TEK - Great $10 vaporizer design!

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    Feb 19, 2005
    I made my own vaporizer very cheaply and easily! It
    works very well too!

    Go to radioshack, they have a replacement heating element for their high end soldering

    The replacement element is threaded at the top. I got a
    brass 1/2" pipe cap (Homedepot) drilled a hole in the bottom to the same
    size as the threaded top of the heating coil and then put a small nut inside to
    hold it securely. You can pack about 2 pipe bowls worth of weed into it.

    Then I soldered a lamp cord to the heating coil and routed
    the wire through a rheostat. I then experimented with weed and a high
    temp thermometer and got it to stay at 180-200C.

    I then used a mason jar to enclose the vaporizer. I
    drilled a hole in the jar lid, snapped the heating element in place (it has
    well placed clips on the base). Then I drilled another hole in the lid
    and attached clear flexible water tubing with a connecter.

    I have also used Gatorade and water bottles when I was in a
    pinch. </span>All you need is to make the parts
    and you can fit them to any plastic bottle using a knife in about 5 minutes.

    It is really easy to use. All you have to do is unscrew the lid, pack the weed
    in to the bowl, screw on the lid and wait for about 5-10 minutes for the
    element to heat up and it creates TONS of vapor!
    try and get some pics of it up soon.

    I was surprised at how good the results were for under $10
    in parts! </span>I also fitted a valve to the
    hose coming off the vaporizer so you can leave it running for 10 min and it
    will have vaporized the whole bowl. It gets you very stoned!

    Also remember to take a blowtorch to the pipe
    cap and nut and any part that is heated up by the element. This way you can be sure that now harmful
    oils or coatings that are on the fittings are being vaporized along with your


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    Oct 31, 2004
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    Sounds awsome, def. gonna give it a try, just got a few questions though before i can get started. whats a rheostat? and how do you control the temp (i guess maybe the rheostat does this)? i take it the pipe cap is placed on the right end of the pic of the heating element you posted, so i guess that would mean you soldered the lamp wire to the prongs comming out of the left end and thats somehow connected to the rheostat (correct me if im wrong, im sure it'll be easier to understand once i have to parts in front of me hehe).Which end did u fasten the valve to the hose, where its fitted into the jar or at the end where u hit from? thanks for the great idea man, i was seriously trying to save up 500 bucks for a volcano vapo but this seems like a ridiculously awsomeshortcut. have you ever tried those high end vaps, if so how would u say this compares (the only kind ive tried was this one this kid bought for like $100 and it didnt get all the thc outta the bud, like the left over weed still had about the same amount of thc as mids id say)? thanks again man, peace...
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    Feb 19, 2005
    A rheostat is like a dimmer but limits voltage rather than
    wattage (this is my understanding; correct me if I'm wrong.) I used a $5
    dimmer and 30 cent switch housing for mine.The dimmer does the job, it holds
    180-200C pretty constantly; the element's temp w/o using the dimmer is about
    300-350C, so it limits the current well. It's also nice because you can
    crank it up to higher temps so you can use other substances that vaporize at
    higher temps or even vaporize hash oil. I have tried regular vaporizers
    and it seems to work just as well. The only thing left in the bowl is a
    totally dry black ash, there is no THC left in it at all.

    I don't think I would ever spend $500 on a vaporizer. I would just make
    my own with a big heating coil and a thick Pyrex bowl and use nice tubing and
    build it into a wood enclosure. That would be like $30 max in parts while
    vaporizers just like that are $100-$200 in smoke shops.

    The bowl I use in mine is kind of small you could always get a bigger copper
    fitting say 3/4" or 1" that would hold a lot more. You can even
    use it on the road; since it draws only 25 watts it is easy to plug into to a
    car 120V adapter and use it with friends in the car.

    That's pretty much the whole design. I put a 1/2" valve on the jar
    lid on the 1/2" water tubing that way all the vapor stays in the jar.

    The shorter the tube the better, that way less THC vapor condenses on the
    inside of the tube.
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