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    Nov 29, 2005
    Say this geezer I had enjoyed and mucked around with drugs for several years yeah maybe from when he was 17-22, in that time he had plenty of speed, 25 g's of coke, 200 odd pills and a few other bits and pieces. Then one day he decided he needed to grow up a little and concentrate on his education and work. He starts to get more healthy exercise and the only stuff he does now is get drunk once or twice a week. Would his drug binges when he was younger come back to hurt him in later life? Or would him staying off the stuff apart from maybe once or twice a year mean that his head will be straight for good? Bit of an open question that I want to know the answer to but wandered if anyone else knew someone who was in a situation where they done loads of stuff in there younger days but not much now, is later life effected too much? Or does staying of the stuff for long periods of time really sort you out??
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    I truely think that speed, coke and xtc wouldnt do much damage long term... After a year all your serotonin pretty much would be restored...
    Aslong as while using the drugs u didnt do harm to ur body you shouldnt experience anything rather negative!
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    The body is a wonderful, self healing organism. There are examples like the liver healing damage and flushing out toxins naturally over time. I have a disease that causes severe intestinal damage. If I follow my diet perfect, over time it will heal. Even alchoholics can have their liver heal if they back off or quit. It's been shown that smokers lungs will heal, if they stop in time. I can't promise that there will be no residual damage, but more than likely, if you live a good, healthy, clean lifestyle (for the most part) your body will recover and heal. :)
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    Feb 26, 2006
    especially in terms of the brain. the brain has amazing plasticity and can grow axonal connections to repair any potential damage done. if You was on a long run of drugs and permanently damaged some part, well, maybe the damage would only be temporarily repared, but I think that must changes brought about by drugs are reversible with abstinence. does You have any reason to believe he might be permanently changed from his past use?