Opinions - First trip EVER with mescaline?

Discussion in 'Peyote & San Pedro' started by dancinwithmolly, Jan 2, 2014.

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    So i have never tripped before but I plan too. I've smoked a lot of weed in my time and done a lot of MDMA but never psychedelics. I'm too scared to do LSD because you can't trust the source, So extracting the mescaline from the San Pedro cactus sounds appealing to me. What do you guys think of this being my first psychedelic experience? Will it be too overwhelming? Has anyone had bad trips from the San Pedro?
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    Mescaline is the gentlest psychedelic, in my opinion. I think it would be the least likely to cause a bad trip. Honestly the only problem I could see with making it your first trip is that if you ever try LSD or mushrooms, you may find the effects much more unpleasant than mescaline.

    Mescaline is more closely related to MDMA than LSD - it's a psychedelic phenethylamine, not a tryptamine like most psychedelics. It feels similar to MDMA, but with psychedelic effects. Personally I rank mescaline as the finest drug I have ever taken, by a wide margin. It feels great physically and spiritually, it's not as taxing on the mind and body as most psychedelics.

    It can be difficult getting a good trip from SP cactus though. I always suggest preparing several times what you think you need - have what you estimate to be at least 2 doses on hand. I always overshoot and I've yet to be caught off guard. If you read enough experience reports you'll see almost all of them resulted in underwhelming trips. Your chances of dosing too high and having a bad trip with SP are next to nill.

    I would suggest using the Orange Oil TEK, it works wonders! Dosing cactus tea, or eating it raw is just awful. Swallowing a gram of waxy bitter stuff is a lot easier, it's a lot easier to get a good idea of what you're talking too. I suspect the stuff I got that had been extracted with this TEK was around 50% mescaline. 600mg of it gave me one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life.

    I've never experienced anything more than mild stomach discomfort with this method. A few weird tasting burps and nothing more. Tea or raw cactus will make you very nauseous unless you're very lucky.

    Get enough SP for 10 doses, extract it all, maybe invite a friend along for the ride. If you get a good dose, you'll certainly want to try it again! And if you're going to go through the extraction process you ay as well make it worth your while. At the very least do an alcohol extract. The tea is just awful.

    You're much better off getting one really big cutting than many small ones. The older the cactus, the better. Finding a good source is the most important thing, really look around. You don't want to waste time and $$$ with weak cactus.

    Good luck. I wish I could give everyone on earth who wants it a good hit of mescaline. It's the holy grail of drugs in my opinion!
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    I have never had bad trips with San Pedro. It is an excellent choice for a first trip. Although a few of my Bridgesii(Achuma) trips were a bit overwhelming and difficult. Mescaline is still a smoother ride than any other psychedelic at moderate doses. San Pedro is a very friendly cactus with an unappealing taste. Those who can manage to drink the tea several times, may eventually become adjusted to the taste and it will not bother oneself.
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    If you still need any help making your decision I give a third thumbs up to mescaline. Nothing else compares. LSD is extremely hard on your mind even when you get actual acid which can be rare depending on where you live. Mushrooms can be a little overwhelming. Even with high doses of san pedro I have never felt overwhelmed. Mescaline seems to come in waves so you'll feel really high and then a little later you'll feel almost sober. I really like this characteristic as it gives you little breaks in the trip. Also mescaline can provide an intense experience with out greatly diminishing your ability to function. Sometimes on acid or mushrooms i can't even write, while on an intense mescaline experience I can keep a train of thought and even do math or other things that just become to complicated with other psychedelics. Lsd and mushrooms tend to make me introverted I spend time looking into myself and questioning life choices, this can be good but I wouldn't describe it as fun. Mescaline connects you with everything around you people, animals, plants the world similar to MDMA but on a deeper more meaningful level. It provides a meaningful experience but remains fun at the same time. Also the after glow is amazing my mood will be elevated for the next week and sometimes up to a month after.

    Ok the problem with mescaline is that its difficult to get a trip and can cause serious nausea. I have never tried an extract but when I do it again I certainly will. Tea can be hit or miss and tastes horrible, the taste has gotten worse over time for me as well just smelling it causes me to throw up now.
    It took me four tries with tea to get a proper experience. So if it doesn't work the first time keep at it its worth it.
    Also about the nausea, no pain no gain, this is one of those experience that is so amazing you just got to pay the dues.
    I have thrown up from the taste but never from nausea. A few datura seeds really helps the nausea.
    Friends I have prepared it for have had bad nausea and thrown up. The people who have thrown up seem to be the most enthusiastic about mescaline however. Throwing up from mescaline seems to be a purge similar to ayahuasca that gets all the bad stuff out not just the nastiness in you stomach but bad energy as well. My friends that have thrown up say their trips get way better after a good puke. So what im trying to say is that getting sick isn't necessarily a bad thing.
    Finally it lasts a long time so start early in the day. And keep doing research.

    happy travels
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    I agree with rawbeer. Mescaline can produce some amazing visuals and has a lot of classic psychedelic effects without some of the negative ones that LSD or psilocybin might have. LSD especially, can go sour pretty quickly, and once you're having a bad trip, time is the only way out. If you have a few trip sitters, your friends can calm you down on mescaline fairly easy. Mescaline seems to naturally drift towards euphoria like mdma, whereas other psychedelics are a lot more chaotic. This doesn't mean bad trips aren't possible by the way, and no drug is perfect in effects. Psychs in general seem to be pretty unpredictable, and it really depends on the individual and their chemistry.

    Unfortunately, mescaline can be one of the most nauseating hallucinogens. However, puking on mescaline is completely natural, and a lot of people expect it although its not certain. Marijuana also seems to pair alongside nicely, easing some of the nausea without making the trip too intense. I have to disagree with straightup about using datura seeds with the mescaline. Datura, even at low doses will make delirium more prevalent and can cause the trip to be more chaotic. I have some experience mixing a low dose of datura with mushrooms, and I was less then impressed with the results. The visuals became more frightening and there were bad vibes all around.

    A few more things. SSRIs and some other antidepressants can drastically reduce the effects of mescaline, possibly more so than other psychedelics. Also In my experience, downers have been less effective in treating anxiety or a bad trip with mescaline, than with other psychs like acid or mushrooms. Peyote also yields a lot more mescaline than San Pedro and I've heard people having by far better experiences on peyote. I think if you do a real nice extraction though, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    I think its very likely to have a good trip on San Pedro and mescaline, a good setting and some close pals will make it all the more likely
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    Last year, around november i ingested some mescaline. Although not my first psychedelic (prev. experience with many psilocybe mushroom and LSD trips) i thoroughly enjoyed it! very similar to MDMA, however, my dose was too small for a fully blown trip but it felt like super smooth and very pure MDMA, i even felt very spiritual and was on the edge of tripping (intense CEVs but only 1-2 OEVs over a 5hour period). I also wasnt sick, despite feeling very bloaty, but i expect this is due to the mescaline not being extracted from plant material (indigenous brew).

    My trip was ever so gentle and subtle. It was my first time tripping alone, which didnt dampen the trip but did make me hold back the empathy i was feeling (watch a TEDtalk on underwater creatures and fell in love with octopi).
    I say take it naturally (or as the indigenous tribes would) but an extraction is essential for an accurate dose measurement.
    Stay safe
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    Intensive purification is also advised, as although you can consume whatever results from the salting evaporation, unless you really purify the crap out of it you are still unlikely to know how much you are taking.

    My friend recently had a series of mescaline extractions, and although he cleaned the product fairly well, he was unable to achieve the effects he was after.

    The first was an A/B to HCl salt, which he only slightly cleaned and of which he consumed his entire extract of 480mg. Moderate effects but much closer to what 200 mg is described to be like.

    The second was and A/B to acetate salt. He decided to consume without purification to hopefully get "full spectrum" effects. He consumed 610 mg of impure acetate and barely felt anything beyond threshold.

    The third time he did an A/B with a much greater amount of cactus, (8lbs fresh), and ultimately cleaned his HCL salt very well. He consumed 500mg of what ended up being very pale whitish tan crystals, but still received only what might have been like 250 or 300 mg experience.

    Extracting is good, because you will know that there is actual mescaline in your cactus, but the extract only really gives confirmation of that. Ideally someone would extract a large amount, try 300mg and use that as a bench mark for guiding dosing decisions in the future FROM THE SAME EXTRACTION BATCH!

    My friend would have doubled his third attempt if he had not apparently gotten weak cactus and had produced enough for more than one dose.