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    so my hamster just got his hands on some kratom (32grams of Premium Bali, powdered) and had some questions. he doesn't have a scale, but heard 2 tablespoons was about 5-7grams, is that correct?
    also, he tried parachuting and applesaucing (does not recommend) about 2 tablespoons a few days ago. however, earlier that day he did some opiates (roxys) and felt nothing, but heard this was normal if you just did opiates. he also wasn't on an empty stomach.
    so fast forward to two days later (today), and he just toss and washed (so much easier) a bit more than two tablespoons on a completely empty stomach. if he doesn't feel anything, how long should he wait before redosing?

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    well it's about 20 minutes later, and my hamster said he doesn't really feel anything. just a slight something in his head, but that could just be a headache. he said he's gunna try another tablespoon and see what happens.
    and yes, my hamster is a badass who can fluently speak English. I taught him well

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    another twenty minutes, another tablespoon
    he just told me he's hoping his frequent opiate use doesn't affect the dose he'll need to feel something. or feel anything at all (at which point I gasped in fear. the poor fellow)

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    sigh. a full hour has passed and he still doesn't feel anything. he took ~4 tablespoons and it's getting harder for him to dose anymore. is it possible that Kratom just won't work on him? or is it due to his opiate use, and he'll need to just mega dose to feel anything?
    also, does redosing even work with Kratom?
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    All your questions have been answered multiple times. Please use the search engine and do some research before starting new threads.

    Yes, your opiate use is taking away from the experience. Depending on how much you use it might take you a lot more kratom to feel anything.

    Yes, taking it on an empty stomach makes a big difference.

    Yes, redosing works for many.
    You should feel the effects of eaten kratom on an empty stomach after 30 minutes. Sooner if you make kratom tea.

    2 table spoons could be any amount, depending on how fine the powder is and of course presuming you are using proper measuring spoons and not just any old spoon.

    Here are some pictures showing teaspoon and tablespoon weights. They only show the difference in weight between different types of kratom to show how you need a scale to get an accurate weight.

    1 level measuring Tablespoon of Powdered Maeng Da Kratom - 7.7 grams

    1 level measuring Tablespoon of Powdered Kratom Extract - 12.4 grams

    Get a scale, they are not expensive.

    Learn how to UTFSE or at the very least just look through the first few pages in the forum and read any relevant threads.
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