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    Oct 17, 2005
    Mushrooms are truly fun! Each time SWIM eats a few grams, the expierence is drastically different.

    My question is, what is a good memory you have (or someone who isn't you has) thanks to mushrooms?

    I have had a couple of nostalgic memories involving mushrooms. Once, I was driving up an icy hill with one of his friends, when all of a sudden the car started slipping backwards down the hill. This was about a minutes drive from SWIM's house. Well, SWIM and the friend slid all the way down the hill, freaking out considerably at the possible outcomes of the situation. When the car finally slid to a halt in the middle of the intersection at the bottom of the hill, SWIM and his friend laughed and laughed and laughed. Then, ignoring the origional destination I had planned on driving to, SWIM drove back home, laughing and feeling lucky not to be dead.

    Another great memory I have involves an abandoned house. It is about an hour and a half away from SWIM's house, and he often goes to take pictures and explore the house with a close friend. One night, after a nice dose of mushrooms, SWIM and the close friend drove the hour and a half, only to discover that the house had been bulldozed. Instead of being upset or mad to of wasted time and gas to drive for nothing, SWIM and his friend just smiled and spent the ride back talking about how great that house was. It was an awesome time, because I have driven to the house before to discover someone mowing the lot or a wire stretched across the driveway. He was pissed those times, but not the night he was on 'shrooms.

    Anything to share?
  2. Nature Boy

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    May 10, 2005
    from ireland
    Fond memories for me would include laughing hysterically when I saw little interwoven faces in between some trees when on philosopher's stones or feeling my body melt into some sort of liquid and thinking I was dreaming when I did a double dose of McKennai.
  3. wovotom

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    Oct 12, 2005
    hmm probs first time,with glittery tentacles flowing out of my fingers, very crazy & euphoric then i later went onto a froidian explanation of the socail stature of the room with my two closest mates.....this was on bout 25g of fresh mexicans, when they were still legal[​IMG]
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    Sep 10, 2005
    35 y/o
    I remember a cool trip I had about an year and so ago. I took 3 grms of
    dryed mexican mushrooms, chewed them slowly whyle I was drinking some
    lemon juice.

    The first effect starte soon after I finished chewing. I was alone, in
    the living room and the ceiling started to glow in red and yellow. I
    started to smile in happyness for the trip that was to come. Then i
    started to hear some noises that i could describe as being raindrops
    but if lasted only for one or two minutes.

    I sat more confortable on the couch and i was feeling very relaxed,
    very happy and confident. I closed my eyes. God, it was a good idea. I
    saw myself and others throug colurs and forms, through density and
    warmness. I felt like i had no body. I was beyond any time and reason
    and i had left beyond any self centred thoughts.

    At one time i hard warm whispers. No known language. And I understood
    all only I can't say what they said simply because there were ni
    phrases. No meanings or logics as we know it. I'm sure some of you has
    that kind of experience once and you know what i'm talking about. It
    was the most beautiful thing I hurd. Along with the voices I saw
    bubbles and then bubbles forming other bubbles and cubes.

    Finally, after about two hours i opened my eyes. My first instinct was
    to go and look in the mirror. I was really curious abut my expression
    after i've learned and saw such amazing things. But I couldn't baceause
    I was overwhelmed. I just sat there for another half an hour admiring
    the views which were still very vivid.

    Then I stood up and went to the mirror. I looked and i saw myself.....
    smiling and I had two huge eyes. I wasn't aware I was smiling. My
    muscles were relaxed. Or so I felt. Anyways, I Kept smiling. And went
    back on the couch but not before putting on some trance. I stood
    listenning and fell asleep.

    Next day I woke up with am amazing feeling of fullfillment.
  5. bcStoner420

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    Jun 2, 2005
    SWIM's 2 favorite memories of mushrooms were...

    When his pupils went gigantic about 2 minutes after eating and thinking it was really wierd it happened so fast.

    And his first time being unable to string 1 sentence together properly, and on the same night thinking "i wanna go home...wait did i just say that?, wtf am i talking about i dont wanna go home!"
  6. chAos

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    Nov 17, 2005
    33 y/o from belgium
    i only took mushrooms once, but i want to try it again soon

    First, the wall and the ceiling came closer to me. i remember me saying
    "how come i fit in this corner? there is already so much in it". And
    later i remember some kind of wave going trough the room. The colours
    were wonderfull, all very fluo alike. Later had closed eye visuals, in
    the first part of the trip everything was so beautiful i couldn't stop
    watching outside. Later i saw all kind of music-visualisation-alike
    things with everything moving (with my eyes closed), changing colour,
    shape, rotation. It was very nice. Then the ceiling and the walls
    gradually started moving back into place and i realised the trip was
    about to end :(.

    mushrooms were great and i hope next time i take them is a nice
    experience again. the first time i took mexican paddows which are the
    least powerfull, and next time i want to try something stronger. I also
    want to try to go out for a while while on it. Last time i wanted to
    but i needed to get down first and the elevator was to scary :).

    Is it something to avoid walking outside while on paddows? (obviously
    there will be someone who has taken mushrooms before with me to help if
    my trip gets bad.) It seems very intense :p</span>
  7. thegod1

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Definatly the first time I tried them. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I was pleased. Most of the trip, me and a few friends were just walking, but I remember a field we walked passed, everything was so bright and the grass was almost glowing. After that, we all just kept laughing non stop.

    But each time I've done them (except once[​IMG]), there has been great memories I'll never forget.
  8. Nature Boy

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    May 10, 2005
    from ireland
    If you do decide to go into public when you're on shrooms, don't go somewhere where there are lots of people. One tends to get the impression that they are being watched and that can spoil all the fun. I prefer to stay inside whilst tripping personally unless it's an arranged outdoor trip e.g. camping, music festival etc.
  9. Camapily

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    Nov 24, 2005
    I remember once being in his friend's room, with 2 other guys,
    talking while they were all on shrooms. SWIM then thought of an idea
    for a TV show. An alien, that lives in the middle of a big city like
    New York, who's a very obvious alien (like E.T. or something). The
    catch? He sells drugs.

    He couldn't stop laughing about that one.
  10. Pinball_map

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    Apr 27, 2005
    this is gonna sound fucked.. 2nd time swim tried mushrooms swim walked around with his buddy to a party in the woods. the path in the woods looked like 1 long black tunnel with no end lol. when swim left the party swim and his buddy went to the park and sat on a bench....for like 2 hours...thinking the bench was the best place in the world.

    gotta admit. the bench is pretty good its over looking a lake [​IMG]
  11. Caliform

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    Jun 9, 2005
    3 grams of dried mushrooms and a very anxious state of mind sent me
    into something a lot of people define as a 'bad trip', but I thoroughly
    enjoyed every fraction of being mad for a few hours. It was quite
    insightful and I never panicked.
  12. thestarabove

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    Aug 10, 2005
    Memories that stick out

    this post is just about some past memories on mushrooms that really stick out , i tried to keep it short, but on the second trip he actually remembered quite a bit. i just thought i'd share my friend's story because i have nothing better to do and i makes me realize how much of a journey mushrooms are when i think about these trips.. my friend will remember them forever

    take it easy everyone..
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