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Discussion in 'Salvia divinorum' started by hellscream, Dec 12, 2005.

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    Dec 12, 2005
    36 y/o
    hello there my name is roy i am 23 years old
    i got a good history with weed and musrooms
    but im thinking of a deeper experians
    iv been reading alot about salvia but i stil got som qestions

    1: is salvia adictive
    2: what is the best way for a beginer to get in toutch with salvia
    i read about extrakt and dry leaves i my selfe am a smoker
    wat is better to start with
    3: i wil be doing it with a buddy of mine the first time and we will smoke in turns so one of us is clear headed in case of but my qestion was wat to do
    if it gone wrong with weed we drink suger water

    i am sorry fore the bad speling :D
  2. Silence_Inc

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    Nov 5, 2005
    1. it is not addcitive - although you migth become good friends ;)

    2. best way? 10 X extract (iv'e never had leaves so dunno what it is like - divede 1 gram of 10 x into 8 exact pieces - one of these is a full blown salvia experience - put it in glass bong with icewater and cubes - light it - pull pull pull - keep it in your lungs till you almost pass out ... really - that's the way i like it.

    3. the experience will be over in 30 minutes (the peak in 5 or 10) ... relax ... slavia is a friendly spirit - it only shows you what you need to see ... if you don't want it - she'll pull you back out of it.

    dim the lights - turn of the music - relax in a seat or on your bed - be with as little people as you can - en let the other just hang arround and not talk - even if you talk .. .

    maybe you won't feel much first time - but that's normal.

    ahja (the search engine at the top of this page will help you look for info too - this question had been asked and answered again and again ... search for more and info that suits you better)
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    Nov 20, 2005
    No. In fact, after one experience, you may decide that you never want to do it again
    I like extract on top of dried leaves in a water pipe. It makes the extract last longer. The dried leaves catch the extract so it doesn't just get sucked down into the pipe. An extra layer of protection.
    Don't panic! I got really scared and paniced the first time he used salvia. He thought he had scewed himself up permanently. It is a very intense experience. Be sitting and have someone ready to grab your pipe and lighter in case you drop them. Get anything breakable or dangerous (glass, sharp objects, etc.) out of your way before using it. And realize that no matter how weird things get, it will be all over in 15-30 min.