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Discussion in 'Salvia divinorum' started by D(a)StoNeR, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Dec 25, 2006
    Hey everyone, I bought some Salvia Extract x5 off the internet about 4 days ago and he recieved it today. he smoked it starting with small hits just to see what would happen but nothing never happened. He then took one large hit and held it in and laid back and began to feel his body getting heavy and his vision started to get this dim orange brownish light to it and he closed his eyes and moved his body around and it shook both of the feelings off. Swim then tried smoking some about an hour later and nothing happened, he took about 3 or 4 big hits and it didn't have the same effect, although swim's body did feel a bit heavy and it seemed like a nice weed high. Any thoughts on why I didn't go into an intense trip after those last hits?

    Also, the salvia swim have is very shakey, it's almost powder, and it's dark greenish, do you guys think this is salvia? It has a very nice herbal taste to it and isn't harsh on the lungs, and it also burns quite a while, is that how most salvia extract x5 is?

    Any help is grealy appreciated...
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    Oct 19, 2006
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    Swim thinks you do have salvia, sounds like the revolution brand to swim but I could be wrong.

    My salvia burns white, sounds swiys 5x isn't strong enough for swiy. I would suggest either putting more in. Also, hold swiys breath, its the most important thing You can do, The longer you hold your breath the better the trip. I would also suggest having a hit, holding your breath; if all you get is the heavy pulling sensation, focus as much as you can and either have another cone, or re-light what you have left.

    Remember, salvia trips are reasonably fragile. If you shake your body you will smash the trip. Once you start getting into full on mind and mody disconected they are harder to break and can be intense and scary if your not expecting it. There is no rush though, keep working slowly at it and you will be granted something special. =)
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    Mar 15, 2007
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    Well dont get discouraged man, it takes some people several times to achieve real quality trips... SWIM it took several tries on 20x to get a good leval 5. If You wanted he would get some 10 or 20 to make it easier to get effects. You shouldn't give up, keep trying...
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    SWIM also tried Salvia for the first time today. SWIM purchased 5X and a brass pipe from the internet and smoked two pinches using a normal disposable lighter.

    SWIM noticed that her body felt really heavy and there was a slight pulling sensation from behind and sometimes from the right, this was all.

    I was sat upright at all times during the experience as I am in student accomodation and has to blow smoke through window to avoid setting off alarm :mad:

    Anywho smoke made My throat slightly sore/aggrivated for a while for a while afterwards.

    SWIM wonders if she was breathing smoke right as she's never smoked before and has asthma. SWIM also wonders if brass is toxic at all?

    SWIM looks forward to trying Salvia again where there are no smoke detectors :D