Fooling around on DXM & Cannabis

Discussion in 'Sex and Drugs' started by Muirner, Jun 23, 2005.

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    Feb 19, 2005
    from U.K.
    So last night i decided to Trip on DXM. This would have been my 4th time tripping. I took the initial dose at 10:30 at night roughly 1/4 of a Robo Max Cough so about 12pm i was feeling alright but not what i wanted so i took another 60ml ofRobo Cold and cough. So that is150-200mg of DXM, and 360mg of pseudoephedrine. I know that pseudo is not the best thing to take because it will make the trip different, and more speedy, but i took it as a booster.

    Anyways,a friend came over, and we decided to smoke a bowl in my driveway at 1:30ish. So when i smoked i got really high. Well we decided to come inside and watch the new Robot Chicken, and Family Guy on my computer. Both of these shows left me extremely confused at the end of them at the end of my previous trip the night before. So we started to watch them, and about 1/2 way though Family Guy, we started to make out. I looked at her and said that sense i was tripping i really had no sex drive. But we continued anyways. After some kissing, and touching i thought that i hadbeat the no sexdrive on dxm thing. But shortly there after i started to think about how wierd it was that i was tripping my ass off and fooling around.

    When i started to think i started to knowtice that things around me started to get interesting. So things slowly started to become the focus of my attention, and things started to stop happening from there. Now this is no biggie because she will be there the next time that i'm not tripping for a fun time. But anyways i thought it was funny how inetersting it was to be tripping and fooling around. Even though we didnt have sex or anything the touching that i did and she did was very fun because of tripping. All and all though i must say it took a lot out of me to fool around on DXM. Would i do it again, probably not.

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    Jan 10, 2005
    that definetely sounds more scary than fun. i once had this girl who
    wanted to go down on me when i was on dxm and i was like "fuck...this
    is not gonna trippin balls right here...i have
    to...fuckin...go" then i walked her back to wherever it was she needed
    to go and spent the rest of the night terribly frightened.
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    Apr 14, 2005
    i dunno man. on just dxm i can't even get hard. on dxm and weed it is possible to get hard, butthe dxm numbs your nerves enough to where you can't feel muchbeneath your skin. i've had sex on dxm+weed, but i had to stop after 10 minutesbecause i was out of breath and actually lost my hard. fooling around can be interesting, but sex just leaves you feeling like u climbed a mountain, and u wake up with a sore cock thenext morning.