free booze makes homeless healthier

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    Free booze makes homeless healthier
    Wednesday 04 January 2006

    Giving homeless alcoholics a regular supply of booze may improve their health and their behavior, the Canadian Medical Association Journal said in a study published on Tuesday.

    Seventeen homeless adults, all with long and chronic histories of alcohol abuse, were allowed up to 15 glasses of wine or sherry a day — a glass an hour from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. — in the Ottawa-based program, which started in 2002 and is continuing.
    After an average of 16 months, the number of times participants got in trouble with the law had fallen 51 percent from the three years before they joined the program, and hospital emergency room visits were down 36 percent.

    “Once we give a ‘small amount’ of alcohol and stabilize the addiction, we are able to provide health services that lead to a reduction in the unnecessary health services they were getting before,” said Dr. Jeff Turnbull, one of the authors of the report.

    “The alcohol gets them in, builds the trust and then we have the opportunity to treat other medical diseases… It’s about improving the quality of life.”

    Three of the 17 participants died during the program, succumbing to alcohol-related illnesses that might have killed them anyway, the study said.

    The report showed that participants in the program drank less than they did before signing up, and their sleep, hygiene, nutrition and health levels all improved.

    The per capita cost of around C$771 ($660) a month was partially offset by monthly savings of C$96 a month in emergency services, C$150 in hospital care and C$201 in police services per person.

    Turnbull said some of the people enrolled in the program had stopped drinking altogether, although that was not an option for many of the participants.

    “We agree 100 percent that abstinence is the most appropriate route,” he said. “But in this subset of people where abstinence has failed, there is still a need to provide care.”
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    F**k i was just about to post this. matter of fact i have this copyed and ready to paste at this second but you beat me.... man this kinda sux because it gives alcohol another arguement backing it up in when compared to marijuana in the legalization debate but i have a feeling this would be true with mj also but with prob. better results and i belive the hmeless think this too because on the bumfights video this one african bum is asking the people filming to buy him a joint and they ask him why (thinking he would say somthing stupid because of how cracked out he looks just for a laugh)but instead he says mj is beter than alcohol because theres no roughhousing clownin or violence with marijuana its alot more enjoyable and it brings out the better side of people which is true plus mj is safer than alcohol (comparing actives 200proof to pure thc with no plant tar crap) but i have a feeling the govenment piggys will never legalize it....:(
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    the goverment doesnt care about people, they care about money. we all know this yet we do nothing about it. such a shame.