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    May 2, 2005
    what do you guys think?

    1. which high is better and why? you feel it neccessary to convert GBL to GHB? you think alot of GBL is bad, and if so does GHB not have the same problem?

    thanks for any input, i appreciate it.
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    May 9, 2005
    74 y/o
    so....i´ve tried some ghb and a few days later gbl. I tried 2,5g GHB and 2ml GBL und in my opinion is GBL much better than GHB....a friend tried it, too. On GHB (2g) he gets no feeling...nothing and on GBL (2ml) he was really fuckin´up.....GBL ruleeeez

    and the conversation of gbl into ghb is easy with some glas-warez....but why convert....GBL would be converted in yourself into GHB....let your body dothe work......Edited by: topdowner
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    Jan 28, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    1) SWIM prefers GHB for a few reasons he only understands because he's
    done lots of both. In general it's more subtle and is much longer
    lasting than GBL. Once you get the hang of dosing/bumping GHB can
    be more of an "operational" high. SWIM loves doing things on GHB,
    like seeing movies, hanging out at the beach, walking around etc.
    SWIM usually doesn't like the super intoxification that happens easily
    and goes away quickly with GBL. Also see #3.

    2) It's not necessary by any means; both will get you nice and high. See #3

    3) Anecdotally there is a lot of evidence to support doing GHB over
    GBL, not the least of which is the dreaded dopamine rebound and fast
    addiction potential and withdrawals that GBL features. GHB isn't
    exactly kids play either, but it seems to be easier to manage than GBL.

    PS topdowner: 2g GHB is not at all equivalent to 2ml GBL. SWIM
    needs around 3g GHB to get a good buzz similar to 1.9ml GBL.
    After messing around with GBL for a bit SWIM prefers GHB any day.
    Not to mention GBL can burn your throat and mouth!
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    Jun 1, 2005
    blah, GBL and BDO both suck.

    Convert to GHB.

    GBL and BDO are toxic solvents! You are going to really screw up your pH and potassium levels with gbl and bdo usage.

    And once again, I don't consider pure ghb powder physically addictive. I speak from personal experience, and from others who have tryed both and used both frequently, the dopamine rebound is WAY harder on GBL than it is on GHB.

    GBL is physically addicting, on the other hand pure GHB is NOT, IMO it's only psychologically addicting. A lot of people think they are getting GHB when actually they are getting GBL or either a mixture of GHB with unreacted GBL in it.

    If you get the pure GHB powder there is a big difference, and it is relatively safe by all means.

  5. Amenselah

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    Mar 21, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    gbl/ghb both are the same shit...BDO isa different kind of high and it could be toxic but so far is no conclusive evidence...
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    Aug 17, 2005
    I can't talk for 4,BDO - I've never tried it and don't know a thing about it.

    I'll throw some facts into this discussion though.

    [*]Within a few minutes of entering your bloodstream, GBL is
    hydrolysed into GHB (GBL + H2O -&gt; GHB). GBL does not require one
    hydroxide ion to convert to GHB and this is not the cause of acidosis.

    [*]GBL passes into the bloodstream quicker than GHB because of its higher solubility. I find GBL takes 5-10 mins to kick in.

    [*]GBL is converted into GHB which is metabolised into CO2 and H2O.
    GBL and GHB are both non-toxic and neither are their metabolites.
    [*]After a few minutes of being in your body, GHB and GBL end up the
    same substance, how can there be a difference in the high? Think about
    the science.

    A few "facts" that I can't confirm with evidence:

    [*]NaGHB maybe more harmful than GBL because of all the extra sodium
    ions that your body probably doesn't need. Although with sensible
    recreational use, these effects are most probably.
    What's this bullshit about GHB not being addictive but GBL not? Within
    minutes GBL is the converted GHB, so how can there be a difference?

    I call bullshit on those who claim the high of GHB and GBL is different, it's all in the head.

    Admittedly, if GHB was not a scheduled drug in my country, I would
    convert all my GBL to GHB just so I don't have to taste that awful
    chemical taste again.
  7. unico_walker

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    Jan 25, 2005
    There is an undeniable difference for some people, myself included.

    I don't claim to have the science to back me up but GBL and GHB to me are completely different feeling highs. GBL gives me a bad rebound and doesn't last as long as naGHB, but this is subjective I know people say they get rebound from phenibut!