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Addiction - Getting off Heroin with Suboxone - extremely short taper - 2 days

Discussion in 'Buprenorphine' started by Justanotherguy80, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Justanotherguy80

    Justanotherguy80 Newbie

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    Apr 26, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    A friend of mine was into heroin for a while and over the last several months had been using it to taper his system down. After hitting a plateau, he looked to find some suboxone because none of the doctors in his area would see him even when he had the job to pay for it, but no insurance. And we all thought doctors were here to help! Well he found it on his own, but unfortunately only two 8 mg strips. Sunday was his first day on Suboxone, Monday was his last. Took half a strip each morning. 1/4 around 5-7 and 1/4 later at night before bed. Monday he woke up feeling crappy, tuesday it took a little while. When he could find any more suboxone he caved and called in an order of the old standby. That did little to nothing, probably because of the suboxone still floating in his system. The next day (wednesday) he woke up feeling slightly crappy, but nothing like days before. Hours go by.... nothing gets worse. If anything things are better. Without having anything all day, he has an appetite and doesnt feel like garbage and actually has a decent amount of energy. Today when he first woke up he felt a bit worse but things are getting better as time goes on. (only been about 30 minutes or so)

    My question is did he really get this lucky to have the Suboxone alter his system enough to skip a bunch of the WD's? Today was expected to be worse, and its not. Its really quite exciting because of being so sick and tired of the regular old game.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. magister

    magister Silver Member

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    Jun 12, 2009
    from poland
    Suboxone is a long acting replacement with a half life of like 36 hours, this means it could be awhile before WD's kick in. Alot depends on how long he was using H, how old he is, if it is his first time coming off it. So far it sounds like it is going pretty well. Most important thing to remember is that it will pass and the person is pretty safe, just has to deal with feeling really really bad for awhile. There are worse WDs like alcohol/benzos.

    Maybe get some lufoxidine

    Smurf's dog has been on subutex for 2 years after stopping codeine, started on 8mg and tapered down to 0.8mg. Still when he doesn't have 0.8mg for a day he doesn't sleep well and gets agitated and doesn't feel like doing anything. However is dependant on mental state, once while on a beach holiday he went a day without thinking about it at all. Smurf's dog has gone thru multiple WD's so actually the intial anxiety about the oncoming storm is usually bad enough. If he can sail thru 2-3 days the worst of it will be over but there will be cravings and a general bad feeling which can persist a bit longer, which is a bit like how you might feel if you split up with a long term partner. This is just part of getting use to life without it. This can be more difficult if there are things in life which are worrying you.

    Best of luck, report bad would be amazing to hear. There are some threads on very fast tapers, but nothing like this. Don't waste money on more H unless you are at least 36, or more like 48 hours after the last sub, cause it is a total waste, although it will fill up those hungry receptors and keep them from screaming, it will give absolutely no high at all.
  3. mre227

    mre227 Newbie

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    Mar 27, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    The longer you are in pain and in agony, the better the suboxone will give relief. taper your h, it would be advisable to get a methadone pill and taper from that, heroin leaves so fast, you would have to taper ever 3 - 6 hours technically for a heavy user. Then wait until you cannot take it any longer and go on suboxone and you will smile. if you go to soon, you might not feel bad, but you wont feel good either.
  4. curious_38

    curious_38 Silver Member

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    Apr 3, 2012
    from Ohio
    This is a terrible way to get off of heroin. 2-8mg strips, are you crazy justanotherguy80 or just like.... never mind. If you are an addict, Suboxone treatment might be for you? A little back story about me:

    I was prescribed Vicodin a many years back and took one and vomited after an hour. I had my wisdom teeth removed and even though it hurt, I hurt worse to vomit nonstop. I through the pills down the toilet (many are getting skeptical of my honesty right now, but if you knew my bio: I've been a lab rat for terrible medications for a neurological condition ever since the third grade). I was in my mid-twenties when I felt a pop and fell to the ground. I had never experienced that level of pain in my life, or painkillers for that matter, and my grandmother took me to the ER. They started out with Morphine, but was about to vomit until they added some anti-nausea medicine, and even the morphine was no match for my pain (I cried in pain, hadn't since 5 years old). They gave me hydromorphone with the nausea medicine and I felt hope. I did not like the 'euphoric feeling' to me, it was dis-euphoric (I know their are skeptics now). They sent me home with Percecet 10mg and I got over the nausea fairly quickly. I had severe spinal stenosis and L5-S1 herniation that needed surgery. It never happened! I had all the cortisone shots and my yearly limit of epidurals. I needed help!

    I was in crippling pain 6 or so years ago. I could not move and had to be in a bed pan for a few months until I could get something stronger than the painkillers I was on. I could not pay for the surgery and my neurologist took my HMO medicaid. He was about the only one in around 120miles. He maintained my pain until I was cut off when he moved away. His practiced joined an Alliance (I assume he did not want to have options limited for his patients) and the new policy was no opiate painkillers. I was sick (what I know now is dope sick) and was desperate to find help. After 3 ER visits and no option of painkillers, the ER Dr. said that they knew of a place that prescribed Suboxone for pain. I lucked out (I'm not so sure Now!) they would except me the next day. I was lucky that month and I was just awarded SSD(Social Security Disability) and had money coming in which I payed for this new Suboxone ( It was a fortune the first month,I think it's cheaper now justanotherguy80 for the induction period I don't want to scare you off of what might save you life)! If you have insurance, many doctors have the training to prescribe Suboxone!

    Years passed and was maintained on Subutex. After many years I got to know Doc. He was the director of his holistic practice (I know now he sold out to make millions from kickbacks from Reckitt Benckiser, Slough,UK, US). At the time he was giving me injections in my shoulders, knees, and lower back. All injections were chemicals the body naturally produces. He let me know that he was giving me 400$ knee injections for free, and that he would figure a way to get my Medicare to cover some of the costs. The same went for the shoulders, although I had to pay a few hundred dollars for the back injections. He no longer charged me for the Subutex (saved me $, because I felt I was being treated for my well round pain management and reduction 'He said I was a good person.' Then, six or so months ago the pop was felt in my back and I fell just like before. Only this time, I was living with my wonderful girlfriend, who I'm afraid she doesn't see a end game (I'm afraid I'm beginning to lose hope myself), and she has 50/50 custody of her three children (whom I love) with her ex-husband. It has been ever since mid-April when they removed another very large herniation, and am dealing with the reality of degenerative disc disease. The surgery was successful, I hope. Buprenorphine drugs: Subutex,Suboxone, and Butran is not good for long term pain management. Please read the attachments for further expertise on the use of Bupe. therapy. It no longer helps at all for me anymore. Ever since the Ketamine drip? Anyway, these attachments are as up to date and as accurate as I can find. Sorry about posting my situation all over DM. This will be the last. Unless something new comes along. Read on:

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