Getting Support for Addiction to Methylone

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    I recently managed to get himself addicted to Methylone. He only started taking it around Christmas time, but still went through 10g since then and the last 5g lasted just one week. When I started Methylone was a beautiful thing. The insight, euphoria, and total lack of fear (I have problems with anxiety) were just what I had always looked for. Even after things had gotten out of control these positives remained. The problem was I would feel the anxiety from the comedown begin and he would redose and redose even when only the amphetamine-like effects were left. SWIM wishes he weren't so weak because he feels as if Methylone can be a very positive thing and would like to keep using it once a month or so but knows that this would probably be a bad idea. Now this isn't what I am really posting about he just wanted to give some background.

    What concerns I am his recent attempts to talk to his friends about the problem. Unfortunately I don't feel like he can talk to one of his best friends because of her brother's drug problem, and his other best friend is in the navy. I have only been able to communicate when he's been high (As he is now but not on Methylone thank Jesus), and even then he has been less than eloquent. SWIM supposes it is partly this, but he still wants to try and talk to them about it. Even though he's talked to two people with a fair amount of experience with Ecstacy neither of them seem to feel anything like how I feel about Methylone. He feels like they're just not getting it, and has always felt let down after talking to people about it when he had felt so hopeful before. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, how did they make them SEE?
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