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Discussion in 'LSD' started by quantumbrujo, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Hey, that was really interesting and informative, thanks for posting the URL. I’d recommend watching it, though preferably not when one has a 3,000-word undergraduate paper on Shakespearean comedy due the next day (I am procrastinating).

    I knew many bits and pieces of LSD’s history, but that documentary linked them all together nicely and filled in the gaps. I didn’t know the stuff about the experiments that the CIA did, but I’m not surprised. I liked the things that Grace Slick said, she is awesome.

    The most striking thing to me was how the wave of student radicalism immediately followed the period in which LSD-use was at its peak. It is interesting to ponder whether the two are directly related somehow, though I am skeptical. What do other people think about that?
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    Philomel: If You wants to know more about the history of LSD try: Acid Dreams - the complete social history of LSD, the CIA, the sixties and beyond (Martin Lee and Bruce Schlain).

    Quantumbrujo: The file archive is the place for you's film clip: Why not upload it there?