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    Yes, I did his homework and knows that GBL, while not a controlled/scheduled substance, is an "analogue" under federal law and can only be imported in 55-gal drums or some other unusable quantity.

    What SWIM's curious about is the legal consequences of getting busted with an "analogue" versus an actual drug. Say, no lye or other evidence to convert; SWIM swears up and down that he needed it to degrease a small-block chevy engine.

    Incidentally, what's the legal situation of GBL in Canada and Mexico? I understand (correctly) that GHB is basically odorless and--in solution--about as viscous as water. True of GBL also? Thus, wouldn't dyeing it red and putting it in a "Hawiian Punch" bottle (carbonation prevents cola) be fairly safe? (Would GBL work here or would it need to be converted to GHB first?)
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    GBL, being a solvent, would need to be kept in a HDPE plastic container otherwise it could melt it. It is a clear liquid, like water, but does have a definite chemical odour (previously accurately described in D-F as smellling like warm vinyl hose) and chemical taste.

    Might I point out that, due to the politically twisted history of GHB in the USA, I believe that no amount of pleading with legal technicalities will save your ass if busted with GBL.

    Some pea-brained, small time sheriff gets hold of someone with just 125ml of GBL will actually see "enough doses to spike 125 people's drinks, we sure have managed to catch ourselves one sorry assed date-rapist, yessireee Bob!".

    Now multiply that amount of stupidity with a commercial amount of GBL (55-gal) and they will be holding the front pages for the mugshot. "Area man discovered with enough date-rape drug to dose every single all-American prom-queen and cheerleader in the whole of the USA" - "Local sheriff gets congratulatory telephone call from the White House, feels prouder than the day his Daddy told him about shootin' all them gooks in 'Nam".

    Get the picture?

    Sure, I understand the frustration at the idea that, yes - you may actually have a very very valid reason for being in posession of a 55-gal drum of GBL. That engine *really* needs degreasing. But nothing in that crazy fucking country happens without some sort of political, religious or media spin and no amount of perfectly rational justification will take away Dubya's right to use his smoke and mirrors.

    "Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!"

    Man, I love Bill Hicks.
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