very strange state that's definitely not sobriety, but is also not the Ketamine effect that users are looking for. It's usually described as a very annoying state of almost being on high on Ketamine that always lasts longer than one would like. Not overyly unpleasant mind you, just really annoying and not fun.

    A few users, including SWIM have experimented with a combination of the 2 different methods of administration in conjunction; say a 100ml IM dose followed immediately by a 50ml IV dose. Timed PERFECTLY, by a very experienced (and somewhat lucky) user, this almost works. But the simple fact is that when the IV dose wears off, and it will far too quickly leaving a user with little consciouness of what just occurred, one comes somewhat down, and this coming down (really to the something like a normal IM Ketamine trip level) somehow acts to decrease the overall enjoyment of the experiment.

    Ketamine is an anasthetic. The fun users derive from it's use come almost (or completely ini SWIM's opinion) from SUB-anasthetic IM doses.

    I realize now that none of this applies to those who snort Ketamine, but I feel that's a waste first off and second none of this will matter to you in the slightest. If you're having fun, keep up the good work!

    - Beltane