GHB, St Johns wort, alprazolam experience

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    This is a story of a fictional character.
    swim consumed circa 6ml of GHB, in one 4ml then topped up as needed (exact conc unknown but forms a solid with minimal heating. they combined this with 12 x st johns wort tabs (900mcg hypericin). Also 30g of ritalin and 1mg of generic alprazolam.
    This was at T+0
    t+40 resulted in loss of balance (crawling became neccesary!) and waves of euphoria combined with extreme lethargy (tried to watch Jarhead)
    t+60 slept for approx 1hr, woke completely to focus.
    t+130 tried to watch Jarhead again slept, unsuccessful
    t+240 completed Jarhead.
    t+400 dosed with 10g of kratom, 2 valoid tabs for nausea, 4mg Clonazepam + 1mg of alprozolam.

    is now waiting for pharmacy to open so codeine linctus can be obtained.

    I was expecting more from the st johns wort. (does a link to a site selling that
    being advertised in the general forum illegal.

    Does anyone any other of a method to keep alert. And whats a safe recreational does of ritalin for an 85kg male?