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Discussion in 'Tryptamines' started by genaro, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Hi people, I'm back (quite sometime I hadn't been around here)

    Lots of things seem to have happened since my last visite...inlcuding many new RC's showing up.

    But my question is about 'fumarate'.
    I don't get why many RC's that used to come as hydrochlorides are now coming as fumarates.
    Does it affect the conservation of the product? (meaning that it could be stocked for longer period?)
    Does it affect the chemical reactivity/stability of the material?
    Does it affect significantly it's boiling point (so maybe it could be smoked while HCl salt cannot)?
    How does it affect the dosage (how many % heavier than the HCl salt)?
    Does it affects the effects in any way (I suppose not) ?

    By the way, hydrochloride is the 'HCl' salt, fumarate is the ?what? salt

    PS: I was also seraching for the Research Chemical surveys...are these grouped together somewhere in the forum?
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    Jan 8, 2006
    it's more stable. 80% so 20mg would be like 15mg
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    from U.S.A.
    acually- some good questions here that never got answered.

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    Fumarate is made by dissolving freebase chemical into acetone and then mixing that with an amount of fumaric acid.

    The mixture is then evaporated - the remaining solids are fumarate.

    Hydrochlorides are similar salts made with hydrochloric acid, as you already mentioned.

    I suppose why fumarate is used nowadays is due to its greater stability compared to hydrochloride and especially freebase. As Beeker mentioned, fumarate has a lower potency than HCl or freebase.

    Fumarate and hydrochloride are both acids, and acids produce almost ineffective smoke due to a low combustion point. So no, fumarate is not good for smoking.

    EDIT: didn't realize the thread was so old. Ah well.
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