Question - Found mushrooms in horse manure and wondering what they are

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    Aug 24, 2018
    27 y/o from ,Oregon
    I’ve found these mushrooms growing in some horse manure and I’m pretty sure they are of the psychedelic family but I’m just not sure. They have a black spore print and they bruise bluish. Any help?

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  2. SirDabathin

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    Nov 13, 2017
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    Just to clarify, the strophoria and psilocybin cubensis mushrooms are most notably grown on cattle pies. Horse shite would have the same outcome, but it raises some precautionary measures when determining whether or not these shroomies are in fact psychedelic.

    A tell tale sign that a mushroom possesses psilocybin is a murky blue staining along the stalk of mushroom. You could also acquire a test kit in order to confirm the contents.

    You should also do a google search to see which species of mushroom are local to Oregon, you may come to find that there are no psychedelic mushrooms local to your state. As is the case for me being a michigander.
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    Aug 5, 2016
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    It doesn't look like a psilocybe cubensis to me, as it looks like it is lacking a ring. Cubensis usually has a persistent ring.
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    When we are through with telling the OP all the mushroom species his pics do not look like we're gonna have overfilled the internet and make it collapse.

    What about going the other way and first see what species there are , where they do grow and where not and how they look, and THEN cut them and talk about spore prints as if we had a plan.about what we are talking when.we actually have none.

    Leave the mushies growing where they are when you arent sure what you do.
    Its not as easy as identifying fly agarics.
    And.there have been fatal faults made, too, when people thought they can munch the fly agaric they found and they sadly mixed them up with a more poisonous mushroom of the same class, that had a slightly red tint...

    First learn, then harvest.
    It took me three years to know my local two sorts from the mushies that grew right beside them.

    And yes, buy a test kit and test on place of growing what you find there. No need for cutting off any.

    Be careful