Growing Sinicuichi

Discussion in 'Ethnobotanicals' started by Alfa, Aug 29, 2006.

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    If you are growing Sinicuichi (hemia salicifolia), please post your experience and growing information here.

    I have planted Sinicuichi and will make some pics.
    Sinicuichi seems to do well in colder climates as well and can indure frost. It grows quite fast.

    Sinicuichi is a straight growing shrub, with yellow flowers, naturally occuring in the Mexican highlands. Sinicuichi endures frost and can probably live trough a mild winter. Sinicuichi loves wet soil. Sinicuichi germinates easely.
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    I have been growing Sinicuichi for a couple of years with very pleasing results.

    He started by filling some ice cream pottles with seed raising mix and wetting. He then used a piece of wood to press the mix down solid, and sprinkled the fine seeds on top, before sifting a very small amount of mix on top to semi cover the seeds.

    Well nothing happened for a while (longer than other plants I have experience with) and then they started popping up, more and more. It would seem the seeds have a very high rate of germination.

    As the seedlings got to a center meter or two high Swim pricked them out and replanted in their own containers. Most survived and his largest are now 3-4ft high.

    All this was done outside in New Zealand, beginning in the spring. They seem to like partial shade in summer so as not to get too dry(which is kinda funny since they come from Mexico), and like to be watered every few days. When Swim ran out of potting mix he filled the remainder of his pots with compost and these ones in particular have done really well. He has put some in the ground and these have survived but not done as well as those in pots.

    I have not harvested yet, to get a 10 gram dosage would roughly use an entire 3 foot plant, hopefully they fill out some more over the next couple of years. They get a bit spindly in the Winter but sure look beautiful in the Summer when they flower.
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    Hey I would like to know what kinda of environment you would need to grow these plants. please include temperature range, amount of light, soil moisture level, etc. I am looking into growing these but in his region it would be too cold/(too dry or wet?) for these plants, so any information needed for him to create an artificial habitat would be most appreciated.